Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dolce @ Eden JB

Continuous from my previous PC Fair post. During those 3 days of work, I stayed in my uncle’s house in JB. He was kind enough to have sponsored all my expenses and even introduced me to new friends! New friends as in staff from his saloon, age range from 19-23 XD The truth is, they had been picking me up from work every night and bringing me for supper. On the last day of work, even though my feet were hurting me, I went clubbing with these young people. In fact, it was my uncle’s idea. Like, you know, young people should be out having fun. LOL how cool of him!

Dolce @ Eden. It was my first time visiting a club in JB.

Patrick (uncle’s wife’s brother whom I have met quite a few times before) and Rino (a Muarian who happened to be another cousin’s cousin and he’s damn gay wtfreak). What a small world.

Patrick’s girlfriend.

Me, Xiao Ding, Winnie.

I know I know, we were like promoting Heineken or some sort. Noticed there has been Heineken advertisement on my blog lately? Teehee.

To be honest, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of beer. They’re too bitter for my liking. But still, I gulped down 2 bottles that night. Jeez. That would make a new record.

Amazing how they could club and still able to wake up in time for work the next day. Uncle Alvin’s New Top Point saloon where I did my hair for free.

Just kidding. Those aren’t permanent curl. But they looked good yea!

Alvin gave me a hair curler but I’m still learning how to master the skill of curling my hair. Much easier, now that my hair isn’t so thick after the hair cut. But still, I can’t seem to get the perfect wave. Oh, he gave me a bottle of Giorgio Armani perfume and a bottle of Loreal heat detector cream as well.

So much for my three days of staying over in JB. Fantastic! XD

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pikom PC Fair JB 09

Look, it’s Blackberry Storm, the latest model of Blackberry yet to be launched on 28th April 2009! This is a real phone, not a dummy!

Last week, I had the privilege to work for Celcom to promote their Blackberry package at PC Fair JB.

This is my partner, Maggie from JB.

Our job might seem easy to you, jut holding the Blackberry and persuading customers to pre-book. But the fact that we had to stand 10 hours on our heels simply made “torturing” an understatement.

However, it was a fun and intriguing experience as I got to know many people during those three days of work especially those from Celcom booth.

Bin bin, the sales manager whose job was to scold the promoters. Wtfreak.

And Xiao Xin, who is apparently Bin bin’s good friend. Why do they have such cute names??? XD

Me, dunno-his-name, Piang, Ping, Pong, Maggie. Ping Pong Piang are always together. LOL.

The girls. I was carrying the Celcom bag cause it was 10pm and I was about to go home! Finally, after 3 days! Kaka.

Met these two Malay guy promoters during dinner break on the last day. Friendly and funny. Teehee.

Jia Wei and what’s-his’name? Oh gosh, if any of you read my blog, please tell me k? There were like hundreds Celcom promoters, in fact more than the customers, so I didn’t manage to ask for everyone’s name.

During those three days of work, I starved myself as I wasn’t in the mood for food, wanted to keep slim and most important of all, I didn’t know where to eat other than the KFC downstairs -.- The thing is, most of the promoters had their food provided. There was a cafeteria downstairs, but each plate of awful rice, not including any other dishes cost RM8! The only thing I could bring myself to eat was the RM3 sandwich. On the second day of work though, someone brought me to the hotel opposite for lunch during which I ordered a RM25 sandwich and a glass of milk. I was pretending to be a healthy freak. LOL. Oh, I couldn’t even finish half of the sandwich. Jeez.

By the way, there was this contractor from PC Fair who has been calling and texting me ever since I gave him my number. Seriously, he called me like 10 times a day and it irritates me! The worst thing is, he’s from KL, or to be precise, Batu Cave which is rather near from my place! Dammit. I’ve been ignoring his text and calls for days but he just wouldn’t stop. I wouldn’t mind being his friend even though he looks like a 30-year-old man but I wouldn’t want to entertain a desperate nuisance! I remember him saying that Johor girls are easy to cheat and always get cheated by KL guys. WTF!!! Seriously, whoever categorizes girls according to their region? It is solely his stereotyped and biased thinking! It came across my mind that he is probably trying to “cheat” me, since he thinks that Johor girls can be easily cheated. Please lah, even if I were to be cheated, I wouldn’t be cheated by you k! The worst thing he said was there are a lot of bad guys in Cheras. WTF!!! So I was like, excuse me, my boyfriend is from Cheras. If you’re one of those staying in Cheras, wouldn’t you feel offended? I told Hik and he asked me to tell the jerk that Batu Cave guys are boring. Kaka. No offence to other Batu Cave guys, this statement is only meant for that jerk. After all, how can you determine someone’s personality by judging the location he/she originates? So the other day, while my classmates and I were shopping, this jerk called and called again and eventually I passed my phone to Hunt. He answered the call and was ready to play an act, but unfortunately the jerk ended the call upon hearing Hunt’s voice. What a coward! I thought he would stop bothering me from then on, but who knows, he called again the next day! Gawd. Gimme a break! I am starting to feel disgusted by the sight of his called ID.

