Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love KFC Flava Roast

If I were to name my idol, he would be none other than Colonel Sanders- the great founder of KFC.

Recently, KFC had just come out with their new Flava’ Roast meal. These three combos are exclusive and are only available in certain outlets. Click here for the full list.

So there we are, ready to go hunting for KFC Flava’ Roast combo!

Among three, Flava’ Roast Wings Combo is my favourite.

It’s beyond finger licking;

Makes me happy;

And needless to mention, totally yummy!

The fact that it was sold out simply proved it! I had to wait for another pair of wings because those gluttons had grabbed them all before my arrival! Well, good thing are worth waiting!

For only an extra RM2, you can get an add-on baked potato or giant cookie. Heavenly baked potato with cheesy toppings!

Within a few minutes, I gobbled down everything like a hungry ghost.

A group picture of our fellow KFC fans.

That concludes our Flava’ Roast Hunt. Good bye, Colonel! I shall visit you again very soon.

It's time to win prizes! I love Nuffnang, I love Flava' Roast!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are You My Friend/Acquaintance?

I haven’t been updating too frequently because my life is all about studies. Things like how long I spend completing my past year paper or what time I have been visiting the library will no doubt bore you to sleep. There are times when I have a strong urge to blog, yet not knowing what to blog about. I wonder, are exams supposed to make us smarter, or are they just created to confuse you and make you dumber? When I’m too engaged in a certain subject, I can’t seem to think straight about others. Even if it’s a simple conversation, it takes some time to fully comprehend. Sometimes I just couldn’t help keeping words and figures in my brain, the sight of them keep popping up even in my dream. Dreaming about exams couldn’t be more common for me. I remember once during secondary school when I dreamt about failing my History and ended up crying. I woke up and found myself crying. The impact from the dream was huge as it felt real. To be honest, I used to have very high expectation from myself. My will for excelling was strong, and getting any score lower than A has never occurred in my life. Well, I mean if you don’t count those insignificant monthly tests. But now, I no longer feel quite the same. My expectation is still A, but I’ve been working less harder and slacking more often.

How many times have you thought that you future is so bleak and aimless? I get that feeling occasionally, when people start asking what I’m gonna be in the future. I have no idea. The reason of me taking A-Level’s right now is because I have no idea what I really want. So basically I’m just killing some time in order to think. However, the difficulty of reaching a conclusion is greater than I’ve imagined. Whenever I get frustrated, I decided not to think altogether and hope that things will turn fine by itself. Like the saying “chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zhi” (lol tell you what, I’m reading an English novel written by a Chinese author, lotsa proverb quoted). But I know I can’t be taking A-Level’s forever, and one day I will have to make a decision. I have a vision that by the time it comes to choose my own husband, it will be twice the difficulties. Being a perfectionist, my dream guy will most probably exist only in my dream. Or maybe he does exists, but I might not necessary be his dream girl? I think I might end up an old spinster X(

Recently my blog posts contain more words than pictures. I don’t really care if you read my rantings. If you do, I will be really glad if you leave some comments, at least I know you’re reading. But if you don’t, great, you are just like my boyfriend! LOL. Because he hardly clicks on my blog link, and when he does, it is to check whether I have been flirting. When guys intentionally ask me out, he gets a little jealous. (hello guys, please ask me out and provoke him! XD) But at the same time, he said my life is pathetic because I have very little friends (it’s true, even though my contact list is many times longer than yours, my social circle consists of 80% of acquaintances and only 20% of friends, if you even know the difference). How I admire those people who have friends, real friends whom they can really get along and hang out with. Not necessary those who understand the bottom of your heart (because that criteria is reserved for best friends), but people whom you can chat, eat and shop with without feeling awkward. Not that I’m choosy when it comes to friends, but it’s just impossible to befriend everyone. Of course, it all depends on “tian shi, di li, ren he” (HAHAHAHAHAHA not again, can someone please translate that to the bananas?), when it is not fated, no matter how much you try, you just won’t click. This makes me realized that friends don’t come that easily, so you have no idea how much I treasure them =)))

Something happened in McD last week was I was revising for Accounting. My jaw almost dropped when I saw the chilli sauce which almost ruined my lecture notes. My immediate response was accusing Hunt for doing it and ordered him to get me tissue from the counter. I was infuriated by his forever-slumber reaction so I showed a very very angry expression and said “kuai dian, xian zai, li ke, ma shang!!!” It worked perfectly like a magic chant! Hiak hiak.

