Sunday, October 4, 2009

4th of October

A post dedicated on 4th of October, you two are getting an equal amount of attention!

3rd of October.

5th of October.

Why??? I’m feeling left out. Wtfreak. So for the sake of you two, I’ve decided to change my birthday to 4th of October for now!

Clever not? XD

Wish us happy birthday, people! HAHAHAHA.

Again, we don’t get to celebrate together this year. But I’ll prepare your presents for sure!

Happy birthday my dearest bitches! I miss you two a lot! <3


Anonymous said...

it gets funnier the more times I read it. haha. especially your picture!

Copykate said...

jaycee: what's so funny about this post? can't spot anything funny. and it's supposed to be touching! jeez