Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stupid Panmee Boss

Today, I’m going to badmouth about Jojo Panmee. No, it’s not like what you think actually. The panmee there isn’t that awful to the extent that I would make a blog post complaining about it. Neither were there lizards nor insects in the food I ate. So what is it, you ask? The boss of Jojo Panmee, let’s just call him Mr.T. I actually checked his name card to get his name. I thought he must be regretting to have given me the name card now. But but, Mr.Hik forbids me to include his real name here. Pfft!

What did little Mr.T do, you wonder? The fact is, he’s MrHik’s old schoolmate or something. In spite of that, I am still going to badmouth him! No, it never occurs to me that my boyfriend might bump into Mr.T one day and felt awkward all because of my blog post. It’s none of my concerns, because I’m just inconsiderate like that. After all, it was little Mr.T’s fault to have offended me, or us, to be precise. It just happened that I’m a petty girl who never forgets, so instead of shutting my mouth, I dug out his photo to tell you a story.

One day, Hik received a phone call from Mr.T. He invited Hik to his panmee shop to eat panmee. He asked Hik to bring along a few bloggers and said that it would be his treat. There are a few branches of Jojo Panmee, but we were supposed to go to the one in Serdang for the food review. Hik called along Yat, Ren and another friend, so off we went to Serdang. In case you aren’t aware, I’m staying at Setapak, which is a big distance away from Serdang. One south and one north, very cilaka far okay? But I thought it was alright, since we were going there to eat for free.

It was a free treat, so I had no reason to be kiam siap when I place my order. Of course I didn’t mean to be greedy! Just ordered 1 bowl of panmee, shui gao soup and fried fish cake. Those were meant to be shared among the 5 of us, already considered little hor! Then we makan lah. Nom nom nom. Took photos in order to blog. 1 thing I remembered, Yat taught Mr.T how to advertise his panmee through Twitter and how to expand his business by using Internet. So apart from advertising his panmee shop through our blogs, we also taught him how to catch up with the new generations!

Soon, Mr.T gave us another plate of fish cake. He even brought us a few bowls of tong shui for dessert. So I thought, wah, not bad hor this boss, so generous de?

See? Hikaru very happy.

Until the bill came. WTF! The boss was standing right there, holding the bill, waiting for us to pay! Total amount RM60++! “I thought it’s free???” I whispered to Hik. He just shrugged. I swear I was burning at that particular point of time. I had an urge to confront Mr.T in front of all his customers. But something stopped me from within, telling me not to make a scene as he’s Hik’s friend. I did not voice out then. But I soon regretted. I could have pointed it straight to Mr.T’s face, didn’t you promise that it was your treat??? Who does he think he is, trying to get free publicity from us? Oh, maybe he thinks he’s Hik’s friend. The point is, we went all the way to Serdang to do a review for his panmee, but at the end of the day we had to pay for our meal??? We didn’t even get paid to blog about it! Is RM60++ a lot for him??? Does he think that 5 reviews aren’t even worth RM60??? We know perfectly well that there is no such thing as free meal. Yes, there’s no such thing as FREE PUBLICITY either! Let me do the math. RM60 divided by 5, leaving RM12 for each person. So if we really do get free treat, each person ate merely RM12. And not forgetting the effort we put into the blog post and the petrol consumed all the way to Serdang. Does he have any idea how much on average a blogger like me receive for an advertorial? We are worth real hard cash, not just some crappy food! What’s more, we didn’t get free treat! Despite the publicity, he demanded us to pay for his mediocre food! And that’s not the main point yet. The point to the point is, he promised earlier on that it would be his treat! We wouldn’t even ask along the bloggers if he didn’t say it was free. So in this case, isn’t he considered a liar? We felt like we got cheated! Imagine being cheated by a boss who was supposed to be trustworthy, but turned out to be a liar who didn’t fulfil his promise. Angry not?

So for his own stupidity, he’s had me making his Jojo panmee infamous. Some of you might be thinking right now, “Kate is just being a petty bitch!”, “It’s only RM60, pay la”, “Small matter, why make it so big?” If you’re thinking of any of those, FUCK YOU! Proven that your IQ level isn’t sufficient to be able to comprehend whatever mentioned above. Read the previous paragraph again if you still don’t get it. And if you still don’t get it after rereading, kindly take a knife and stab it hard at yourself.

Some people are just too afraid to voice out; some people prefers to avoid troubles at all cost; while some people like me, enjoys being a loud mouth bitch who creates a big fuss out of a mistake committed. Question is, what would you do if the same shit happens to you?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Memorable 19th Birthday Party

Last month, I had a 19th birthday celebration held at home.

Some lousy friends of mine thought I’m a hot chic so they bought a roasted chicken as my present. Wtfreak!

As if a roasted chicken isn’t hilarious enough, they even gave me a box of vegetables! Carrot, brinjal, cucumber, bitter gourd, corn and many other junks.

What on earth do they expect me to do with all these penis-shaped vegetables???

And these longans! Kns. My expression was priceless indeed.

Thanks for the hair curler! Speaking of hair, it was my sister who did my hair that night. She’s the future hairstylist. Wadya think? Teehee.

Hunt and Eyu were nice enough to have helped me light the fire on the BBQ pit.