Okay, my housemate is reciting some Chinese poem about dumpling festival in her room. So loud that I can hear her from outside. Wtfreak. A poem about dumpling festival! Seriously -.- I have never heard one before. But I do know the poem about Ching Ming festival. I can even recite the whole poem to you! Teehee. Did you eat any bak zhang this year? It has been one of my favourite food ever since I was young. Each year grandma will make the rice dumplings, and I could eat up to five in one day. Few days ago, I was so desperate that I bought a few from the grocery shop downstairs. It was vegetarian, no wonder the meat tasted so good! I kinda dislike real meat which tastes too meaty, like pork which is too porky and chicken which is too chickeney. Well, Katie and Jess should know XD Dad came to KL yesterday so I asked him to bring me some bak zhang. I went all the way to Hang Tuah just to get them, but nothing beats the joy and contentment. I don’t think all of you will understand this, because most of the time we tend to take things we have for granted.

Dad, if you’re reading this, thanks for the bak zhang! I will go home once I finish my exam. See ya!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Surprise Visit

Yesterday was supposed to be a boring home-study day. A usual, I was studying alone in the living room. Suddenly, someone pressed the door bell and startled me. Housemates were all out so it couldn’t be their friends. It was Sunday so impossible there would be any delivery man either. So who could it be??? I was scared and confused. What if I open the door and get shot dead by a man with rifle? I know, such good imagination XD However, my fear couldn’t defeat my curiosity. I crept to the door side without making a single noise. I did not attempt to bring my key, in case whoever outside has a long elastic rubber-liked hand which could go through the gate and grab my door key even before I realised it. Slowly, I opened the door by one inch to peep at the stranger. I was at the risk of losing my right eye like, you know, in case the stranger outside poked some sharp object to make me blind -.-

At this point of time, I bet you couldn’t wait to know who the stranger is. An armed assassin with black coat, a long-handed monster, an old and ugly wizard or some nasty robbers? To my amazement, the person standing there, the one who had caused me so much fear, was way greater than any of the above! He was dressed in black, and was holding something in his hand. Omg is that a Secret Recipe cake??? Darl paid me a surprise visit, and even brought me a cake! Chocolate banana, one of my top favourites! Such a situation kinda reminded me of Katie who once asked her boy: Is this a booty call? LOL. I quickly opened the door, and even before he managed to enter the house, I shouted in joy, then jumped and clung onto him like a koala bear! The first thing he commented was my funny way of opening the door. Oops, now he thinks I’m a coward. Teehee.

As a return for his surprise visit, I cooked him Campbell (our all-time favourite). And that’s not all! We went to Chili’s KLCC for dinner! Needless to mention, the food there are extremely delicious and mouth-watering. I supposed the price we paid for is definitely worth it. Now, the thought of the Fiery Fish Fillet and Lamb Shoulder is making me drool. It’s only been one night, yet I’m already missing the food. Next visit should be Tony Roma’s! Gotta get the rebate for our previous receipts XD

Instead of preparing for the exam, I’m slacking like nobody’s business. You know how difficult it is when you have no motivation to study, yet you force yourself to open the book. No, it doesn’t work this way! I can’t force myself. The end result will end up the other way round X(

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was so glad to be able to step out of the house yesterday! Window shopping was more than enough to cure my depression =)))

Look at his expression! XD

Time to watch my new anime! Introduce me if you know any interesting ones, preferably about schools or romance. No fighting anime k, they suck! Hiak hiak.

Saturday, May 16, 2009



不知从何时开始, 不熟悉的朋友们都认为我是香蕉人. 难道我的皮肤真的那么黄吗???华语真的那么差吗??? 我好歹也是全国华文写作比赛的优胜者, 但那毕竟是小学时期的陈年往事 XD 好久好久没写华语了, 突然之间想写篇短短的文章都必须绞尽脑汁, 千方百计挖出适当的用词.

昨晚做了一件蠢事, 把热水壶盛满了自来水想滚开水, 怎知电话早不响, 晚不响, 偏偏在那时候响起来. 我猜你一定以为我一时惊慌把水弄倒了吧? 错! 我小心翼翼地把盛满开水的热水壶放回原位, 然后跑进房里接电话. 谈啊谈, 我似乎忘了自己还没按钮煮水, 直到今天才想起! 太迟了. 那壶未过滤的自来水, 我应该喝了一半, 希望待会儿不会腹痛如泻, 不然麻烦可大.

