Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 New Year Resolution

Christmas is over, and we’re anticipating 2009, a whole new year, a whole new beginning where hopes and opportunity await. How amazing it is that time passes in a blink of eye. Flashing back the history, it seems as if yesterday I was still the silly immature seventeen who was good for nothing but troubles. Like everyone else, I have encountered predicaments and calamity, but instead of weakening my spirit, each time it strengthen my determination and willpower, teaching me to move on and face challenges ahead with sheer determination. Throughout my life journey, tears are inevitable, but fears are never.

During this time of the year, everyone would prepare a whole list of New Year resolution. Wouldn’t I appear like a loser if I don’t have a list of New Year resolution like everyone else? Hmpf! Therefore, I have decided to think of something brilliant only to end up continuing the same list for next year!

Kate’s 2009 New Year Resolution:
1. Request for a higher allowance from dad.
2. Ask for a credit card (how can anyone live without it? It’s for emergency anywayXD)
3. Buy a new pink car. A real car with four wheels which can fetch me ad my awesome friends to travel around! HAHA nolar, see where I’m gonna study only decide. Teehee.
4. A makeover. (New contact lens, new hairstyle, new fashion, new make up style, whatever that contributes to me being more gorgeous.)
5. Include more salad and yogurt in my diet Savor the best chops and steaks in the city. (Hik please take note of this *drools*)
6. Replace cries and whims with a monosyllabic F word whenever we quarrel.
*grunts* If only it’s that easy. Each time we fight, my tears would gush down like hot streams, and because of that he’s always the one who wins. Wtfreak. Unfair.
7. Get a new pet. On second thought, a pet toy would be sufficient. At least they don’t die a pathetic death due to lack of food, water, love and care.

On a random note, someone wants to give dad a Golden Retriever but mum rejected it! Roarrrr!!! We never ever had a Golden Retriever before! Dad has been such a dog lover ever since time immemorial but mum has always been a bi*** to them dogs X( And now that we’re staying in our new house, we aren’t allowed to keep any pets. Roarrrr!

8. Travel to at least one country outside of Malaysia. Speaking of traveling, how is the Cambodia plan going on??? Jeez, I need to make full use of my passport before it expires okay! Besides, how meaningless life could be without traveling T.T
9. Save enough to get a new designer bag. Or clutch if I am too poor.

1more to go aiksss.

Oh oh oh I know!

10. Score straight A’s for A-levels la stupid.

Thank you for reading through my new year resolution. You dunno how important they mean to me! And I was kidding about ending up the same list for next year. I wouldn’t want to retake my AS and A2 exam after all! So please please please let me score straight A’s!

Oh, there’s no need to talk about scholarship right now. I suppose that would be my resolution for next year. Teehee.

Now that I’m done with my resolutions, someone is finally awake from afternoon nap. And his first sentence half-consciously was “Sik meh ye? (eat what?)” Wtfreak. So unromantic.

We had yong tou fu for lunch. What’s for dinner later? As usual, no idea. Deciding what to eat is so troublesome. I wonder if everyone else out there suffers the same problem as me -.-


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sg Gabai Waterfall

One Monday, we woke up early in the morning to visit Sg. Gabai Waterfall. It was drizzling that morning, but that did not stop us from carrying on our plan. Despite being sleepy and lazy, we headed to Cheras for dim sum before setting off to our destination.


Throughout our journey in Hulu Langat, Jen and Rames went a bit siao ( as usual XD), saying that it was so rare to see kampong in KL. They even wondered if they’ve reached Muar, and perhaps we might see Cherrie and her family waving to us at the roadside. Such imagination. Wtfreak.

Beautiful waterfall.


Junn was the first one to entered the freezing cold waterfall. Bravo!


Soon, one by one, we made our way into the cold-to-the-spine-will-make-me-shiver-and-sneeze waterfall.


With the usual gang. Poor Hik was working while we were having fun there.


This picture is so wrong. Pop said he tengah cuci kain. ROFL.


We posed for the camera for uncountable times.


Must look glam while kena splashed also XD


Woohoo! Doesn’t it look fun???


But the water was awfully chilly that morning.


Siao Eugene had an urge to slide down the waterfall. We stopped him for several times -.-


A highly dangerous position.