It was a big disappointment that my classmates couldn’t make it down to Muar. Still, I’m glad that the both of you turned up.

Ang, who was chosen for the best-dressed that night. Feel free to ask him if you wanna know what the mystery gift was XD

Zili being emo for nothing.

Eugene caught staring at Meng Hong's man boobs.

Zi Khai and the koala bears.

The bf and the kids.

The guys were delighted cause grandpa brought them Carlsberg. According to him, it was meant to strengthen our liver. Wtfreak.

Did I not make it obvious that I was the one who bought the cake? I had to drive the little Kancil out to buy my own birthday cake! How pathetic.

The bf.

The family.

The friends. Sorry for those who left early and didn’t get to be in the group picture.

For 19 years, my face had never been pushed into a birthday cake until this year! With those yucky-milky cream all over my face, I screamed and chased all over the house and wipe the cream on whoever I could get.

My legs looked like ah gong's badly-shaped chopsticks! So unglam.

Caught the victim! The rest of them sold him out in order to protect themselves. LOL.

I was running around like a siao za bor until someone stopped me.

Later on, Hunt and my youngest sis, Gigi took revenge on my behalf. I was obviously beyond excited. Gawd. Did my image just dropped again?

No thanks to Ang, my face and hair stayed oily for the rest of the night. And my make up, ruined. But I still looked good. Bleh.

My cute cousin, Yun Zhi who is dating Neo. What a waste right? =x

Thanks for the present, love!

Ever since I introduced the Mafia game to them, it has become our ritual during every party. I could totally imagine the neighbours cursing me secretly for causing so much noise in the wee hours.

The game master very pattern one.

According to our own rule, the losers of the game have to receive punishments set by the winners. Can you guess what Eugene and Zi Khai are going to do next? Judging from Zi Khai’s hamsap fishy look!

Kissing each other on the forehead!

Yuck! That’s fucking disgusting! Imagine having to kiss your buddy’s sweaty and oily forehead. No wonder Eugene looked so grossed out. Eew.

Moving on. Hunt’s sexy pole dance.

Doesn’t it even seem like a punishment? He was having so much fun! XD

Next, Zi Li and Zi Khai demonstrated the Ribena Ads Bollywood dance for Pei Wing and Kay Vin. Firstly, run towards each other in slow motion.

Make a few rounds at the lamp post as if trying to hide from each other.

Yer, why so tak bersemangat one? I think Zi Li and Zi Khai made the best couple. Wtfreak.

And lastly, embrace each other and kiss! Hiak hiak. Hunt was disappointed for being assignment to pole dancing rather than kissing. Poor boy. LOL.

Thanks to everyone who attended my party. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Steven Cheung

I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry! Where is MrHik??? Why is he still sleeping??? I need my breakfast and lunch! My empty stomach is growling. I’m moody when I’m starving.

We are heading to One U today. I’m already all dressed up waiting for him. My theme today is vintage: white basic tunic with a vintage badge + high waisted shorts + flower clip. Sheesh, haven’t think of what shoes to match with! We’re gonna shop and dine today, like what an ordinary couple would do in the weekend. Simplicity is bliss.

Beneath the shades hides a vain pot who thinks of nothing but shops. (and maybe food, for now)

Met Steven Cheung from Boyz in FCC the other day. Apparently Steven and a few other Christian artists from Hong Kong came here to perform and present their testimonial. It happened that I went out of the house without my camera that day, and my phone was out of battery! Hence the blur photo snapped with Loo’s lousy phone X(

Okay here ends my short update. I didn’t even intend to blog. Sooooooooo hungry right now I’m just trying to kill my time while waiting for him. Gotta make a phone call now and hurry him.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

D'Ultimate Birthday Bash Tickets Giveaway

One day, Gloss, Mousse and Lippie, the 3 sisters from the Rimmel family went to yumcha with May, a big size fat girl they have met recently.

The 3 Rimmel sisters are well known for their fabulous lifestyle. It has been quite a while ever since they left London to explore the other parts of the world.

On the other hand, May has been an orphan for her entire life. Despite her ugly appearance, she is very likeable for her silky skin and her fragranced body. It was rumoured that whoever touches May’s naked body would smell as good as her. However, nobody knows the truth as May is always fully wrapped up in her purple outfit.

The 3 sisters thought that May has a great potential. They wanted to welcome her into the Rimmel family. But first of all, they have to gain the queen’s permission.

The queen’s answer was as expected. In order to fit into the family, one has to be skinny and hot like Kate Moss. In this case, May failed terribly. She had lost an opportunity to get a London look make over.

Nevertheless, May is not sad because she will be celebrating her birthday with Digi at Barcelona on 3rd of October! Unlike the queen, Digi doesn't discriminate. Everyone is welcomed to to join Digi's D'Ultimate Birthday Bash!

Date: 3rd October 2009
Venue: Barcelona

There will be a goodie bag worth RM50! Awesome right!

Courtesy of Digi, I will be giving 5 pairs of free tickets, each worth RM30 to D'Ultimate Birthday Bash! In order to be one of the 5 lucky winners, simply leave your email at the comment column and tell me how you will rock the night. Priority will be given to Digi users and those whose birthday falls on October, November and December. Don't miss out the chance! XD

p/s: Got the Rimmel products and the soap during Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash bloggers gathering at Cloth & Clef! XD