前天睡醒刷牙时, 房门不知受了什么刺激自动关上, 本以为关就关, 没大不了, 在厕所里刷牙洗脸照镜子老半天, 结果发觉房门反锁了! 当时我差点儿心脏病爆发, 室友们都放假回家乡, 家里剩我一个人, 电话和钱包都在房里, 在加上我当时刚睡醒衣冠不整 (没穿内衣啦哇唠), 难道要我在天台上呐喊求救??? 我干脆从那儿跳下泳池淹死算了! X( 脸青唇白的我跑到客厅去, 结果. . . . . 哈哈!!!!!!!!!!!!! 你猜啦? 我这个大近视没戴眼镜都看得到那把钥匙就在我书桌上, 绝对不是幻觉噢! 老天对我真好, 第一时间为我解难! 平时我睡觉前都会把锁匙带进房里, 那天不知道吃错了什么药, 总而言之, 真的是不幸中之大幸! 就这样, 一切恢复自然, 不必跳水池. 坦白说, 若是那把锁匙不在那儿, 你会怎样? 真的难以想象. . . . . .

此时此刻, 我对课本的怨恨是难以形容的. 在家里呆了老半天都快疯了! 约了某某人去麦当劳复习, 怎知他挂了我电话后竟然继续睡大觉! 算了, 他的死性格是众所周知的, 无药可救了. 看来我今天只好乖乖地呆在家读书 X( 原本想煮一豌香烹烹的蘑菇汤, 怎知临时找不到开罐器! 没办法, 只好煮快熟面吃 (超咸, 超难吃, 想吐!) 我想, 我三天里没逛一次街应该受不了, 唯一能解闷的是我电脑里储存的电影和连续剧, 但这几天里我已经把所有的戏都看完啦! 每天看至少两部, 真是自讨没趣!

不识华语的朋友, 抱歉噢, 我保证没下次! 不过尽然你们看不懂我写的一切, 这承诺也应该没效吧? 除非你寻求支援翻译 (哇, 真的那么想读吗? XD) 有人一定以为我想说他的坏话而用华语, 我只不过想测试我语文的腐烂程度嘛, 何必为此起疑心? 嘿嘿. . . . . .

废话少说, 继续埋头苦读吧!

(太过分了, 为什么没人带我去逛街!!!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May

The other day while looking through my Picasa album, I found this photo which gave me a good laugh.

Guess you know who he is. I mean, who else other than him would do something hideous like this??? LMAO! Okay, so I was obviously the one who put the plastic bag over his head (I know, I always do awesome things like that XD). But I wouldn’t have captured the golden moment if he had not posed for like 3 seconds. LOL.

Today marked the first day of our AS exam. I’m glad that I was able to complete every question, with much confidence of course, since they are more or less similar t past year paper. Provided if I do well in my other Math paper, securing an A isn’t a problem. To be honest, unlike some geniuses, I don’t usually excel in my Mathematics. Each time I sit for Math paper, I couldn’t help but panic a little. It made things wore because whenever I am nervous, I tend to get tummy ache. And when I get tummy ache, I start panicking about the time limit. Then I failed to concentrate and think well even though the questions aren’t that difficult. Well, not this time. After knowing my own weak point, I did all the past year questions and prepared myself mentally. I took it as a normal practice, and it really worked! I suppose from now on I have to forget the fact that I’m actually sitting for an important exam in order to do better?

Oh, someone gave me a good luck pinch while we were entering the hall. Perhaps the charm really worked. But trust me, you wouldn’t want the pinch because I know it only works on me it is totally unnecessary. I totally freaked out and complained to Ben about it. Omg have I not mentioned that my candidate number is just right after Ben? So I will be sitting behind him during all the exams, just like during our internal exams! Kinda gives me a sense of security! XD

I won’t be attending class until my exam ends. Gosh, why are they not giving us study break???

Anyone knows about any good deal for Redang package? We are most probably going there for our class trip on June. That’s like, only 1 month to go! Gotta make our reservation quick! So tell me if you know any! Teehee.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Few More Days

Hello mates. For the next whole month we’re gonna suffer through the long torturing AS exam. Are you all prepared and ready for the battle, or are you one of those people like me who still seeks time watching a couple of movies or so in the meantime of revising? Well, we can’t be studying all day right? Though it might be exam week, we need some entertainment to de-stress and soothe our mind, in case those Mathematics questions drive us berserk.

