Friday, November 27, 2009

AN9A Photoshoot

It’s my second day of work. Tiring yet fulfilling, knowing that I did not spend my day wandering around for nothing. Despite my exhaustion, I’m gonna update you with a few photos taken on the last day of A-Level’s, which marked the end of our college life in TARC.

All the photos were taken by Marcus’s DSLR, but the quality of these photos that I’m gonna post up is lousy cause I grabbed them from Facebook XD

Let me present you my assistant class rep who was half-blinded by conjunctivitis. Very useless assistant. Never help me with any work AT ALL. Oh, I might do a blog post on our story, from how we nominated each other for class rep and assistant til how I kicked him down as my assistant on the last semester. Hiak hiak.

All of us in AN9A.

The girls. You must be thinking, “who’s that girl hidden behind? So kesian.” NO, don’t ever pity her! Weiyi, as usual, hid herself from the camera intentionally. Pfft.

The guys. The little guys in our class?

See, they’re more camwhore than us! Posed like some bitches some more. Wtfreak.

Pei Joon, Su Ann and Ashley.

Their true colours. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Our group named “bitches and beasts”. Since when bitches and beasts got extra members? But I’m being too nice for not cropping them out.

This is undeniably the best football team ever! (cause But I’m not the keeper hor! Look at Sai’s expression! LOL.

We are the representatives of Arsenal, Chelsea, MU and Liverpool! XD

What is this? Win liao?

Hunt was very sad cause he’s got no more chance to skip class and get warning letter from now on. Teehee. Tbh it doesn’t make a difference for him as he only attended 20% of the classes.

Last but not least, the scariest beast in our college! Are you freaked out yet? See, even the pak guard was coming out to halau him as he was too scary and disturbing. LOL.

Everything has been good throughout these two days. Will update you on my job soon. We took plenty of photos during work! Thanks to Jason who brought along his DSLR.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everyoneconnects @ Bukit Bintang

On 21st Oct, had this big event day at Bukit Bintang. Waking up early in the morning (early as in, 12pm? LOL), my twitter was flooded with tweets regarding the event day. I knew it was gonna be something big seeing the overwhelming response from fellow twitterers.

I was supposed to be there joining the crowd and witnessing the whole rundown of the event. What’s more, it was my first day of holiday after my A-Level’s exam. But heck, I had a bad headache the moment I woke up! The pain deterred me from travelling alone all the way to Bukit Bintang. I wouldn’t want to faint in the train after all. And you know, most Malaysians are selfish. They wouldn’t care less if they see a girl lying faced down in the train. By that afternoon, my headache transformed into a slight fever so I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to join the event anymore.

Grabbed a few photos from’s Facebook. And there are a few photos credited to Ewin!

The entire road was blocked just for the event. Look at the crowd!

The hosts, Ian and JJ from

Not sure what these people were trying to do. Raising their hands high up to grab for freebies, I guess. Seems just exactly like something I would do. HAHA =x

I bet the star of that day was none other than Bunkface! Aren’t they cool? Parading along the roadway like some superstars!

Through My Window presented live by Bunkface! Ugh must be really good. Too bad I missed it.

I found the Microphone men hilarious! Aren’t they creative to have come up with such an idea? LOL.

Apart from the microphone men, there are real microphones provided for sing-along! The crowds were obviously having a great time showing off their singing skill on the street XD

Save the environment flash mob. How come the actions weren’t synchronized? Teehee.

Wow, garbage collectors spotted!

These youngsters are gonna grow up as some environmentalists. Put on those suits so willingly. Perhaps such an act will add on as a co-curriculum bonus. Well, it’s community service! Hiak hiak.

Last but not least, there were PC and connections available for them to log onto everyoneconnects’ main site, and also for bloggers to tweet! How thoughtful of TM!

Thanks for the great event! I could feel the fun and joy even though I wasn’t there =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crabtree & Evelyn Cookies

Oops, kinda broke my promise for updating often cause I’ve been really busy these two days! Okay here’s a short summary of my busy life throughout these two days, with very distracting camwhore photos in between.

