Friday, November 27, 2009

AN9A Photoshoot

It’s my second day of work. Tiring yet fulfilling, knowing that I did not spend my day wandering around for nothing. Despite my exhaustion, I’m gonna update you with a few photos taken on the last day of A-Level’s, which marked the end of our college life in TARC.

All the photos were taken by Marcus’s DSLR, but the quality of these photos that I’m gonna post up is lousy cause I grabbed them from Facebook XD

Let me present you my assistant class rep who was half-blinded by conjunctivitis. Very useless assistant. Never help me with any work AT ALL. Oh, I might do a blog post on our story, from how we nominated each other for class rep and assistant til how I kicked him down as my assistant on the last semester. Hiak hiak.

All of us in AN9A.

The girls. You must be thinking, “who’s that girl hidden behind? So kesian.” NO, don’t ever pity her! Weiyi, as usual, hid herself from the camera intentionally. Pfft.

The guys. The little guys in our class?

See, they’re more camwhore than us! Posed like some bitches some more. Wtfreak.

Pei Joon, Su Ann and Ashley.

Their true colours. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Our group named “bitches and beasts”. Since when bitches and beasts got extra members? But I’m being too nice for not cropping them out.

This is undeniably the best football team ever! (cause But I’m not the keeper hor! Look at Sai’s expression! LOL.

We are the representatives of Arsenal, Chelsea, MU and Liverpool! XD

What is this? Win liao?

Hunt was very sad cause he’s got no more chance to skip class and get warning letter from now on. Teehee. Tbh it doesn’t make a difference for him as he only attended 20% of the classes.

Last but not least, the scariest beast in our college! Are you freaked out yet? See, even the pak guard was coming out to halau him as he was too scary and disturbing. LOL.

Everything has been good throughout these two days. Will update you on my job soon. We took plenty of photos during work! Thanks to Jason who brought along his DSLR.


Anonymous said...

your hair is somewhat like a bushy (some animal) tail. don't worry, <3 you still.

P/S make sure hikaru doesn't notice H's hand.

Copykate said...

jaycee: my hair looks extremely long even when i tied it up right! teehee.

p/s: i'm sure he's going to notice it, now that u mentioned. teehee

Unknown said...

eh, ya hor... y your hair so long wan.

Benjamin Chuah said...





Copykate said...

dylan: cheat one XD

ben: hello freak! teehee

Esther said...

hey there, dropped by from innit.

nice pics. :) well, at least your friends would pose for the camera. it's fun to do that for memory sake and college is one of the best times ever, don't you think? :)