Friday, February 29, 2008

So Cold I Can Die

Is autumn coming anytime soon?

The weather. . . is so chilly.

Why am I feeling so cold?

I switched off the fan and closed the windows.

And put on a thick jacket over my pyjamas.

Tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, I’m gonna blog about Nuffnang Pyjama party with my newly-bought pyjamas! Good thing they extended the deadline to 8th March =)))

But. . .

I’m really feeling cold now. No joke X(

Haven’t been feeling well since I came back from Hadyai last night. Gah, will update about the trip in my next entry.

I’m gonna vomit at anytime.

Can someone please hit my bloated tummy to make it flat again? Please do.

I’m actually a very emo person you see. Not trying hard to be XD

Am missing a few people right now.

*cry cry*

I miss my babe even though she forgot to order the to-die-for Juicy Couture panties for me. The pre-order hasn’t really ended hence she is forgiven =) But I am not ordering anything for her because she did not reply my text!!! X( I haven’t talked to her for quite a few days after she left with a last minute warning. Please ask her to come back asap so we can go hang out and shopping again! I can’t wait to do all the gossiping with her again!

I miss my dar despite him being mean all the time. He has dumped me for good but I am so not over it. No, I am not in love, stupid. I just can’t help thinking about him all the time. That’s it. I did not stalk him or perform any disturbing action to make myself a despo. I don’t think he even cares because he is such a jerk. And I am such a sucker for being attracted to some stupid attitude. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Enough said. Too much info leaked. This is getting embarrassing =/

I miss my biatch! I know she misses me too! She would be jealous if I mentioned my babe but not her XD I feel like we haven’t seen each other for ages. Come back quick so I can drive you out again! We really click although we have different style and interest. And I like her even though she refuses to tell me her secrets most of the time. The truth is, I never feel complete hanging out without her.

I miss you all!

Tell me you miss me too after you read this even if you don’t? XD

By the way, good news to those who hate my blue eyes. I discovered a hole on the lense hence it’s broken and shall be disposed. Such bad luck that I had to settle for normal lense during my trip in Hadyai since it took a few days for my colour lense to arrive. I have absolutely no idea why some people prefer to see me in my glasses.

Some say it’s sexy.
Some say it’s feminine.

I say it’s disgusting.

My ugly self.

More pix will be up on Hadyai entry <3

A Very Historical Moment

I got my first saman today!

Displayed it on my little tikus car everywhere I park (I dunno why they call my kancil tikus).

Am very proud of it?

Because it's gonna be added into our collection! XD

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Am Emo. Not.

“No update?”

“You never update your blog?”

“Go update your blog!”

“I thought you said you updated?”

Sorry lah, what I meant was my online shopping blog. And it seems that I’m so indulge in it that I’ve left this little pathetic copykate bloggie aside.

Give me 30minutes to blog and I can babble a long entry on fashion.


Online shopping.

More shopping.

But I’m not sure if you would want to read even half of it.

Unfortunately that is what exactly I’m gonna do now.

So. . .

Here are some stuff that I recently purchased!

1. Harajuku Dress

Admit it, it’s simply lovely! Super low cut XD

2. Hawaiian Motif Dress

Doesn’t look that nice on the mannequin but gorgeous when I wear it!

3. Forever 21 Dress

I heart the material!

4. Long sleeves top from Taiwan Pre-order

This is simply perfect for me! Wear it casual or semi-formal.

5. Striped top (it's embarrassing how I mis-spelled striped as stripped before this =.=")

Like Katie said, I’m slutty so I might as well wear it as a dress.

LOL you don’t call that slutty, do you?

And I’m not slutty by the way =P

6. Striped Dress from Korea Pre-order

Too loose for me especially at the shoulder and arms part.

I know I’m not skinny. It’s just that the outfit was oversized. That’s it.

7. Chiffon 2Way Dress/Skirt


Wanted to get the blue one but I thought white should be better. What do you think?

8. Madame Butterfly with silver interwoven threads

It is very very very loose for me!!!

Why can’t i ever find a waist belt that fits me perfectly?

Anyway, I really wanted to buy this animal print top from Blook, but it was sold!!!

Maybe it was just not meant for me, considering the super low cut (can’t wear bra right?) and the bare back.

Who knows some jerks on the street might just come up to me and pull down the top? And then I will be flashing my tits to the world! Like. . .

