Thursday, October 15, 2009

EPL Fever

Greetings from Genting Highlands! Right now I’m working at the VIP Casino, feeling really bored and sleepy so I decided to write this. Yes, I’m that lifeless. Woke up at 12pm today and saw 1 missed call from Joyce. Apparently her brother was looking for a replacement to work at the Casino. Easy job, just help the guests key in stuff for the EPL lucky draw. I regretted for not bringing along my notes. Could have fully utilised my time to do some revision. FML! The good thing is, I get to wear this new Arsenal jersey and camwhore in the super nice toilet. Whereas the bad thing is, there’s a nice couch here yet I can’t sleep! Argh. Dinner time is 8pm. I wonder how u’m gonna suffer through these few hours.

There are 4 questions in the machine regarding the English Premiere League:
-Guess the top match for this week. (i.e. Arsenal vs Chelsea; home win, draw or away win)
-Guess the top 4 teams for this season. (arrange Champion, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, 3rd runner up accordingly)
- Guess the top player for this season. (Fernando Torres?)
-Guess the top winning team for this season. (Do you think MU will win? Jeez.)

I don’t know about the match that well, even though sometimes Hik forces me to watch ESPN with him. Such a sucker. I don’t even want to watch the entire boring game! The only part I’m interested in is the highlight of the match. That’s the whole point after all. How could someone sit in front of the tv and waste time while waiting for them to score??? Worse still if the match comes to a draw!

Anyway, the journey here was a disaster. The supervisor was driving so fast all the way up as if he’s starring in some Japanese drifting series. I felt that I was gonna puke, especially after one large McValue meal in McD. Dizziness started to creepy in. I tried my best to ignore all the illness I felt in both my head and my tummy. What a relief when we finally reached the hill top!

How nice it would be if I had a Blackberry with unlimited broadband access now! I could online and tweet and do whatever possible to kill my boredom. Tried to access the internet through GPRS but it costs me a lot! Worse still, my battery is running low. Thank goodness I managed to borrow a charger from the receptionist. They looked quite lansi, and I think they’re really lansi. Wtfreak. Gawd, how much I miss my lecture notes right now! Without them, I feel empty and aimless. I need to continue my revision for Accounting! I need to complete the past year questions! All these while I have been leaving them aside and taking them for granted. But right now, I wish they were here, right here to accompany me throughout the boring day.

Oh oh, a guy named Gary (a tall guy with black-framed specs, kinda cute but strict, so. . uh uh XD) who’s in charged of the job confronted me.

Gary: Didn’t anyone tell you not to wear your jacket while you’re working?

But the fact is, it wasn’t even a jacket in the first place. It was my new plain white shirt from Topshop, which looks like a lab coat when I wear it over my jersey, resulting in me looking smart (probably twice smarter than his black-framed glasses). So for a moment, I had an urge to tell him that it wasn’t a jacket but a shirt, so he should rephrase his question to: “Didn’t anyone tell you not to wear a shirt while you’re working?” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, that’s really funny, but definitely wouldn’t be funny if I really said it to him. He wouldn’t be bothered to appreciate my pathetic sense of humour X(

Here are two photos I took with the other 4 girls in the hotel room. We were separated during work, each assigned to one specific casino. As they’re working for one whole week (and some even a few months), they would be spending their nights there, while I chose to head down to KL straight after work.

Hope to meet you girls again some other time. See you soon, Gunners! XD


Unknown said...

gosh, i need a job too~

Copykate said...

dylan: go get a job then!! lol

Unknown said...

most jobs are for girls...hate!

Copykate said...

dylan: true. and guys often get lower paid jobs! LOL

Ken Wooi said...

working is casino as a card dealer?
you must have smooth palms! =D

~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said...

Work is casino...Fuyohh.....
Should be a high pay job :)

Copykate said...

kenwooi: neh, not card dealer. card dealers wouldn't be wearing jersey XD

xiang: the pay is not too bad. lol

Simon Seow said...

Wah, got pretty girls keying in tickets for me, I sure go buy lah. LOL

Copykate said...

simon: not tickets. key in stuff for members only XD

TheJessicat said...

babe! u look nice in the emirates baju! :) :)

Copykate said...

jessica: thanks! like it a lot but too bad i can't take it back with me :(

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I've worked for the same job years ago!!! Your jersey definitely look better than mine. You should see how awful it is! Hahaha~

You must be based at the VIP casino there since I remember the toilet looks something like this! LOL!!!

Copykate said...

reiko: yep it's the vip casino. damn boring there X( so u worked there before yea? quite an easy job actually. might work again after my exam XD