Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Burberry Celebrates British Artist Henry Moore Through its Second Straight-To-Consumer Show & Exhibition at Makers House

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Burberry premiered its February 2017 collection for men and women on 20 February 2017, at its Makers House show venue in London. Models including Burberry’s latest campaign cast Amber Witcomb, Elfie Reigate, Ella King, Myles Dominique, Nora Attal and Tom Fool previewed the looks on the runway, which was interspersed with bronze sculptures by Henry Moore, the iconic British artist that inspired the collection.
All menswear and womenswear looks shown this evening were made available to buy via Burberry’s physical, digital and partner retail networks immediately following the show, as part of the brand’s second straight-to-consumer collection.
Makers House will open to visitors from 21 February 2017, offering them the opportunity to explore the new collection and the inspiration behind it through a unique exhibition, which includes over 40 of Henry Moore’s works and sculptures.
Notable guests included actors Penélope Cruz, Elizabeth Debicki, Rebecca Hall, Emily Browning, Kris Wu, Hermione Corfield, Naomi Scott, Anya Taylor-Joy, Kaya Scodelario, Hye Kyo Song, Zhou Dong Yu, Rina Ohta, Ed Skrein, Donald Glover, Benjamin Walker; musicians Tinie Tempah, Benjamin Clementine, Flo Morrissey, Jorja Smith, Héloïse Letissier (Christine and the Queens), Wiley; models Naomi Campbell, Iris Law, Suki Waterhouse, Immy Waterhouse, Jean Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Lily Donaldson, Adwoa Aboah, Elena Perminova, Tamara Long, Alex K, Henry Kitcher; as well as directors, artists and photographers Asif Kapadia and Josh Olins.
British musician Anna Calvi performed the show’s live soundtrack from a balcony overlooking the runway, accompanied by her band and members of the Heritage Orchestra & Choir. Her set list included her new track “Whip The Night” and is available to purchase on iTunes and can be streamed through the Burberry Apple Connect page on Apple Music.
The February collection was unveiled in full at the show – inspired by the work and personal style of Henry Moore – exploring sculpture and silhouette, material and process, strengthening proportions and hard-wearing fabrics. The artist’s influence is articulated through form, texture and crafted detail, as well as vivid prints referencing his designs from the archive at the Henry Moore Foundation.
The show also introduced mid-calf boots with an angular cut-out heel for women, and leather brogues with an asymmetric closure for men: both playing on Moore’s abstract sculpture.
The DK88 bag collection – a new collection of men’s and women’s bags was also introduced at the show. The collection was named after the house code for Burberry’s signature honey-coloured gabardine, The DK88 bag collection features classic styles reimagined in Burberry’s new Trench Leather and will launch in full this May. The DK88 collection is a tribute to the fabric at the heart of Burberry’s history.
A collection of 78 limited-edition couture capes was presented as part of the show’s finale. Inspired by the scale and form of Moore’s elemental sculptures, each unisex design was made using unique constructions and referencing elements from the Burberry archive.
Each individually named cape is available for special order, and will form part of a travelling exhibition around the world: beginning 21 February 2017 at Makers House.
The “Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process” exhibition at Makers House was created in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation. Makers House will be open to visitors for a week with an exhibition, providing a rare opportunity to explore Moore’s working methods and the evolution of his iconic sculptural ideas outside of Henry Moore Studios & Gardens in Hertfordshire.
In celebration of Henry Moore, his creativity and contribution to the development of contemporary art in the UK, the exhibition features over 40 of his sculptures, monumental bronzes, working models, drawings and maquettes. Makers House will also host a programme of events, acoustic performances and workshops: including life drawing, maquette and object making, textile printmaking and textile design.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Embracing Adulthood

I still remember those days when I first stepped into the actual work force (For those who have yet to know, I actually have a 6-9 full time job although I hardly ever disclose much about work online). I had trouble adjusting my lifestyle to waking up early and reaching home late. Everyday I was just beyond fatigue. I used to stay up late during uni time. But not as soon as I started working. Work, eat, home, sleep. The mundane cycle repeats 5 days a week, one week after another.

Later on, I began to adapt. From sleeping at 10pm, it became 11pm, then eventually 12am. These days, I can hardly doze off before midnight. 

By delaying my sleep time, it gave me ample time to do some other stuff. Like reading or something. LOL okay fine, I admit that at one point of time, I was a complete couch (bed) potato. I would dabao food right after work, watch Korean drama on my MacBook while I eat, proceed to shower and continue watching that drama on my bed. I would just keep watching until it was time to sleep wtf.

One day, I began to question my lifestyle. Work, eat, drama, sleep, repeat. I must be capable of doing way more than that. At the same time I happened to encounter a Japanese client at work. That was when I decided to sign up for Japanese lesson. No hesitation, just paid and attended the class 2 weeks after (and dragged colleague along too lol).

It has been 4 months since I started the lesson. I have passed the Beginner Level and am now at Elementary 1. It was really lucky of us to have been assigned a funny and wonderful sensei whose method of teaching is effective. So far all the classes are fun and I hardly had to force myself to finish the homework since I enjoy it. I have promised myself not to give up until I have become fluent in the language. After that I would sign up for Korean class XD

With the new mall opened at my work place, I have also signed up for gym membership. TBH I am not a sporty person. But these days I feel that my health has been deteriorating rapidly. I get tired from shopping for only half an hour. Every now and then I would fall sick. A few years back, I was still able to shop all day and stay up all night without feeling exhausted. Oh my youth, gone with the wind :(

Just the other day, my bestie and I happened to be at TREC. So we thought, why not drop by Zouk and have a look? Seriously I have never stepped into the new Zouk ever since it shifted. In fact I have stopped clubbing since the final year of uni. What used to be a fun night out had become a tiring affair. I still have my Zouk membership card (don't judge), so we went in and had a quick tour. It was funny cause we were quite lost at the entrance. Didn't know which entrance we were supposed to go to. Didn't want to appear like an idiot in front of other party-goers so I called up Steph (who else would I have called besides the queen of Zouk wtf) and asked for direction wtf. I asked her which way was heading to Phuture and Velvet (well at least I still know the name of the room lol). 

It was 10pm so the club was completely empty, hence allowed us a clearer view of the interior. But the downside was we wouldn't know how the actual party scene is like. Guess we need not know. Because after 5 minutes inside we already felt suffocated by the heavy ciggies odour from the carpet wtf. So yea our tour lasted for 5 minutes. LOL.

I am waking up in 8 hours for an early morning gym session as I am typing this. Don't really know the purpose of this post but I guess my main point is, I am feeling my age catching up and the signs that come along with it. I can't be young and wild and free, but instead I will work my way to becoming wiser, healthier and happier! ^^