Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spring Chicken

Jess is back in Muar! Zili said no wonder Jin Sheng jio us out limteh. I wonder whether he knew that Jess was coming back, or was it just a coincidence. The latter, I suppose? Jess, Jin Sheng, Yaw Theng and I had our supper at Ah Qiang at 9pm. And later on Yee Kiat joined us. We introduced my favourite Spring Chicken to Jess and Yaw Theng who happened to be there for the very first time. Gosh, I simply love the sweet chilli sauce! Anyway we had a good talk there and couldn't stop laughing when Yee Kiat told us about funny things that happened during his orientation! I should have just gone there and join them! XD

My mouth doesn't look small in this picture o.O

I ate the buttock without realising, until I found that it tasted weird. Yikes.

William and Ang were spotted in Orchard today. Kekeke. As if I have some spies in Singapore. My passport will be expiry soon. There's no way I can go X'(

Too tired for a long post. Haven't had my nap for two days. I told mum that I'm gonna learn cooking from her. Right from today. I have approximately one month until I leave Muar. Oh, Yaw Theng is leaving this Saturday. It's getting more and more boring in Muar then. Blerkz.

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