Friday, October 30, 2009

Big-eyed Dolly

Have you seen my new Facebook profile pic? Neh, It’s right there on my side bar! OMG look at my eyes! Damn big and chio right? In fact my whole face looks fabulous because I did skin whitening, put on a pair of humongous contact lens+fake lashes and dyed my hair gold! And it’s not even plain boring gold cause there’s some orangey highlight also. Now I’m a super kawaii dolly bitch that everyone loves!

I think I’m falling in love with the new version of me. Yea right. If only I can achieve that kinda look for real. Well, you didn’t quite buy that, did you? No I did not do skin whitening (got such thing meh?) nor put on huge lens and fake lashes. And of course I didn’t dye my hair gold! I would love to dye it blue, or maybe purple some day but right now my hair is dried and damaged. So obviously, all I did was a little bit of photo editing (if you consider that a little bit). Oh by the way, I reshaped my jaw line and made my face thinner. LOL!

I can have black and silky hair if I want to! But because every Asian is born with black hair, we kinda got bored of it hence took it for granted. Ok, maybe some of you are blessed with natural dark brownish hair. It’s still in the black category. Teehee. But there are only few people who have black, and I mean those black black, really black natural hair. Only can get that kinda effect through colour dye. Pfft.

(The heart-shaped thingy represents the lala-ness of this photo editor. No it’s not photoshop. Teehee.)

I even edited a photo of Hik and I. Hika-chan looks so kawaii! I transformed him from a sepet man to big-eyed pouty boy. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Do you think the hair is weird though? I didn’t know what colour to choose so simply picked blue. I posted this on fb and someone asked whether we’re playing Barbie and Kent XD

(he hates it though. *sad*)

Gawd I’m so addicted to the photo editor. It’s way simpler and more straight forward than Photoshop. I think I’m gonna start editing every single picture before posting them up. Now I can never look back at the original photos again. So fugly and embarrassing. Seriously, and I thought I was pretty all along! What a shame. Jeez.

Please tell me that you love the new dolly me! XD

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Through My Window Banner Concert Audition

The last time I sang infront of the others was during a karaoke session with my classmates at Neway.

Have you ever realized that each of us have our own different styles of singing? Some sing with expressions that reflects the emotions.

Whereas some prefer to stand on the sofa and yell like mad.

The girl felt ashamed, hence hiding her face away from the camera?

Whichever way it is, I believe that most of us are blessed with musical talent, some just awaiting to be discovered. But what if no one around you seems to appreciate your talent? What if no one believes in your potential to be a rock star? Fret not, for you’ll be getting your chance to be recognised real soon! is organizing their Banner Concert audition:

Location: The Orange Entrance Area - Sunway Pyramid
Dates: 31st October and 1st November
Time: 12 - 6 PM

Go ahead and amaze them with your voice! Or better still if you have your own band. All you have to do is to sing your own version of “Through My Window”. Chosen individuals/bands will be joining their big event on 21st November, at the same time, gain publicity through the website.

Photo courtesy of Eyu.

Other than Sunway Pyramid, these are other Sing-Along booths. Check it out from

However, if you can’t attend any of the auditions, you’re allowed to take part too just by uploading your videos here. Better make it impressive because the best video will be chosen to run on online portals.

Is the eye mask scarf thingy supposed to make him look cool? XD

I’m sure you’ve heard of Bunkface’s version of Through My Window by now. If you’re wondering how to make your own different version, check out Dafi, Mila and Akim’s MTV to gain some inspirations. Sound young and energetic rather than rock right? XD

Now, don’t say we never remind you. The banner concert auditions will be happening this week. Boys and girls, it’s time to reveal your talent! Prove it to those who mock at you! Show them you can be a shining star too!

That's Andrew during his JC concert. Correct me if I'm wrong.

What are you waiting for? Let’s bring along your instruments and make the crowd go gaga!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Need Your Help to Vote!

Hello people, I need your help to get free New Zealand Natural ice-cream!

Please do me a favour, will you? Teehee. Very simple steps, won’t take you too long.

Just go to New Zaland Natural’s page and become a fan.


Then click the “like” button on this photo:

And it’s done! Every “like” will be counted as one vote. So please click for me ya? XD

Really appreciate your help! =)))

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jen's Birthday @ Dave's

Last month, we celebrated Jen’s birthday at Dave’s located at 1U. Hik and I went earlier to shop around, and I was really hungry that time so we went to Sushi Zanmai. He was a bit reluctant at first, cause he wanted to wait for dinner. But I couldn’t shop properly with an empty stomach! *sulk*

Why was the conveyer belt empty??? Jeez.

The all-time favourite Chawanmushi.

Chuka Idako and smoked salmon. Yummm!

Jellyfish? Or something. And fish roe Inari.

Very yummy Tamago! It’s not in the menu.

Soft shell crab.

After a light snacks at Sushi Zanmai and a little bit of window shopping, we went to Dave’s and met up the Siao Gang.

Jen and her birthday presents.

The food there was rather pricey. But one thing worth ordering is this half meter pizza. Quite cheap actually if it’s shared among a few people. There were even left over! Jeez.

It was still early after dinner, so we decided to go for a drink at TTDI Plaza.

Hika-chan. He hates my flower X(

Cheers! To be honest, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of beer.