But it did not stop us from posing! Teehee.


Hiew, why so happy? LMAO.


Photos credit to Jed and Jacklyn.


And not forgetting, here’s our group shot of the day =)))


Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas day this year. . .

A Lesportsac pencil case from myself;

A Coach wristlet from my love;

And many goodies from our fellow gang.

Don’t you heart this awesome season? <3

Monday, December 22, 2008

Youth Christmas Celebration

Heading back to KL in approximately 10hours. I have a feeling that for once I am gonna miss my family badly X( Kinda wish I could spilt into two to attend Christmas at both places. This would be the first year for me to spend the festive season away from hometown. A right and significant way to celebrate Christmas? Not likely. Nonetheless, it would be a fun and joyous one.

Meanwhile, I’m glad that I attended two youth Christmas celebration when I’m back here! A short update on those two nights.

EYM- the youth ministry I attended. Spot me.

I was baptized in this church 2 years ago. How time flies.

AOG. I feel so old already!

For certain reason, I had been paying frequent visit to AOG during Form3. Felt warm and welcome as I see those familiar faces.

That’s Joshua by the way. Haven’t seen him for ages!

Okay, that’s all for now.

Ohh, I realized I have a South Park tshirt! Found it in my wardrobe the other day. LOL so-the-funny!

Ciaoz. Wish me a safe journey! =)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

KSCB Gathering RSVP


Time and venue has been changed.

Hello peeps! If you’re a regular kscb chatter, you’ve probably read about the upcoming gathering from Zoe’s blog. However if you’re not, you’re welcome to visit the chatbox and join us at the gathering too! As mentioned, this is an “exclusive” gathering. (ahemm, at least it sounds better than non-exclusive right?=P)

Well, Zoe has been MIA for so long, busy with goat-knows-what! LOL. Busy working I guess. So now I’m taking charge of the organizing part, and hopefully you guys give me your fullest support (wtfreak, obviously because I am awesome!)

Take note! The date of the gathering has been changed to 27th of December (Saturday) at noon time. Since it’s Saturday, I guess you have no excuse for not being able to make it? Unless you are working shift like me pathetic Hik. Gawd, I am sorry darl! This is the most suitable date for majority, but I promised I will MMS you as many pictures as I can to make you feel jealous and left out, alright??? XD

So, to sum it all:

Date: 27th December (Saturday)
Time: 3pm

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee,

Lot 1.02.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
Dress code: (whoever violates the code shall pay the bill =))
Pink (roarrr, this is the initial dress code)


This is a Kennysia chatbox gathering, but as usual, the busy man won’t be able to make it.


Kenny le Siao wtfreak -.-

Confirmed list:
1. Kate
2. Zoe
3. Wen Pink
4. Simon
5. Ang3l
6. Shawn
7. Ren
8. Nick (not the ball-less whynick XD)
9. Eric
10. FengY
11. Mike Rotch
12. Superwilson
13. Pink Pork Chop
14. Bernard
15. Roger
16. To be added

Yet to be confirmed:
1. Beng
2. Jeremy
3. Yenniedoll
4. Sherry
5. To be added

Whoever interested, kindly RSVP on the comment box (not on my cbox, we need to keep track!). Do not hesitate to share your suggestion should you have any objection regarding the date and venue. Oh, I suppose there’s no need for me to tell you the purpose of the gathering? Cut the crap!

By the way, you can bring me a belated Christmas present if you want. Teehee.

RSVP now!

To be updated. . .

Friday, December 19, 2008

6months Anniversary @ Tony Roma's

On the way to Pavilion. . .

Me: Do you remember what special day it is today?
Hik: 7th of December. . . 7th. . . What is it? Nothing special also.
Me: Think!!!
Hik: Dunno. Tell lah.
Me: It’s our 6 month anniversary!
Hik: It was yesterday! 6th of December!
Me: I don’t care lah. I say 7 then 7. Cause we didn’t even celebrate yesterday. So we should make it up today! XD
Hik: . . .

But still, as we reached Pavilion, he asked me to choose either La Bodega or Tony Roma’s. I was torn between two choices! To be honest, I hadn’t been to either of them. After much hesitating, I made up my choice to have our “6-month-anniversary-lunch” at Tony Roma’s.

