Friday, April 25, 2008

Meet Zuzu Dearie

Robb caught begging with a doggie bowl! XD

Hiak hiak, so this is what we had after the DIGI event: visiting Robb’s place for the sake of Zuzu!

Zuzu stinks. So Zoe suggested that we bath him.

Aww, look at him! XD

Shame shame.

Now he’s the big-eyed-monster!

Baby ET being tortured? LOL.

Jump jump!

You’ve been arrested. Surrender!

Hmm. . .

You’re ma sweet little cutie! ^^

Let’s go shopping!

Zuzu waves bye to everyone =)))


2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

aiyer... so nice.... >.<
i have a doggie too
her name is belle ~!

Falcon said...

so cute lah..

Simon Seow said...

Cute dog but I think you're cuter.

Copykate said...

unclejosh: i know someone whose dog is belle also. i think it's a bitch XD didn't know u have a dog. jeez.

falcon: yea, we were so excited that we got to meet zuzu finally!

simon: omg you sure? i'm not as cute as zuzu! LOL.

LOL said...

i dropped in here simply because of your Innit title: creative! and tipu a person in liao, hehe. nice post btw. :)

Big Boys Oven said...

so so cute, reminded of myine shitshu!

Copykate said...

ya hui, robb suggested the title XD

thanks for dropping by yea.

Copykate said...

big boys oven, u mean shih tzu? lol. he's about 3months old. fur changing colour XD