I woke up after 10am yesterday, got dressed and took the train to Bukit Bintang, celebrated Chew Win’s birthday at Redbox Low Yat, met up with Katie and shopped at Sg Wang, took the train to Bangsar and off to Mid Valley together with Hikaru for Ninja Assassin movie screening.

By the time I came home at 11+, I was too exhausted to on my computer.

Today has been a rather tiring yet fulfilling day.

I travelled all the way from Taman Melati to Kelana Jaya by LRT, which means from one end to the other for a job interview.

Took a cab from the LRT. Hate the taxi drivers there. Always refused to use the meter =(

The so-called “interview” involved me filling in my details in the form and being asked to go over for the training tomorrow. The whole process took no longer than 10 minutes.

So, I travelled one hour there just to fill in 2 pages of personal details! Wtfreak.

Not wanting to waste my effort, I thought of meeting someone before heading home. So I took the train to KLCC to meet my aunt. If you have no idea who she is, check out my Krabi post! XD

She took off early from work at 4.20pm or so. Isn’t it awesome to be own’s boss with flexible working time? Teehee.

Before sending me back with her red RX-8 (very chio, show you next time! LOL), she suggested that we go yumcha. So we went to Old Town.

Aunt settled the bill by RM50 note and asked me to keep the change. Is this my lucky day or what? That’s more than enough to cover my transport for the day! T.T

An early Christmas gift from aunt to mum (she’s mum’s youngest sis) from Crabtree & Evelyn. We’re in the Christmas mood already! =)))

Oh well, tomorrow is gonna be a hectic day. Meeting my parents at Hang Tuah in the morning, gotta leave my luggage there and rush for a job training.

Yay, going back to Muar tomorrow! But have to come back to KL again on Sunday cause there’s another training on Monday morning. FML!

Don’t question me about the pay. I’m not too sure either. But nothing less than a hundred. Teehee. Too bad all the jobs in Muar are lowly paid, or else I wouldn’t be working in KL.

OMG Sushi King is opening in Muar! On December! Idk which day though. The first Sushi King outlet in Muar! HAHAHAHA. Hopefully there’ll be more shops opening. Been urging dad to get a food and beverage franchise there. It’s boring to just own 4 clothes & shoes boutiques.

Pray that everything goes well tomorrow. Meanwhile, tell me if you know any part-time job with reasonable pay! Thanks a lot! <3

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stressful Dreams

See, didn’t I tell you that I would be updating often? Feeding you with the latest update to make sure you come back everyday just so I can maintain my hits. LOL very honest and realistic. Wtfreak.

Stop accusing me for enlarging my eyes! This photo is untouched apart from the lomo mode. Yes, my eyes look like that when taken close-up. I wish they could be less scary too.

HAHA very vain right, even took photos while painting my eyes! The fact is, I took photos of before and after make up just to show you the wonders of cosmetic. But seriously, I look so horrible that I myself can’t even bear to see it for more than 2 seconds! On second thought, it would be a good idea not to post them up, in case you guys never want to come back again. Teehee.

It’s Monday morning! Isn’t it awesome that while everyone is out working, I’m taking my own sweet time doing nothing at home? I didn’t remember setting my phone alarm last night, but this morning, it rang around 10.30am interrupting my dreams. Not sure if you consider it a good dream, but it’s definitely better than the run-away-from-home on the previous night. So in my dream, we were sitting in the classroom. (FML, why did I even dream about class???) Hunt was next to me while Weiyi and Mei Zhen were right in front. The two girls borrowed ball pens from me. Hunt said, “Oi you got extra pen ah? Aiyooo why didn’t lend me?” (wtf, the aiyooo is exactly like him! LOL) So I proudly took another ball pen out from my tiny LeSportsac pencil case, and proceeded by showing him 2 more new pens. I felt like a childish kid again, showing off the pens I have as if they’re some triumphant procession. Well, that’s not all. In my dream, we were yet to complete our last paper for A-Level’s! The college announced that Econs would be postponed to the next Tuesday instead of Friday. I felt devastated. It was so close to the ending point! Why would they be so cruel to have postponed it? But at the same time, I felt rather relieved, for I would have more time for preparation. I was on the phone with Hik in my dream too. We were talking about his work (again!) and even argued at one point of time. Well, I’m not exactly pleased with the workaholic recently, so that didn’t come as too much a surprise.