Good choice it was, as the food turned out really delicious and comparable to the ones we had in Chilis. As usual, food was served in order.

Virgin strawberry daiquiri.

Soup of the day- beef soup! Honestly, I would give up my favourite creamy mushroom soup for this!

Onion Loaf. We ordered the small one, but it was so gigantic that there was still a quarter left in the end.

Tony’s Asia Salad. It was the best dish we had that day!

Grilled and roasted Rosemary Chicken. Jeez, so much broccoli, and you know how much my sweetie pie loathes greens -.-

2 broccoli left. Hiak hiak.

Took a pic of the receipt cause I thought the comical head on the top right corner was rather cute. Do you think the waiter was trying to draw Hik? Gawd, me think so! LOL.

Oh, all the food and beverage totalled up to RM99+ including tax. However, there is a RM10 redemption for our next visit. A great way to attract customers. But you know, I would definitely pay my second visit anytime soon!

Random pics taken the same day during Hik’s, I emphasize, Hik! Hik! Hik Hik Hik! Hik’s shopping spree! (had to stop before I got hiccup wtfreak)

I like the super gay shorts on him. Wadya think? Teehee.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

PMS & Nose Bleed

I had a serious PMS last night. And this morning, I had a nose bleed, after what seems like 10 years. I wonder if both of them are somehow related.

2 days before my period due. Is boyfriend the only person who can trigger my PMS? He only said some unimportant thing last night. Normally I would just laugh it off and not take it to heart. But instead, I went completely berserk and started arguing. Well, you know how girls wish to hear something good when they’re down. Reasonable arguments or whatsoever just wouldn’t work. And you know exactly how guys are dumb enough to know what girls really want. So he just replied my arguments with more arguments hence prolonging the whole process of argument wtfreak. Soon, my point became incoherent and ridiculous. I couldn’t help! I was so mad that he still didn’t get it. I started saying stupid things like “I hate you”, “You don’t love me”, “You don’t care if I die now” etc etc. and guess what? Those unpleasant stuff further provoked him.

He did not apologize nor say something sweet to comfort me. I know in this case he had no reason to apologize. But dammit, you know how girls would stop if you start treating her better! The magic word could turn a crazy bitch into a gentle girl. However, guys just wouldn’t get it. I guess this isn’t their fault though, seeing that they’re created way less complex than us ladies. They, the simple creature, care more about logical points, while we, the complex ones, emphasize more on our feelings. Sometimes I just wish he would stop reasoning but give in to me, even when it is obviously my fault. I know this sounds really selfish and unfair, but that is how things would work out best X(

I remember exactly how I was feeling last night. So angry that I could pluck off someone’s head, at the same time so sad that I couldn’t help crying out really loud. For no apparent reason, my heart ached as if it was pierced by thousands arrows. The fact that he did not understand simply made things worse. I tried to tell him directly what I want, but that did not change his attitude. He just said ok, but continued saying how I shouldn’t this and that, how much it hurts him to hear me saying those things blabla. Ok? But where are the things that I wanted to hear??? Roarrrrrrrrrr. He told me it was impossible for him to say it since I had made him so angry. Wtfreak? That was really mean!

I was on the edge of bursting, so I took a short break from replying him and text my girlfriend instead. You know how girls understand you the best. Sometimes I wish I was dating a girl. Sigh. She cooled me down a little, but in the end I was overcome by my emotion. I sent him a text saying that I was really angry and included a “bye” behind. No reply from him ever since then O.o I screwed up everything, didn’t I? HA-HA X(

I am feeling a little bit better when I woke up, after dreaming about what seems like a massive birthday party specially organized for me. But what happened last night was really destructive, I’m afraid. Gawd, I hate myself. Why am I like that? PMS really sounds like a good excuse. Please don’t accuse me for using PMS all the time, because I think this time it really is. So sad. I hope he is angry no more. And I am still waiting to hear his good words T.T


Waiting, love.


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gorgeous Girls Day/Night Out?

Hey peeps! I stumbled upon JunJun-Riko’s post about the shopping gf thingy, and to be honest, it kinda inspired me! Instead of seeking a particular shopping gf, we should organize a Gorgeous Girls Day Out! Girls day out or night out, whatever it is! What a great idea it will be, since all my girl friends are like so far away from me (sobs) and Hik gets upset whenever I hang out late with Eric, Nick, Brandon, Eugene blablabla.

