Sunday, September 27, 2009

Steven Cheung

I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry! Where is MrHik??? Why is he still sleeping??? I need my breakfast and lunch! My empty stomach is growling. I’m moody when I’m starving.

We are heading to One U today. I’m already all dressed up waiting for him. My theme today is vintage: white basic tunic with a vintage badge + high waisted shorts + flower clip. Sheesh, haven’t think of what shoes to match with! We’re gonna shop and dine today, like what an ordinary couple would do in the weekend. Simplicity is bliss.

Beneath the shades hides a vain pot who thinks of nothing but shops. (and maybe food, for now)

Met Steven Cheung from Boyz in FCC the other day. Apparently Steven and a few other Christian artists from Hong Kong came here to perform and present their testimonial. It happened that I went out of the house without my camera that day, and my phone was out of battery! Hence the blur photo snapped with Loo’s lousy phone X(

Okay here ends my short update. I didn’t even intend to blog. Sooooooooo hungry right now I’m just trying to kill my time while waiting for him. Gotta make a phone call now and hurry him.

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