Anyway, I had a bad tummy ache last night before heading to bed. No thanks to the Bika snacks! It was a very big packet, and I was being a greedy cat finishing every bit of it. Speaking of diarrhea, it couldn’t have been more common in my life. I have diarrhea almost every single week. I guess that’s the reason I’m still skinny despite my excessive consumption of carbs and fats. No, I didn’t take fiber for detoxification.

Okay, bet you’re tired of my ranting. It’s time to work on my blog draft which is due on today! Sheesh, you didn’t think that I woke up so early for nothing yea? Better get it done before I go shopping with Katie later. Weeeeeeee can’t wait to see my love! <3

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laundry Bar after A-Level's

Here are a few photos taken at Laundry Bar that night. I took some effort editing them so please scroll down and start admiring them k! Teehee.

All was well before the quarrel and argument took place.

Eyu looking silly as usual.

Classic Carbonara for 5-6 sharing.

Pasta makes me happy XD

Smoked salmon pizza! We ordered Pepperoni as well, but no photo cause it was ruined by we gluttons.

How come the guys in our group always dress up so shabbily? Please choose some nice attire for Tuesday hor! Don’t ever dare to wear as if you’re going to college!

Eyu and Ben being all lovey dovey. *geli*

Sai: Yeah check it out, I’m surrounded by the ladies!

Actually, the main point of the night was the cocktail, but they were served after the food. By the time, the idea of taking photos of the cocktails totally slipped past my mind. So sad, can’t show you the nice cocktails dy X(

A group photo before leaving the place. How often do you see Weiyi in our photos? That’s so rare right! Maybe we should paste Hunt in, that’d make it perfect! =)

p/s: I'll be updating often from now on, so please come back and check for my new posts k? Can't possibly survive without your support! Love you all! <3

Goodbye, A-Level's!

That’s, erm. . very attractive. Wtfreak. Such a nice photo to start off my post huh? My self-taken photos are all horrible, resulting in me boosting my self-esteem by over-flashing my face. I look great without nose and with my barely-visible lips right! Just like some comic characters I sketch out of boredom.

My A-Level’s is officially over! On Friday, we sat for our very last Economics MCQ paper. It was the very last hour before we complete the entire exam and prepare to step onto another phase of our life journey. No more classes and exam from now on! Well, at least until I enter uni next year. OMG you should know how excited I am! I’m gonna be free every single day! I can go anywhere whenever I feel like it! I’m hoping that there’ll be people who ask me out, else I’m gonna be so bored staying home!

I feel so much joy and relief for leaving college, but at the same time, sad for not being able to see my classmates so often again. We the “bitches and beasts” (our group name, creative not? XD) have had so much fun throughout the 1.5years! All the gossiping about we-know-who, stupid mafia games, boycotting, even fights and conflicts, every single memory we share together makes me emo and depressed. My biggest wish right now is that our class trip will be a success. We gotta go somewhere and have fun together again before going separate ways.

To celebrate the end of A-Level’s, we went to Laundry Bar that night. It was a pity that Hunt couldn’t join us due to his conjunctivitis. Can you believe that he was dumb enough to have borrowed Tze Lih’s eye drop, though knowing that Tze Lih’s eyes were infected??? So the next day, it got worsen so he wore his aviators to the exam hall! O.o So after having a late lunch with us at Sushi Zanmai Mid Valley, he couldn’t stand the pain and misery anymore so he took the train straight back to Klang.

