Tuesday, May 8, 2007

BSN Account

Zion was here today to see me off before I leave for Matrik. He was supposed to work today, but requested 1day leave from his boss with a stupid reason. But after all, he was still allowed to take the leave. I had got so much things to settle today that I nearly treated him as my driver. I could see that he was really unhappy. Sorry X( After having breakfast, we went to photocopy my certificates in Chong Ming and later on fetched Kim and James along. Kim and I went to school to cop our certs while Zion and James waited for us at Jess’s house. It took us quite a long time, since Kim had got one whole stack of certificates including those co-co booklet pages which I did not bother to photocopy. By the time we were done and gathered at Jess’s house, it was already late noon. A few minutes or so was wasted as we talked and argued about certain things there. Then, we realized it was already late and. . . poor Zion, he became our driver reluctantly again by fetching James to Toyota service centre to get back his car. If only he was half as kind as Chia Hui? XD

According to yesterday’s plan, I was supposed to bring Jess to Pizza Hut for Deli Wings. Before that, I went to Bank Simpanan Nasional which is located at the same row as Pizza Hut to open a new account. Now I’ve got my bank account book but gotta wait two weeks or so for the ATM card. Unlike usual, the queue wasn’t that long in the bank. I only waited a around 15minutes before getting my turn. Honestly, it was my first time entering a bank, excluding those years back when I followed daddy along as a child without knowing what the banks are meant for. In fact, today I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do in order to open an account. And worse of all, a straight A’s student was having difficulty filling the form! Gosh, how embarrassing! Kekeke. Luckily Kim was there, so might as well let her fill it for me. Moreover my handwriting sucks! Can be compared to guys’ handwriting. Maybe except Zili’s. Blerkz.

So five of us went to Pizza Hut for a “luxurious” lunch which costs us damn lot, plus there was a 15% service charge. We ordered a Combo Meal that consisted of a regular pizza, two glasses of Pepsi, two bowls of soups and a breadstick. Four pieces of Deli Wings, four pieces of Sweet and Spicy Wings, one large huts platter and one jug of Pepsi. The waitress mistakenly served us with two more soups and Pepsi. Thinking that they might have mistaken our order, we asked her over to confirm about it. Yes, it was a mistake, I thought it should be served FOC then. But instead, she took back the two extra soups (and poured it back?) but forgotten about the Pepsi. Okay, so we managed to get two glasses of free Pepsi! Aiks, should have just shut up about the extra servings huh? XD

Later on, James fetched Kim to buy cake or food or whatever for her colleague since this would be her last day of work. Jess, Zion and I went to Wetex to do our shopping! They left me alone at the shoes shop and went upstairs to the computer shop! How could they! X( I met Wee Ni and Soh Ne along the escalator and said halo to them, but they actually laughed as if I’ve uttered something funny. What the freak? What’s wrong??? LOL. By the way, I was quite sure that they laughed at me but not laughed at their own jokes. Jin Sheng came here when we were still in the computer shop. He waited there for quite long and looked frustrated. Gosh, I’ve never seen him like that before! He looked so scary that I hesitated before trying to talk to him X( Later on, jess followed him to Secret Recipe while I bought some daily products in The Store to be brought along to Tangkak. I wasn’t able to join them cause my stomach was not feeling well and I had to rush back home to “po-po”. Kekeke. I don’t think it was because of the pizza cause Jess and the others didn’t complain about tummy ache or diarrhoea. So I assume it was the Malay food I had for breakfast.

Zion was back at 6.30pm. I wonder when we will able meet again. It could be months and months later.

Anyway, my whole body is aching due to the badminton game we had the other day. That would explain, I’m a lazy girl who hardly ever exercise.

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