Monday, December 22, 2008

Youth Christmas Celebration

Heading back to KL in approximately 10hours. I have a feeling that for once I am gonna miss my family badly X( Kinda wish I could spilt into two to attend Christmas at both places. This would be the first year for me to spend the festive season away from hometown. A right and significant way to celebrate Christmas? Not likely. Nonetheless, it would be a fun and joyous one.

Meanwhile, I’m glad that I attended two youth Christmas celebration when I’m back here! A short update on those two nights.

EYM- the youth ministry I attended. Spot me.

I was baptized in this church 2 years ago. How time flies.

AOG. I feel so old already!

For certain reason, I had been paying frequent visit to AOG during Form3. Felt warm and welcome as I see those familiar faces.

That’s Joshua by the way. Haven’t seen him for ages!

Okay, that’s all for now.

Ohh, I realized I have a South Park tshirt! Found it in my wardrobe the other day. LOL so-the-funny!

Ciaoz. Wish me a safe journey! =)


Benjamin Chuah said...

don worry xmas in kl is gonna be fun xD XD XD

south park tee o.O

Atira. said...

ohhhhh cute south park tshirt!

Copykate said...

ben, yeap i guess it's gonna be much more fun than christmas in muar. kaka

Copykate said...

atira, it's funneh! LOL. don't even remember when i got it XD