Anyway, go check out Blackberry Storm! If you’re someone who SMS a lot, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy though. Cause it has no keypad and is extremely difficult to type on the screen. However, I still like it cause it’s cool! Well you know, when you’re cool, everything will be forgiven. Teehee.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Mary-Kate!

I know I’ve been missing for so long. Blame it on my AS trial exam and my pc fair job. Yea, exam ended on Monday and after 3 days of play and rest, I went all the way to JB for the job. It was a rather cool and fun experience, but we shall leave that for the next post. Teehee. Now, I have a few pre-party pics to show you. Party, as in Nuffnang Music Bash. Seriously, the event kinda disappointed me so I don’t think I’m going to blog about it. You bloggers out there have probably said things like, “Ohh it was really fun!”; “Good job Nuffnang!”, “What a great event!”. But to be honest, (no offence) it was boring X(

This was taken before I clipped my hair up for the Kate Perry shot. Heart the thick make up! LOL.

This reminds me of Mary-Kate Olsen.

So much have happened throughout these few weeks and I don’t even know where to start. Oh oh, guess what? People have been telling me that I’m skinnier now! That’s a good sign! No more flabby arms in photos, I hope. I starved myself during those few days in JB but now that I’m back, the Sushi King Bonanza started! Jeez. So much for my effort. I think I will be gaining weight after tomorrow.

IELTS test is on this Saturday! Can someone give me advice? Cause I am not prepared at all. I know it should be easy like the TOEFL I took two years ago (which is going to expire soon, which is why I have no choice but to take my IELTS!) but still, it will be good to get some tips. Guess what? I borrowed Ben’s reference book and someone actually stole it! Gawd. It cost like RM80 k! Whoever he is, he’s not going to get away from it. Oh well, I am not in the mood for cursing, so all I can say is the bastard is going to have a tough life. I might not be able to punish you, but I am certain that someone will.

Kate Perry in tutu dress.

Watch out for my upcoming PC Fair post! Very soon, I promise XD

Monday, April 6, 2009

Booze Party @ Rawang

The Coolerclubbers had yet another booze party last month!

This time, we had it done at Fuzz, the Coolerclubber president’s house in Rawang. The kampong place was soooooooooo far way from KL city. I had a dreadful journey as we got lost in the extremely dark, without-street-light roads surrounded by creepy forests. To be honest, after my robbery incident, I was more afraid of men with parang rather than ghost.

When we reached, Fuzz and the others were barbequing at the backyard. Next to him is a curious boy exploring the pretty photographer with the torchlight.

The party this time was to celebrate Hikaru, Yat, Edmund and Sue’s birthday (even though their birthdays are like months apart).

Have you seen anyone who cuts a birthday cake with a cleaver? XD

Talk to Yat’s evil eyes. It symbolises the decay of sanity. Wtfreak.

Obviously we believed that the cleaver could be put into a better use. LOL.

The birthday boys received a silk necktie each from Fuzz.

Cutie kitty! And I mean the kitty on the ties.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Dahlia was the one who made the chocolate cake? It was really rich and delicious! I kinda miss it now. Give me the recipe please!

Since it was a booze party, we played games which require everyone to drink. This time, the card game was a little crazy and most of us already drank up at least 3shots within 8minutes.

Poor darl with red rashes. Kaka.

You know how people turn brave and high and crazy when they’re drunk? But this particular became shy when the alcohol hits his head XD

Who needs make up when their cheeks are naturally rosy pink like me? LOL.

This is only halfway through the game. Glasses, snacks, shattered cards and the drunk Edmund- always the first one who falls asleep.

Eventually, everyone got too tired and fell asleep after one another. The next thing I remembered, I was squeezing on the tiny couch next to Hik with pain all over my body X(

The next day, Fuzz brought us for lunch at an Indian rice shop.

There were only two long tables in the shop. We assumed that most of the customers are regular visitors.

It seems that they have no intention of extending their business. The shop was always crowded though.

As you can see, the rice is served on banana leaves!

While you’re eating, they would add on more and more side dishes onto your leaf. The basic charge is RM3 regardless of how much rice and side dish you refill! I think the only thing they charge is the fish and chicken.

Oh, if you were to try out their food, be prepared to dirty your hands as they supply very limited fork and spoon. It’s time to experience being a traditional Indian! Teehee.

The price list.

This is the landmark right opposite the shop. In case you happened to drop by Rawang next time =P