Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am A Bitchy Slut

Sigh. Recently I have countless of love bites ant bites all over my body. So itchy that I can die! Am I so sweet that even ants can’t get enough of me? Or could it be lice??? And do you know that the word “lice” is actually plural and that the singular is louse? LOL. I never knew!

A recapitulation on what had been going on in my life for the past whole week.

1. Lepak at Mid Valley with darling loo.

The last time I went to MV was probably few months back, and the last time I saw him was like, 2months ago?

It’s Gelato Fruity! Mosaic-ed because, erm, it’s fugly? He complained that his eyes appeared single-lid, so I didn’t wanna embarrass him! And also, if you’ve noticed, my cleavage is also mosaic-ed. Seriously, not that I have one, but because my bra was showing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Bimbo loo who goes shopping with 3 Nottingham ladies (me excluded XD). To tell you the truth, he only hangs out with girls. So gay. Sigh.

2. Malacca jonker walk with a ahbeng looking guy.

Proof of his ahbeng-ness: the necklace! After which I complaint, he stared down innocently at it and lied that it was a present from a girl. Wtfreak.

Trust me, I don’t really fancy prawns. Just trying to find something to pose with. LOL? But hey, I heart the cendol and ais kacang! Tell me you are drooling already?

We can add as much gula melaka as we want. So sweet!

This is not a fake smile alright? =)

Melaka Islamic Museum??? Mehhhhh.

I have to post up this cause my legs look so skinny!

And here’s a second proof of ahbeng-ness. Hiak hiak hiak.

3. Dressing up like a pregnant auntie.

According to Jess, this looks 3months pregnant.

While this, looks 5months pregnant -_____-

Me likey apple pie!

And fries, with at least 4packets of chilli sauce.

How I look like when mum shoo-ed me away, saying that I was being a nuisance there.

And then she stole my fries!!! What kinda rule is that???

4. Playing basketball with ahbeng (again?) and baobei.

In this case, it is not the real basketball, but rather the shooter machine.

Baobei the good player. I’m so obsessed with the game dy. Someone, please bring me there again!

5. Paying a visit to Medan Ikan Bakar.

2 of us actually ate this much. No wonder my face becomes so BIG. And ROUND. Wtfreak.

Ahbeng-ness proof number3: the ring. Who cares? I say it looks ahbeng on him!

It indirectly means I have to start acting like a lala lian in order to match him. See? Act cute lo.

6. McD breakfast with my babes.

My tired look in the morning. Hmm, not a very flattering pic of Jess. Sorry XD

The little bimbo who was shopping deprived. I had to take her go shopping and guess what? I ended up buying more -_____- Okok, start vowing to myself that I AM GONNA STOP SHOPPING FROM NOW ON!

By the way, my Juicy Couture Seven Boyshorts had arrived! It’s amazingly cute and pretty awesome! Too bad it’s the wrong size for me cause my butt is too gigantic to fit X( M size. Fits 26-27”. Brand new and never worn. Just in case anyone is interested in buying them. They come in a beautiful box! =)

Front view.

Back view.

The seven cutie boyshorts.

Oh, another news for you. My babes have come to a conclusion today:

They were actually discussing whether I should be a bitchy slut or a slutty bitch, after which they decided bitchy slut would be better as I am more of a slut than a bitch.

Why are my girlfriends being so kind to me???

*utterly touched and cries*

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Krabi Is Not Crappy

Last Wednesday, as we were stuck in the jam on our way home after work, Hui asked if I would like to go to Krabi Island with her on Friday that week. Out of nowhere, scenes of beautiful island, beach boys and bikini babes flashed through my mind. The thought of being able to wear a bikini after so long simply thrilled me. I agreed. And minutes later, I managed to book a flight ticket with the help of her friend.

“We are heading to Krabi!!!”

We left LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) at approximately 12.30pm and landed 1hour 15minutes later.

Pakasai Resort (funny name) where we stayed for 3nights.

The lobby.

Our resort room. I would give the resort 9stars out of 10! Honestly, I’m quite satisfied with the facilities. Everything we need is provided in the room. A safety box to keep our valuables, bathe robe, a beach bag with 2 mats provided and even laundry powder! Wtfreak. Of course, shampoo, towels, shower cap, hair-dryer, indoor slippers etc are the normal hotel stuff that I don’t need to mention.

Our very first meal there at Nana Restaurant.

Apparently most of the restaurants there put an orchid on every glass of drink. Nice eh?

Pwettyyy? LOL.

Beachy time!

Track left by little crabby. Amazing how it formed the shape of sea shell!

One big difference between Thailand and Malaysia is that people there are allowed to walk their dogs in public places. Look at this creamy bitch! XD

Bikini babes from Sweden.

Apart from Ang Moh couples, we see Ang Moh and their children. A good choice for vacation =)

Hello, I’m from Malaysia.

The weather was good so I went sunbathing!

The sun was shining directly to me so I could hardly open my eyes.

I took like 50shots altogether with my blur vision. Guess it was more like a photo-taking session rather than sunbathing XD

It feels good lying down and enjoying the breeze.



It was then a Ang Moh guy spotted me camwhoring and asked if I need his help. At the same time, this group of Asians kept staring at us with much enthusiasm.

