Monday, November 23, 2009

Stressful Dreams

See, didn’t I tell you that I would be updating often? Feeding you with the latest update to make sure you come back everyday just so I can maintain my hits. LOL very honest and realistic. Wtfreak.

Stop accusing me for enlarging my eyes! This photo is untouched apart from the lomo mode. Yes, my eyes look like that when taken close-up. I wish they could be less scary too.

HAHA very vain right, even took photos while painting my eyes! The fact is, I took photos of before and after make up just to show you the wonders of cosmetic. But seriously, I look so horrible that I myself can’t even bear to see it for more than 2 seconds! On second thought, it would be a good idea not to post them up, in case you guys never want to come back again. Teehee.

It’s Monday morning! Isn’t it awesome that while everyone is out working, I’m taking my own sweet time doing nothing at home? I didn’t remember setting my phone alarm last night, but this morning, it rang around 10.30am interrupting my dreams. Not sure if you consider it a good dream, but it’s definitely better than the run-away-from-home on the previous night. So in my dream, we were sitting in the classroom. (FML, why did I even dream about class???) Hunt was next to me while Weiyi and Mei Zhen were right in front. The two girls borrowed ball pens from me. Hunt said, “Oi you got extra pen ah? Aiyooo why didn’t lend me?” (wtf, the aiyooo is exactly like him! LOL) So I proudly took another ball pen out from my tiny LeSportsac pencil case, and proceeded by showing him 2 more new pens. I felt like a childish kid again, showing off the pens I have as if they’re some triumphant procession. Well, that’s not all. In my dream, we were yet to complete our last paper for A-Level’s! The college announced that Econs would be postponed to the next Tuesday instead of Friday. I felt devastated. It was so close to the ending point! Why would they be so cruel to have postponed it? But at the same time, I felt rather relieved, for I would have more time for preparation. I was on the phone with Hik in my dream too. We were talking about his work (again!) and even argued at one point of time. Well, I’m not exactly pleased with the workaholic recently, so that didn’t come as too much a surprise.

Anyway, I had a bad tummy ache last night before heading to bed. No thanks to the Bika snacks! It was a very big packet, and I was being a greedy cat finishing every bit of it. Speaking of diarrhea, it couldn’t have been more common in my life. I have diarrhea almost every single week. I guess that’s the reason I’m still skinny despite my excessive consumption of carbs and fats. No, I didn’t take fiber for detoxification.

Okay, bet you’re tired of my ranting. It’s time to work on my blog draft which is due on today! Sheesh, you didn’t think that I woke up so early for nothing yea? Better get it done before I go shopping with Katie later. Weeeeeeee can’t wait to see my love! <3

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