Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gorgeous Girls Day/Night Out?

Hey peeps! I stumbled upon JunJun-Riko’s post about the shopping gf thingy, and to be honest, it kinda inspired me! Instead of seeking a particular shopping gf, we should organize a Gorgeous Girls Day Out! Girls day out or night out, whatever it is! What a great idea it will be, since all my girl friends are like so far away from me (sobs) and Hik gets upset whenever I hang out late with Eric, Nick, Brandon, Eugene blablabla.

Conditions to be part of Gorgeous Girls Day Out:
- gorgeous
- hearts shopping (for clothes duh, not books!)
- has an awesome fashion sense
- able to carry off all style (urban chic, vintage girl, retro etc)
- camwhore
- possesses good photography skill to make my legs look long in pictures
- talks about topics of high interest (fashion, boys, gossip, sex)
- sexy and bold
- never says no to carbs and sugar

Reasons why we do not include boys in our GIRLS day out:

1. Boys have horrible different fashion sense

Girl: Hey, wadya think about my high-waisted skirt?
Boy: You look like an old auntie.


Girl: How about this pinafore?
Boy: What is this? 5-year-old kid???


On the other hand, your girlfriends will tell you that you look gorgeous in the high-waisted because it’s the latest trend, while the pinafore is the cutest outfit ever, and you know she’s speaking the truth.

2. Boys dislike shopping in Forever21, Dorothy Perkins, let alone the heavenly La Senza.

Ever since the day we started shopping together, Forever21 had officially become the most-hated shop for darl. Each time I am fascinated by all the pretty dresses with the most vibrant colours, trying them on while darl wanders around helplessly like a lost zombie. Soon after, he chose to leave the shop and waited for me outside. It frustrates me having to phone and direct him in to ask for his least pleasant opinion.

And not forgetting, he is always too shy to enter La Senza with me T.T

3. Boys bring up obscene boring topics

Boys’ topics: girls, soccer, sex, porn, cold 18sx jokes, tech-gadjet and worst, automobiles! (who gives a shit about politic?)
Girls’ topics: fashion, boys, gossips, sex, celebs, runway, real jokes, movies etc.

The long-haired guy looks familiar? XD


*comic credited to Akiraceo.

4. Boys are a jealous bunch.

When you are together with the boys, you don’t talk about other dudes or they’ll be jealous and start bitching about your dream guy. What’s more, they don’t get how you can giggle like a silly fish when someone brings up the topic of your ideal hunk.


Uh oh, the impact of jealousy could be tremendous.

5. Boys are obstacles to other new boys.

When you’re with a big group which consists of guys, you would appear less approachable to other new guys.

However, if you’re out with a group of girls, chances of you girls being approached is higher.

Believe me, I have seen it, done it, experienced it. Why let go of the opportunity? The big fish might be out there waiting! Teehee.

So, what do you think?
Gorgeous Girls Day Out, yehhh or mehhh?

p/s: the above 5 reasons merely applied to the majority but not ALL. Do not hesitate to rise up your opinion should you have any objections towards the stereotyped one-sided-judgement XD


JunJun-Riko said...

OMG OMG OMG this is the coolest post ever leh...

but but but.. only gorgeous girls?? what if the girl not gorgeous n looks ordinary.. like me?? T_T u don welcome me ar???? *cries frantically*

that person wearing the high waist skirt in the 1st photo, that's a dude right??? the photo just seem so wrong... @.@

and that long hair dude is YATZ!!!! wtf wtf wtf.. hahaha.. i laughed my ass off when i saw that.

assuming yehhh is yes and mehhh is no, i vote yehhh... XDXD *mehhh sounds like a lamb*

Copykate said...

junjun-riko, if you think u r gorgeous, then you are, and likewise. after all, being confident is essential in order to be gorgeous XD

and hello, if you aren't gorgeous, then what am i? ugly nun? X((((

the one wearing high-waisted skirt is a girl la! overdressed nia. look like aqua??? wtfreak.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that yatz comic is really funny! u should see the full version ROFL!

say yehhh to gorgeous girls day out! kekeke

Anonymous said...

My high-waisted skirt is HATED by the boy! And I am MAD because I paid $$$ for it!

I don't care. I have a high-waisted skirt, and I am FABULOUS. As you can see here:

Andrew said...

not applicable to all boys k?? hhaha... as insprired by jun and you!! i need to oraganise with joshua a weekly basketball session for boys d!! hahaha =D

Copykate said...

jenny, LOL! that's true, most guys think that high-waisted is ridonkulous. it's fab! they dunno fashion! =P

Copykate said...

andrew, basketball? eew! you guys can go sweaty for all you want while we girls indulge ourselves in the most luxurious shops! XD

yapthomas said...

1. I would say. "wooo... old' school. nice..."

2. Dislike? Nope. Just that, when people look at you, it's just funny! So, act kewl and ignore is the only solution! Oh, these shops don't have seats. That's why boys keep running away. Recommend these kinda shops to have seats in their store so you can tell u boy "sit here and wait". hahaha

3. boys will always be boys.. that's why you end up with either one of them. :P

4. hahaha! so true. Giggle with them!

5. there can only be one! :D

okay.. tqbyebbye..

Copykate said...

LOL thomas! thanks for your opinion. i guess you are one of the typical boys yea? XD

"sit here and wait".

bring poodle go shopping or what? ROFL!

Hikaru said...

i agree with the no.5..girls are also obstacles to other girls hehee..nw i can go club with other guy...always yea? hehe

and for the no.4, i dont mind u talk about other guys in front of me.. so now i also can talk about other chics in front of you ya?..kakaka

dont backfire yourself oo..

Hikaru said...

andrew, basketball?..

lets go to rave with guys only..hehee

girls can go shop to their heart's content..

Copykate said...

hikaru, wadya mean u don't mind? that's not true! u get jealous and upset, and u would always bring up the topic in the future! =P

and ohh, u already talk about chics infronta me all the time. just like the long-haired comic gy XD

Hikaru said...

so do i get to go club with guys? tehee

Copykate said...

hikaru, u already did! always refused to bring me. hmpf hmpf

Cathy C said...

omfg..I see yatz..HAHA...i remember he saying that too..LOL...

i totally agree...going out with guys, no other guy will approach..
But if you with your girls, possibility are much higher..XD

Copykate said...

cathy, so cute right the yatz comic! totally heart it! kaka.

u have ur bee dy, still hoping to be approached? or maybe u're just like me XD

let abel get mad! teehee

Simon Seow said...

Kate maybe because some clubs only allow girls over 21 to go in leh. Btw, that long hair guy look a lot like Yatz.

Copykate said...

simon, why are you talking about club all of a sudden? *puzzles*

excellent! that is indeed yatz! XD

Hikaru said...

i refuse to bring u bcos girls are obstacles for other girls...

u agree with me, nw we're on the same boat..hahahahaha

we also need a guys outing mar..u girls go shopping enough la rofl

Copykate said...

yer u so hiao. go la go la.

we shopping nia, but u clubbing! jeez

Hikaru said...

well, since guys topic are boring, why wanna follow us go club, isnt that makes u feel bored..kakaka

dont contradict yourself oo..

lovie said...

When we go shopping, guys are only useful when they pay and carry our bags, correct?

Copykate said...

lovie, exactly! i thought og that too! they can carry our bags and also drive us around! XD

Atira. said...

omg you are sooo right!!

i guess guys will always be guys.

Copykate said...

atira, yea that's the way they are. kaka