Monday, May 28, 2007

Medical Check Up

Kim, Chong Hao and I went for medical check up at Poliklinik today. When we reached there at 2pm, it was already crowded with people, among which 85% was “yalam”. We waited a long time for our turn, and finally our names were called. First, we were given a sterile container meant for urine test. Anyway, I’m not gonna describe further on the procedure in case I gross you out XD Kim and I kept laughing as we discussed how yellowish our urine could be. Then she started telling me about kepekatan osmosis. Chong Hao’s test result appeared to be all normal because he had been fasting for the whole day. My EU +-10 was highlighted, which means it was a little abnormal. I asked the nurse what EU stand for, and she told me that it’s probably because I’ve eaten too much seafood whatsoever. As for Kim, her ET was +-5 while her EU was +-10. Two things highlighted. Worse than me. So, ET +-5 actually means that her air kencing kotor, according to the nurse. We laughed out loud when we heard that. LOL.

The next thing was weight and height measurement. I’m 42.6kg and 162cm. I didn’t know I was that short! And I can’t believe that the hospital is still using such outdated weight measurement machine. I mean, it’s not even a machine! It’s like those penimbang ceper that we used in our school science lab. Any wind or movement would cause an impact to the scale hence result in the inaccuracy of the measurement. Anyway, who cares? No matter what I’m still underweight with BMI 15.1. After that, we took our number for X-Ray test and waited for our turn. When I entered the X-Ray room, I nearly blushed in embarrassment as a man was standing half-naked inside. So, I quickly dashed into the changing room and took a long time changing myself into the gown cause I couldn’t figure out how to tie it with the one and only strap. I was thinking whether to change my pants too, as there was a long pants hanging in the changing room. After second thought, maybe not, since it was a chest X-Ray. The nurse had been calling my name for several times, so I just walked out without tying my gown strap. It couldn’t possibly fall if I hold it tightly. Kekeke.

We waited really long to get our X-Ray film. Finally our names were called, our films were ready, but the nurse said that we had to come back three days later for the report. By the time it was nearly 5pm (poliklinik closes at 5pm). We rushed into another room for blood test. OMG blood test! At first I thought it was really nothing, but Kim and Chong Hao kept wondering how painful it would be, so I began to feel scared. “God, tell me it’s not painful. It’s only a blood test! Help me to be a brave girl!” I turned my head away as the male nurse inject the needle into my vein. I tried hard not to imagine how my blood would be sucked into the tube. It took around 8seconds. Phew! Finally it was over! Well, it wasn’t exactly painful at all. More like an ant biting me. Blerkz. After that, we went to another room to make our next appointment, which is on 12th June. At the same time, we carried out eyes test there. Actually I couldn’t see any of the words on the wall, not even the biggest one. But since I’ve memorised some of the words before I took out my glasses, I told the nurse that the first word was H. Yang lain, tak nampak. How embarrassing XD But of course, I passed my colour blind test without much difficulties.

All of us felt hungry and decided to eat at Tanjung. Wu xiang, rojak and drinks. Kim was broke cause she did not bring RM170 for the check up while Chong Hao was broke after lending his money to Kim. So I paid for them first since I was the “richest” among the three! XD Kim was going to have her dinner at Star Restaurant. How I miss the delicious curry prawn there! I must beg my dad to bring me to the restaurant one day! Another Mantoux test still. Gotta go there again tomorrow morning.

By the way, I had a really weird dream in which my mum threw a scary-looking dead poisonous viper towards me. She was the one who killed it. I screamed like crazy and woke up in horror! As I continued my sleep, I entered another dreamland- my old house and both of my ex-es were there at the same time. Nothing much happened cause I didn’t know what to do with both of them. Like, to keep one and chase out another, to keep both at the same time, whatever XD

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