The design of the place (shit I forgot the name. anyone knows?) was quite chio. Instead of normal couch, they put up these bird-nest-thingy for you to sit or lie on. There were a few bars around too. Quite a comfy hang out place.

Last but not least, domo-kun’s Heineken indulgence! Teehee.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remember the other day when I mentioned the song I overheard on the radio? Thanks to a few people, I found the full version and even the lyrics on! When I heard it playing on that website, I was like, yes, this is the song! It’s called Through My Window. You must listen to it if you haven’t done so! The website even allowed us to download the song and the lyrics. Awesome.

One thing that puzzled us, who are the singers of the song? They sound pretty much like Green Day, All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls and other rock bands. But why didn’t they just reveal it? Why would they keep us in suspense with this mysterious song? I wondered when they would reveal the singers and stop keeping us wondering in the dark. Meanwhile, I’ve seen a few bloggers talking about the song. Seems like I’m not the only one yea?

Later on, when I visited the site again, I saw three pixelated photos. It’s the band who sings Through My Window!

A band that consists of 4 guys.

They look local, don’t you think?

The whole unknown-singers-behind-the-catchy-song thingy had somehow caught my interest. In order to follow the update, I decided to join their Facebook Fan Page. It’s amazing that in such a short time, they’ve already gathered more than one thousand fans! There were a few Youtube videos of the song, as well as some related blog posts posted on the page.

If you’re interested, simply click here and become a fan. Let’s see what people are saying about the song!

They even set up a Friendster Fan Page! You kidding me? It has been ages since I last logged into my Friendster. Abandoned it long ago, so didn’t bother to go back there. But anyway, I guess their Facebook page is way more happening (because cool people like us are using Facebook XD).

So today, the band is finally revealed! It turns out that the rumours were right. The singers are none other than Bunkface, a talented local band. Here’s one photo of them. Cute right???

The campaign is officially launched today! It’s being advertised on TheStarOnline. I even saw it on MSN’s website when I signed in today. In one of the banners, it promotes the Banner Concert Audition event which attracted my attention. Contestants can attend the audition and sing a version of Through My Window. The best video will be chosen to run on online portals! Aren’t you excited for their upcoming events???

Remember to join their Facebook page as one of their fans! You can get the link for their offical video from there! =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Malacca Trip 2 - rocking the night

I was browsing through my old albums. Saw a photo taken in Aloha Club months ago. It suddenly struck me that I FORGOT TO BLOG ABOUT MALACCA CLASS TRIP PART 2 AND 3!!! OMG why didn’t anyone remind me??? This is Part1, click to refresh your memory. My draft for Part2 had been prepared half way. So now I’m gonna continue with that. Have to show you our nice photos no matter what!

With the aid of dim reddish light, the old buildings look fantastic at night.

The same goes to the trishaws, though they look a little creepy in this photo.

That’s us, looking very much like tourists who would never let go of any opportunity to capture the architecture of the town.

Every place is not too far from each other, so we decided to walk, and at the same time, to do some sight-seeing.

Aww, a poor boy got lost and was crying for his mama. How adorable. ROFL!

Red light street wtfreak.

Capitol satay celup!

Never fail to take a picha even while queuing.

It’s the ham sap kia and the four of us again. Teehee.

Not many photos of the food, as we were too hungry eating.

After dinner, we went back to Tang’s House and get dressed up for club. Thanks to Zi Khai who drove up from Muar in order to bring us there. Or else we probably wouldn’t be able to find our way there. William tagged along too. That’s him, the fat one XD

Zi Khai looking ah beng as usual.

We wore devil horns! Bought them from the jonker street. Can’t remember how much, but they were very cheap for sure.

The club in Malacca was rather disappointing though. Unlike in KL, there were bands singing on the stage throughout the entire night. DJ songs were played only during a few intervals. Worse of all, there was this very disgusting akua (tranny) dressing up like a girl and singing on the stage! Yea, that’s him in black. He wore other revealing outfits too, but I was too grossed out to capture the sights.

While the freak was singing, we were having our own good time drinking.

Until we finished a few buckets and the whole bottle. LOL.

However, it was the only time when all of us could club together. So we couldn’t have gone back without first having fun on the dance floor!

Noticed those two drunkards? Don’t they look like they’re fighting over who was more drunk? Our yumcha session was rather embarrassing, as Ben wouldn’t stop yapping in a drunken state. He kept going on and on and we had this urge to slap him hard on the face just to make him stop.

The moment we reached Tang’s House, the guys were all knocked out. Look at these two! Aren’t they cute? LOL! I kept trying to figure out what they looked like. Any idea???

In a sweaty and smelly state, the guys just went to bed without changing! I don’t understand, how could anyone sleep with their jeans on?

OMG. Did you see that???

From a different angle. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ben was sleeping with his underwear exposed! Gawd!!! I burst out laughing on the spot. The next day when we questioned him, he told us that he fell asleep while trying to change. WTF? How long does it take to get off a pair of pants? How could he have dozed off in the process?! What if he took off his pants and underwear and then fell asleep, resulting in me or any other girls catching the breathtaking horrifying view?

Didn’t I say that I would highlight that photo on my blog? Poor old Ben, he attempted so hard to delete it but to no avail! XD

Next post (Part 3): A’Famosa Resort. More exciting photos to come! Teehee.