Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dolce @ Eden JB

Continuous from my previous PC Fair post. During those 3 days of work, I stayed in my uncle’s house in JB. He was kind enough to have sponsored all my expenses and even introduced me to new friends! New friends as in staff from his saloon, age range from 19-23 XD The truth is, they had been picking me up from work every night and bringing me for supper. On the last day of work, even though my feet were hurting me, I went clubbing with these young people. In fact, it was my uncle’s idea. Like, you know, young people should be out having fun. LOL how cool of him!

Dolce @ Eden. It was my first time visiting a club in JB.

Patrick (uncle’s wife’s brother whom I have met quite a few times before) and Rino (a Muarian who happened to be another cousin’s cousin and he’s damn gay wtfreak). What a small world.

Patrick’s girlfriend.

Me, Xiao Ding, Winnie.

I know I know, we were like promoting Heineken or some sort. Noticed there has been Heineken advertisement on my blog lately? Teehee.

To be honest, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of beer. They’re too bitter for my liking. But still, I gulped down 2 bottles that night. Jeez. That would make a new record.

Amazing how they could club and still able to wake up in time for work the next day. Uncle Alvin’s New Top Point saloon where I did my hair for free.

Just kidding. Those aren’t permanent curl. But they looked good yea!

Alvin gave me a hair curler but I’m still learning how to master the skill of curling my hair. Much easier, now that my hair isn’t so thick after the hair cut. But still, I can’t seem to get the perfect wave. Oh, he gave me a bottle of Giorgio Armani perfume and a bottle of Loreal heat detector cream as well.

So much for my three days of staying over in JB. Fantastic! XD


shadowking said...

haha sounds like alot of fun
2 bottles of beer is your record??? wow thats really not much

i never saw you ever drink beer mix drinks?? arent they that common in malaysia??

here all the people who dont like the bitter taste of beer drink beer mix

like this:
apple-mix (it tastes horrible way too sweet and way too chemical)

lime&mint (and a transparent beer is just too stylish)

curuba (well it is a tequilla-flavor mix and actually has a little more alcohol than normal beer)




so yeah there are mixes out there for everys beer drinkers taste :D

if you dont have such mixes in your area i would advise you to try mixing yourself
i think you should look to keep the beer and lemonade (orange lemonade is recommended) parts about the same, so that the alcohol percentage doesnt go to low
but you can of course try to expermiment on the mixing said...

cute curls like....

lol, just joking :P

Copykate said...

shadowking: jeez, you gave a long preaching about beer! i dunno, i just dislike the taste. 2 bottles is a lot for me! they're so bitter =s

sirei: yea kinda looks like pigtail! lol. it became more natural the next day XD

shadowking said...

I come from germany... the beer country, so i do have to "convince" you that beer is something for everybody ;)

Copykate said...

shadowking: u're from germany? lol. i didn't know

shadowking said...

copykate: yes i am :D dont worry about it