Friday, December 31, 2010

Yomiko's 21st Masquerade Party

A couple of weeks ago, we attended Yomiko’s 21st birthday celebration at Pyramid Tower Hotel Suite. It was a masquerade themed party.


My red masquerade which I’ve only used once before this. It’s still in a good condition after 2 years.


Stepfanie and I in our masks and matching outfit. It was taken before we changed into black in order not to violate the dress code.


The room was decorated with beautiful helium balloons. Apparently they cost RM2.50 each! Wtfreak.


The birthday girl and us.


Where better to cool your beer other than in the bath tub?


It was a night of games, beer, chips. photo sessions, more beer. My favourite part was none other than the cake! *glutton alert*


All the girls.


All the guys. Spotted: dumbass with ugly sumo hat.




The better looking Sam Insanity without his freaking sumo hat.


This photo is too cute to not be posted (except the unshaven moustache).


One last photo with the birthday girl before we left.


Thank you for the awesome masquerade party, Yomiko! We wish you an amazing 21st!


Love you too :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Did everyone have a joyful Christmas? This year, I asked my Santa for MAC face highlighter and Kiehl’s lip balm!


MAC Iridiscent Powder. It’s a glitterish powder that makes my bone structure more protruding.


Been wanting to try Kiehl’s lip balm. He got me Mint and Cranberry!


Now all I need is a good make-up base! Any brand that you would recommend? I’m currently using MAC’s but it’s finishing soon.

Just had dinner with Angela and Mei Yan, my two uni besties a moment ago. Haven’t seen them for quite a while since I had been so busy working. Angela bought me a statement tee for Christmas!


See what it says! I showed it to Sam and told him that it means I’m not allowed to talk to him anymore. LOL.


The t-shirt fits perfectly, and I’ve always liked white tees. Thanks babe!

Anyway, guess how I spent my Christmas eve? Dressed up in Heineken dress and worked at Artista, Tropicana City Mall with Stepfanie! I know it’s strange that a while ago I’ve just represented Carlsberg, and now I’m suddenly working for Heineken. Whoever says I can’t be the ambassador for both? XD

All we had to do that night was going around taking Polaroid photos for the guests. Before our job ended, the chef even treated us to a large plate of pizza!


Well, the pizza certainly made our working-on-Christmas-eve less pathetic. In fact we had a lovely time stuffing ourselves with the yummy Italian delicacy while having our usual girls talk.


As for Christmas night, I was too sick and tired to work so I quit from my last Carlsberg event and had turkey dinner with Sam’s family instead. His mum bought two huge turkeys which we didn’t manage to finish at last.


Like I mentioned earlier on, it was my first time eating turkey, and to be honest I hate it! It tastes not much difference from chicken, except dryer and more tasteless. No wonder people only have turkeys once a year but not throughout the year.


Thank God for every bit of wonderful blessing He has brought into my life. Now that Christmas is over, we are ready to embrace 2011. How are you going to celebrate New Year eve? I would like to abstain myself from alcohol on the last day of 2010 and to welcome New Year with a sober mind!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia Cheat Laser

Last night, our football team totally kicked Indonesians’ ass by the score of 3-0 in AFF Suzuki Cup! Soon, it became a hot topic on twitter that Malaysians won by the cheat laser. Wow, so our country had invented some kinda powerful laser that can aid us in winning football matches? Wouldn’t that make us the champion of World Cup Final very soon? I was cofused at first, then as always, I googled “Malaysia Cheat Laser”.

“What is Malaysia Cheat Laser? The Malaysia Cheat Laser words refer to laser from Malaysian football supporter in Suzuki AFF Cup 2010. Malaysia supporters are reported using laser beam to distract opponent concentration especially the goalkeeper.”

There were rumours saying that the laser was caught on the video camera. Until then, there is no solid proof that Malaysians have cheated with the so-called laser. Regardless of that, I was quite amazed by their score. Congrats to our Malaysian teams! It all happened after I left the stadium a few minutes after the second half started.

Tickets to the match.


Ashleigh and I before changing into our attire.


Fairuz, our boss who hired us to cheer for the match.


Nevertheless, the crowd that night was so semangat we didn’t even need to cheer to make it more happening.


Harley Davidson and Ducati.


All of us.


Never had I seen our nations being so patriotic before. Everyone was either wearing the Malaysian team jersey or holding the Malaysian flag, or even both. Even the LRT station was crowded and filled with roaring sounds from all the supporters and the vuvuzelas.