On second thought,

Why would I ever wear such thing on the street???

What’s more, I don’t go clubbing so such outfit will not be of much use.

Besides, I don’t have a very nice back to show. And no nice boobs to go bra-less. Obviously XD

Man, glad that it was sold!

Hey, I want this too! But I bet it will be oversized. Again.

Anyway, I’m definitely buying this! Juicy Couture Boy Short Panties! Been wanting these since I saw them on sales in Pavillion. But there wasn’t any size for me cause the one selling there are meant for kids. Wtfreak.

Kids here don’t wear Juicy!

Kids here can’t afford Juicy!

They should sell for adults instead of kids!!!


Now this girl from LowYatNet is doing a US pre-order for Juicy Couture apparels. The price is really super cheap! You should really see it. That set of undies only cost RM100! Can you believe it??? In Pavillion, we need to pay for RM175 even after 50% of discount!

Yes, I’m gonna get it!!!

Aren’t you in love with the box?




Initially I was intending to post an emo entry. Like, what do I think about my miserable life right now, how much I miss someone etc.

Nah, my life isn't miserable.

And I don't just miss someone but quite a few people!

Tomorrow I'm gonna call them! Yay. Get your phone by your side! LOL.

Emo what?!

It turns out to be a fashion statement.

Or more precisely, shopping list -.-

*turns juicy and faint*

Friday, February 15, 2008

All I Want For Valentine. . .

1. LV purse

2. Tiffany & Co gold heart pendant (with necklace)

3. Prada "I Love Prada" handbag

My boobies?
You don't get to eat them!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

4 Kaki


Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's a Chi Hua Hua!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Stray Dogs Party

Max's Poo Poo

Naughty Max poo poo on Zili's shirt.
That's really a big ang pow.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bimbotic Shots

Choose your favourite.

Monday, February 4, 2008

In The Name of The Shoes

This is a bimbotic post about SHOES.

Please leave if you don't wish to see some ugly feet.
In the name of the SHOES, I hereby declare that YELLOW is the most wanted colour this season!
The reason? Because I have been searching everywhere for a pair of yellow heels!
My legs look so freaking skinny and sexy in this picture! LMAO
What do you think about this? I thought it was simple and nice. And there was only 1 pair left for my size. So I quickly grabbed it!
Next shall be my classy black heels with chain design.
Quote from Hui Yi: It is AWESOME!
Apparently some people hated it and criticized that it looks extremely old and are meant for aunties. But I heart it so much I wouldn't care what they think! Oh, I bought a Topshop waist belt that looks exactly like the heels with that golden chain. The belt is for Hui Yi anyway. She said I don't deserve to wear that belt. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
See, it even matches this outfit of mine!
Zoom in a little. Can you see the words on my shirt? COOL eh? (the words, not the boobs you lil pervert! XD)
Got a few pairs from KL during my trip the other day. Look at this! So lovely eh? Princess-liked! And it was on sales!!!
So chio, I think I will wear it everytime I go out!
Erm, on second thought, maybe not. Or else I wouldn't get to wear my other pairs especially my yellow heels.
Little Miss Trouble from Topshop! OMG it's so cute and irresistable! I just had to get it! It's very soft and comfortable. But it's only meant for indoors.
So guess what I did? I wore a pair of sandals on the way to the shopping complex, and changed into the Little Miss when I reached there, then changed into the sandals again before heading home. Smart eh! LOL.
Little Miss Trouble matches Little Miss Lucky. With my favourite Mickey Mouse Jacket!
Contact me if you're interested in buying Little Miss tees. Selling RM25 each. Super cheap deal!
Hey, I thought the cap was cool so I bought it. It's pink anyway. Comes with a few badges.
Topshop gems. Ok this time I got it right! Not germs but gems! Yes, gem stones! Bejewelled is in. This pair I got is grey.
Anyway, I'm still thinking whether to get this white with gem stones pair. Please tell me the black jewels don't look like cockcroach's eggs. I thought they look nice.
To buy or not to buy.
I should buy because I really like it.
But the problem is, I've bought quite a few pair of new shoes recently. Plus the red heels, white sandals and transparent shoes I purchased previously.
What would you suggest?
(I really hate blogspot I tell you. Look, all the lines stick together. Press ENTER also no use. Shouldn't have uploaded the pix first =/)