Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here


What scares me the most about witches?

First of all, their ugly features that could be vividly implanted in my mind.

DEU Film Sex and the City

Oops, sorry wrong picture!

I mean, this! Teehee.


Even with one single glance which takes less than 3 seconds, the horrible sight of witches would always appear on my mind.

In order to forget about the witches, I even tried staring at handsome wizards instead.


Stare harder.


Try again.


No, it doesn’t work! Just because I stare at the picture of a handsome wizard, it doesn’t mean I can get my mind off the ugly witch! Deep in my brain, the witch would still show up and haunt me especially in the middle of night.

So scary I don't even want to post up that picture again.

Furthermore, the curses they cast on beautiful people.

Think of Little Mermaid!

little mermaid

And Snow White!


And Sleeping Beauty!


What do they have in common? Yea, Disney Princess but that’s not the point. They were all cursed by witches until they meet their respective prince charming.

Who knows one day a witch might cast a spell on me? Will my prince come save me then?


But face the truth, life is not always like Disney fairytale! In real life, what are the possibilities that you will be rescued by a prince from the witch’s curse?

And even if you happened to be rescued by a prince, chances are he is probably Jack Black.

jack black copy

Oh no! I think I would rather stay on with the spell.

Now, what scares you most about witches? :)

For more details on “Season of the Witch” movie screening, kindly click here. Good luck dreaming about witches!


bacterium said...

If Jack Black were to save a damsel in distress, the villains will be laughing to their death.

Witches trying to cast any spell on you would need to get past Sam the great first, which I doubt they could.

Copykate said...

bacterium: sam the great?? LOL! yea he always says he can easily break one's bones with his powerful fist. i doubt so though =x

bacterium said...

Such a waste then if he didn't become a professional boxer or kick-boxer.

Harry potter, handsome, cough cough, Sam is better looking IMHO.

Copykate said...

bacterium: i agree with you for the harry potter part! i had to use his photo cause i couldn't find any other wizard photo on google image. jeez

-LuvergalViv- said...

hahahahahah! jackblack to your rescue =)

Anonymous said...

Ariel made a deal with the sea witch because she was in love with the prince who didn't know she existed... so she's not exactly a victim.

Edwin Ck said...

haha awesome !!

Copykate said...

luvergalviv: i was expecting a much better looking prince :/

anonymous: hmm, you made a point!

ck: thanks! yours is more awesome. lol