Here are 5 epic scenes during Malaysia vs Indonesia match:

1. Praying on the ground in public. while kneeling on Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag).

Totally awestruck when I saw so many of them kneeling down and praying before the match started. I thought I was in Mekkah or something. Didn’t dare to snap photos close up in case they thought it was disrespectful, so here’s a photo of a man praying from far. There were many more devoted Muslims other than him that night.


I guess Allah must had really granted their prayer when our team won the match by 3-0!

2. Everyone was pushing and shoving their way through aimlessly.

And needless to say, we were one of those people. Upon entering the ticketing gate of Bukit Jalil, we just anyhow tried shove our way through with probably other thousands of people. The crowd had only one aim in mind, to get their way in before the match started. I swear if I ever fell down, I would probably get trampled on and died.


We went all the way from one gate to another after failing to get our way in, and even climbed the stairs to 2 levels above. Worse still, we had to slowly squeeze our way out while avoiding the stinky armpits of Malay teenage football fanatics. Before we even got in, we were already sweating and panting as if we had just finished a match.


3. Climbing the wall to get to the seats.

That was exactly how we managed to get in and secured ourselves some seats! All of us, boys and girls alike climbed our way into the Indonesian seats since we Malaysians weren’t allowed to go through the Indonesians’ gate. The Malaysians seats were all filled up and that was the only options left. Can you imagine, girls like us climbing through the wall?!


So there we are, sitting behind a bunch of Indonesians supporters, trying to keep our mouth shut so we wouldn’t get beaten up by the rivals.


But worse come to worst, we had our fellow Malaysians from the back to back us up XD


4. Tossing trash at the marching band.

The marching band was just minding their own business doing left leg right leg around the field, then all of a sudden there was trash like empty bottles being thrown at their direction. None of the bottles hit their body, but I couldn’t help to burst out in laughter seeing these funny things that people do. And despite the security check, more than half of us successfully sneaked in our drinks.


5. Throwing bottles and splashing water at the opponent’ supporters.

The pointless out-of-the-field battle between the Malaysians and the Indonesians. Pointing fingers and yelling at each other making the scene even more chaotic. Seriously if they removed their fake jerseys, I wouldn’t be able to tell who is who as they all look the same. I was so afraid we might become the victim from the war since we were sitting so close to the Indons.


Like I said, we left early to avoid getting stuck in the stadium. Wouldn’t want to spend two hours in Bukit Jalil with excited Malay teens yelling near my ears. It was my first time watching a live football match, albeit the not-so-good experience.


The next match will be held at Jakarta. Is anyone flying over to support our team? :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with Carlsberg

It has been days since I last blogged, and I can’t stand the sight of the ugly witch every time I scroll down! So here you go, a new post to bring it down.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a nice one with your loves this jolly season.


I've been working while partying with Carlsberg for two nights. Today, I'm simply too sick to work. Wouldn't want to make myself collapse on Christmas day, so I had no choice but to call in sick and thank God they've found me a replacement!

That means I'll be able to have turkey for dinner tonight with Sam's family. Hopefully I won't be too sick to even taste it.

Oh, it's gonna be my first time eating turkey! Unbelievable, I haven't eaten a turkey before in 20 years of my life! LOL.

So, did anyone buy me Christmas gift? :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here


What scares me the most about witches?

First of all, their ugly features that could be vividly implanted in my mind.

DEU Film Sex and the City

Oops, sorry wrong picture!

I mean, this! Teehee.


Even with one single glance which takes less than 3 seconds, the horrible sight of witches would always appear on my mind.

In order to forget about the witches, I even tried staring at handsome wizards instead.


Stare harder.


Try again.


No, it doesn’t work! Just because I stare at the picture of a handsome wizard, it doesn’t mean I can get my mind off the ugly witch! Deep in my brain, the witch would still show up and haunt me especially in the middle of night.

So scary I don't even want to post up that picture again.

Furthermore, the curses they cast on beautiful people.

Think of Little Mermaid!

little mermaid

And Snow White!


And Sleeping Beauty!


What do they have in common? Yea, Disney Princess but that’s not the point. They were all cursed by witches until they meet their respective prince charming.

Who knows one day a witch might cast a spell on me? Will my prince come save me then?


But face the truth, life is not always like Disney fairytale! In real life, what are the possibilities that you will be rescued by a prince from the witch’s curse?

And even if you happened to be rescued by a prince, chances are he is probably Jack Black.

jack black copy

Oh no! I think I would rather stay on with the spell.

Now, what scares you most about witches? :)

For more details on “Season of the Witch” movie screening, kindly click here. Good luck dreaming about witches!