Monday, October 19, 2009

That Song

How often do you guys listen to the radio? Along the car journey back and forth from your office, during a mundane Sunday afternoon or even when you go jogging? Who says you can’t listen to the radio while jogging? I believe everyone’s phone has the radio function. Just plug in your ear phone and the aerial will eventually connect you to any frequency you desire. Personally, my favourite radio channel is none other than which I tune in to each time I enter the car (well, except there are times when the same old advertisements are aired repeatedly, I would then switched to whichever channel that plays my favourite songs).

I remember when I was young, the radio used to be switched on almost every afternoon. Lazing on the sofa while listening to the peaceful songs on the radio - nothing could be more blissful for me at that point of time. Sometimes, the DJs would tell silly yet funny jokes which caused me to chuckle unintentionally. Occasionally, I would be amazed by the prizes they were about to reward the callers. As a kid, I was pretty sure that they would disqualify me from taking part. Still, I was tempted to dial the number. One day, my cousin and I decided to give it a try. The line was extremely busy and we did not manage to get through. Alas, our mission failed miserably as we got caught by grandma after several attempts.

“Stop playing! The phone bill is expensive!” she would shout at us in mandarin with a little mixture of Hokkien.

Those were the days when listening to the radio is one of our favourite pastime. Now, with the innovation of MP3 player, the radio is no longer the priority. Who wants to listen to the DJ’s blabbering and the hear-me-buy-me commercials when you can actually make the most of Britney’s entire album on your iPod? Perhaps, if you like the Gotcha morning session which you can’t buy from anywhere else, then I can understand why you chose fm rather than iTunes. For some people like me, we are aware of the existence of certain songs because of the radio. The first time I heard Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” was from a radio channel (during which it gave me an impression that the song was sung by Hannah Montana XD). Now to think about it, I prefer Love Story so much better than The Climb.

As usual, I overheard a new song on today which goes something like this:

“Now there’s me and you, you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window
I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real”

I didn’t catch the song title and I have absolutely no idea who the singer is. Google doesn’t seem to work this time. I wonder when the song is going to be aired again on the radio. Well, not like I listen to the radio all the time. So it seems like I’m gonna miss it again. Jeez. Has anyone heard the song yet? Tell me if you know the singers! I need to figure it out! Pfft.


JunJun-Riko said...

advert ar? i think the song name is "through my window" right?

Copykate said...

junjun-riko: yea through my window. XD

Loo said...

NICE SONG! I luve it i love it

Copykate said...

loo: u listened from the web dy? teehee

Benjamin Chuah said...

radio O_O

Copykate said...

benjamin: yea. radio. teehee. what???