Speaking of entertainment, wouldn’t you consider blogging as a part of it? Indeed, that’s what exactly I’m doing right now. Having my laptop literally placed on my lap, sitting 3inches away from the balcony and stealing some who-knows-whose connection.

Pictures from last week! Hik said we would watch “He’s Just Not that Into You”, but instead of heading to the cinema, we ended up in Super Bowl with his best friends. Doesn’t matter, as long as we had fun.

What’s more, we went to arcade. And that’s where I broke my already-half-broken fingernail while shooting basketball. Hmm, look at these guy. Aren’t they more like school boys than working adults? How cute! ROFL.

Me, Hik, Doo and JY in matching colours XD

Meanwhile, anyone tried Krispy Kreme yet? I swear it’s so much better than Big Apple and J.Co! Though it might be a pricey, those few extra cents are really worth it! It’s at Timesquare by the way, in case you haven’t heard about it.

Okay, gotta get back to movie study. *wink*

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Finally, Nuffnang is giving out yet another movie screening!


Date: 2nd June 2009 (Tue)
Time: 9pm
Venue: TGV One Utama
Hall: 5

It’s on 2nd June, which is during my AS exam! But who cares, I’m gonna watch the movie case it seems interesting!

So this story is about a celebrity photographer Conor Mead (Mathhew McConaughey hmm wtfreak so difficult to spell his last name) who loves freedom, fun and women in that order. In other words, freedom is the most important for him, fun the next while women comes last in line. Why do women always have to be the last??? I think I’m No.3 for Hik as well. First is his job (and money!!! Can I categorize them together?), second his car (seriously, he gets really mad when I dirty his car. So mean right!), and lastly me.

Somehow, the main actor’s dead uncle’s ghost tried to deliver him an urgent message through the ghosts of his jilted girlfriends (past, present and future) and blablabla, to change his love life, make him settle down blablabla, I dunno, is that even possible? I know I know, I’m starting to make it sound boring. LOL. Click here to read more and watch the trailer.

First 75 write-ins get the tickets, so hurry up!

That’s all. I’m getting back to studies. Tomorrow is my self-declared study break. Teehee. Ciaoz.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mines City

Last week was my first time stepping foot on Mines Resort City. Parents were staying 3days 2night at Palace Beach and Spa for a business trip.

Being a good and filial daughter, I decided to pay them a visit, at the same time to explore that new place I haven’t been to.

The special feature of the resort is none other than the man made beach.

I couldn’t resist taking off my heels and walking bare feet on the sand.

They were given a room downstairs, and it was really convenient as we could just go out to the beach by the back door. There’s no need to take a big round through the lobby entrance. In case you are wondering, that’s Hik, not my dad XD

Look into the camera lah!

Beach umbrella is the best thing you could post with.

See, I told you I went bare feet! Teehee.

Someone refused to snap photos of me, so in the end I only have like, 3 photos of myself. 3! Only 3!!! Can you believe it??? Le sigh.

The man made sea. It was rather small, but I guess we’re allowed to swim there.

We went across the cave for further exploration.

There was this lake which is like the heart of the resort city, being surrounded by Mines Wonderland, Mines Shopping Fair, Mines Waterfront Business Park, Mines Resort and Golf Club, and of course, the 5 star hotel- Palace of the Golden Horses (or is it 6 star???)

Looking at the sunset while enjoying the breeze was rather romantic. I even requested Hik to piggyback me, and for once he did! Even though it was only for like, 15 seconds? It made me feel like some characters in Korean drama! LOL. I think he would probably laugh at me, since he isn’t too much of a Korean fan.

They were fishes in the lake, in fact way too many that it appeared scary! I had a vision of me getting bitten all over and turned into a skeleton within seconds by the evil fishes.

Later on, Hik and I smuggled ourselves into the buffet counter by using my parents’ pass cards. On the other hand, they did not wear any, as they assumed that the staff could recognise them.

Something’s wrong with the pic X( Dad, where were you looking? LOL.

I think nowadays I’m looking more alike to mum instead of dad. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? XD


Friday, May 1, 2009

An Overstatement

You are no longer perfect because you did not make an effort to get me the Hello Panda I wanted.