Conditions to be part of Gorgeous Girls Day Out:
- gorgeous
- hearts shopping (for clothes duh, not books!)
- has an awesome fashion sense
- able to carry off all style (urban chic, vintage girl, retro etc)
- camwhore
- possesses good photography skill to make my legs look long in pictures
- talks about topics of high interest (fashion, boys, gossip, sex)
- sexy and bold
- never says no to carbs and sugar

Reasons why we do not include boys in our GIRLS day out:

1. Boys have horrible different fashion sense

Girl: Hey, wadya think about my high-waisted skirt?
Boy: You look like an old auntie.


Girl: How about this pinafore?
Boy: What is this? 5-year-old kid???


On the other hand, your girlfriends will tell you that you look gorgeous in the high-waisted because it’s the latest trend, while the pinafore is the cutest outfit ever, and you know she’s speaking the truth.

2. Boys dislike shopping in Forever21, Dorothy Perkins, let alone the heavenly La Senza.

Ever since the day we started shopping together, Forever21 had officially become the most-hated shop for darl. Each time I am fascinated by all the pretty dresses with the most vibrant colours, trying them on while darl wanders around helplessly like a lost zombie. Soon after, he chose to leave the shop and waited for me outside. It frustrates me having to phone and direct him in to ask for his least pleasant opinion.

And not forgetting, he is always too shy to enter La Senza with me T.T

3. Boys bring up obscene boring topics

Boys’ topics: girls, soccer, sex, porn, cold 18sx jokes, tech-gadjet and worst, automobiles! (who gives a shit about politic?)
Girls’ topics: fashion, boys, gossips, sex, celebs, runway, real jokes, movies etc.

The long-haired guy looks familiar? XD


*comic credited to Akiraceo.

4. Boys are a jealous bunch.

When you are together with the boys, you don’t talk about other dudes or they’ll be jealous and start bitching about your dream guy. What’s more, they don’t get how you can giggle like a silly fish when someone brings up the topic of your ideal hunk.


Uh oh, the impact of jealousy could be tremendous.

5. Boys are obstacles to other new boys.

When you’re with a big group which consists of guys, you would appear less approachable to other new guys.

However, if you’re out with a group of girls, chances of you girls being approached is higher.

Believe me, I have seen it, done it, experienced it. Why let go of the opportunity? The big fish might be out there waiting! Teehee.

So, what do you think?
Gorgeous Girls Day Out, yehhh or mehhh?

p/s: the above 5 reasons merely applied to the majority but not ALL. Do not hesitate to rise up your opinion should you have any objections towards the stereotyped one-sided-judgement XD

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15 Things When I Was Back In Muar

When I was back in Muar, I. . .

1. Dressed in my worst and camwhore at home.

2. Ate a lizard. HAHAHAHAHA that was a squid lah.

3. Went shopping and bought dresses.

4. Had lunch at Secret Recipe with Jess,

During which we were served free tapioca chips for being gorgeous.

These weren’t free though.

Chocolate cheese yum yum.

And she is a hardcore mugger.

5. Played 11pm-1am badminton with sis and friends.

Dad said we looked more like we were going for a beauty pageant.

Smocked chicken wings after a good sport, how about that? XD

6. Randomly acted as a Taliban terrorist with my new scarf,

And also an Arab woman.

And hip hop girl wtfreak.

7. Yumcha at “Ah Gu” mamak with the usual gang.

8. Sold many Little Miss tees, including the last few red ones.

9. Self-obsessing in my bedroom.

Head-tilting is cooler than lip-pouting wtfreak.

10. Went for late lunch with Brandon, after which we went to pick up Cherrie.

11. Met my cousins.

Naughty one.

Cute one.

And the siao one is my brother wtfreak.

12. Had my hair highlighted (again, a different shade) for free.

13. Swiping dad’s Platinum card. Hiak hiak. For petrol nia ma -.-

14. Reading two post cards from my love.


15. Crying while hugging my bear when I felt sad and lonely.

Of course, there were many other things I did throughout the whole week back there. And right now I am back in Muar for yet another week. Quick ask me out, dudes and babes! XD