That looks like my Rayban Aviators in Sorority Life XD

To be honest, the night turned out quite unpleasant. Chew Win and her boyfriend got into a cold war, followed by Shan and Eyu’s argument, resulting in Shan crying and at last, the whole situation just become awkward. At that moment, I was really glad that I didn’t bring my boyfriend along, for we might become the third pair who quarreled there. Conflicts between couples are inevitable when we hang out as a group. In this case, a certain level of compromising and understanding might come as a great help.

Oh well, we’re going out on Tuesday again. Let’s just hope that things will turn smoothly on that day. By the way, wanna know how I spent the first day of my holiday? Staying home and doing nothing apart from being a couch potato who watches anime! Pretty lifeless to put it in short. Was supposed to go to Sg Wang for everyoneconnects’ event, but I was too sick to travel. Woke up with a headache, and in the afternoon, I was a little feverish. Obviously my shopping plan didn’t work out, as I didn’t want to faint in the train along the way.

Katie my bitchy slut, or whore (Jess said so XD) is back from Melbourne! She’s coming up to KL on Monday, and we’re going to shop and dine together! I can totally imagine us sharing our secrets (HAHA dirty little secrets, not gonna tell you what!), giggling while calling each other awful names. Don’t feel bad about it, Jess. We’ll soon be reunited next year! Teehee.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

La Casa @ Desa Park City

Due to work constraints, Hik isn’t able to see me often till the end of this month. It’s really saddening not being able to go for casual dates like how we usually did. He has even missed out a few movie screenings as he wasn’t allowed to leave the office. Last weekend, he was temporarily free from work, so he brought me to Desa Park City for dinner as promised earlier.

There are a few restaurants over there including Japanese, Korean, Chinese and even steamboat. We chose La Casa, an Italian restaurant which he had tried earlier on.

The pricing for the main course was reasonable, but the appetizers are overpriced! I wanted to order my favourite mushroom soup, but had second thoughts when I saw that it costs RM12 per serving. Even the snacks are all priced above RM15! Wtfreak.

Hik speculating the menu. We have this habit of leaving a menu on the table after we’ve placed our order.

Carbonara with mushroom and smoked chicken is highly recommended. The fettuccini that night was slightly harder than usual, but it’s still acceptable for me as I hate soft overcooked pasta and noodles.

Alla Marinara wasn’t up to my expectation. I have no idea how to describe the sauce. It just failed to leave me craving for more.

Hika looks sick cause he was really sick. He sneezed like twice every single minute which kinda annoyed me cause we couldn’t even have a proper conversation without being interrupted by the loud sneezes.

Me looking sad when Hika refused to take any more of my photos. Well, it’s not my fault that the photos turned out ugly! It simply meant that he didn’t manage to catch the right angle! Had to camwhore myself. Pfft.

Cake for dessert. Apparently this cake is called “Opera”. Why??? Oh, this piece of Opera costs RM8.90! Adrian, can you tell me, is the cake supposed to be hard? Thought they’re usually softer. Visit Cake Indigo. WTF am I advertising for you??? LOL.

Okay please shut up about my eye bags. I edited off one side but left on side cause when I edit it off, my eye looks very very weird. It’s as if something is missing. Eye bags can’t be that bad right? Perhaps it could make my eyes appear bigger after all? I mean, it’s like indirectly expanding the diameter of the eyeballs, creating an illusion that the eyes larger by 5milimeter or so XD

After dinner, we took a stroll at the park along the lake. Such a great place for the high-class residents to spend their nights and weekends at. Best of all, dogs are allowed at the park! Provided the owner clean up their poop. After all, it wouldn’t be nice if one of the aunties from your neighbourhood step on the golden shit.

Hika took this photo when I was lying on his lap at the bench. Look at my long lashes! Those are not fake! My lashes are really long, but it’s such a pity that they grow downwards =(

Gotta continue with my revision now. I have 2 more papers to go before freedom prevails! Let’s do our best together, my fellow classmates!