Ta-dah! Hmm, looking kinda awkward =P

The dude from Finland. Funny how he asked if he should carry me up or something when we took the pic. I said, “Nope, this should do.” Aww, sorry, no nice show for you XD

Met a cat on our way back to resort. Not a stray cat, but one that belongs to a vendor. I never know how to carry a cat. Jeez.

Not sure whether it’s Persian, but it’s twice the size of the stray cats here, with extremely clean and soft fur!

After washing up and changed, I was so excited for dinner! The seafood there is really cheap and fresh. Must try!

Big coconut.

Raw oysters that taste the best with lemon and Thai style chilli.

Me likey =)))

Tomyam with excessive amount of coconut milk.

Yummy pineapple fried rice!


After dinner, we went to Sunset Massage Centre for pedicure and manicure.

There were actually small cuts on my fingers due to clothes-washing (wtfreak?), so the cuts became deeper when the girl started scrubbing my fingers to remove the cuticles. Gawd, you don’t wanna know how painful it was! In the end I had to cover them with plasters.

Ice-cream for supper. And that marked the end of our first day.

Second day. Breakfast buffet.

I saw bees fluttering their wings around the fruit jams. They were the cute little harmless creatures that made me happy in the morning =)

Now, get ready for island hopping!

We rent a private boat that can bring us to any island we want. How awesome?!

Just the two of us, plus the boatman in the big long tail boat.

Happy Hui.

Happy me.

The sea was really calm unlike Langkawi where the water would splash up and make you wet all over.

Chicken Island! Yes, that’s the name of the island. Can see the chicken head eh? XD

Deep sea snorkelling. I chickened out and did it near the shore instead =x

A magnificent view.

Fish feeding.

Look, a swarm of tropical fishes are swimming towards me!

Happy XD

Thailand guys we met on the beach.

Over there, people of all ages, regardless of gender are all nice and friendly.

Another island that we stopped by.

It was low tide, so we could actually walk from one island to another at the far end there. How cool is that!

Spotted a topless Ang Moh =P

Railay Beach- another beautiful island. The sand there is so soft and white and comfortable to be stepped on!

Hey, we did not try canoeing X(

Mango sticky rice I heart!

Seafood fried noodle.

Getting ready to go back to Ao Nang.

We were too tired to walk all the way from the beach to our resort, so decided to hail a taxi. Yes, there were 2 types of taxi there, one is those normal Toyota motorcar, while another is this trishaw-liked motorbike taxi XD

Instead of heading back to our room, we decided to chill at the poolside. After all, we had to make the full use of the facilities wat! LOL.

Pool counter.

Resting place with cushions.

To tell you the truth, I can’t swim. So I probably need a swimmer boyfriend who can save me in case I fall into the sea one day.

After that, we claimed our “welcome drink” at the lounge. I’m not sure what drink it was, probably some mixed fruit juice but it was certainly tasty!

Visited Sunset Massage Centre again for Thai Traditional Massage.

250baht (RM25) for 1hour massage session. Quite worthwhile indeed.

Thai steamed fish and BBQ prawn for dinner.

I could vaguely remember how how 2nd day ended. We probably walked around the street until all the shops and stalls closed around 12am. I watched Aeon Flux on HBO channel and waited if someone would care to text me =P

Third day= a visit to Adora Spa in our resort.

There was a 50% early bird promotion. Around RM175 after discount for 2hours if not mistaken. Instead of signing up for the spa, I online at the lounge and shopped around the street as I waited for Hui.

Different types of room.

Spa tub?

Pretty flowers.

On the way to Ao Nang beach.

I wanted to tan for the last day, but unfortunately the sun was nowhere to be seen as it was a cloudy day. Without having any other choice, I lay on the mat and slept for 2hours or so.

As evening approached. . .

For once my butt looks flat XD

Doggie affair. Hui saw one of them pee-ing in a Ang Moh’s plastic bag. LMAO.

Some locals who kept shooting pictures of me -.-


Naked Thai kids.

The water looked rather muddy when there wasn’t any sun.

Waited for sunset. Take your eyes off my bikini line!

Breath-taking view.


Then we saw someone selling Lucky Balloon (“kong ming den” in Chinese). It works the same way as hot air balloon.

Hui bought one.

Up and up it went.

It was already our last night in Krabi. The thought of going back home on the next day saddened me a lot. We walked around the places and swore to spend those few hours to the fullest.

Chicken Noodle Soup which costs only 30baht (RM3).

With a big drumstick summore! Gosh. It tastes almost like soto ayam. Must mix it with chilli powder!

Pancake which resembles roti canai.

I ordered banana chocolate. Sooooooooooooooo delicioussss~

Roadside BBQ.

We were so addicted to his BBQ chicken! 20baht (RM2) per stick though. Kinda pricey, but better than the sausage that costs 80baht each!

BBQ cuttlefish. So hard to chew on lo.

The very happening bars hidden behind the alley. Hui refused to go in, saying that we had to wake up early in the morning X(

We’ve finally come to the end of my 4days 3nights trip.

How much I miss Krabi. If given a chance, I would love to have a 1month stay over there and take up a part time job.

What a long entry! I know you're getting tired of all my pictures by now.

Find out more about our resort here.