Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crabtree & Evelyn Cookies

Oops, kinda broke my promise for updating often cause I’ve been really busy these two days! Okay here’s a short summary of my busy life throughout these two days, with very distracting camwhore photos in between.

I woke up after 10am yesterday, got dressed and took the train to Bukit Bintang, celebrated Chew Win’s birthday at Redbox Low Yat, met up with Katie and shopped at Sg Wang, took the train to Bangsar and off to Mid Valley together with Hikaru for Ninja Assassin movie screening.

By the time I came home at 11+, I was too exhausted to on my computer.

Today has been a rather tiring yet fulfilling day.

I travelled all the way from Taman Melati to Kelana Jaya by LRT, which means from one end to the other for a job interview.

Took a cab from the LRT. Hate the taxi drivers there. Always refused to use the meter =(

The so-called “interview” involved me filling in my details in the form and being asked to go over for the training tomorrow. The whole process took no longer than 10 minutes.

So, I travelled one hour there just to fill in 2 pages of personal details! Wtfreak.

Not wanting to waste my effort, I thought of meeting someone before heading home. So I took the train to KLCC to meet my aunt. If you have no idea who she is, check out my Krabi post! XD

She took off early from work at 4.20pm or so. Isn’t it awesome to be own’s boss with flexible working time? Teehee.

Before sending me back with her red RX-8 (very chio, show you next time! LOL), she suggested that we go yumcha. So we went to Old Town.

Aunt settled the bill by RM50 note and asked me to keep the change. Is this my lucky day or what? That’s more than enough to cover my transport for the day! T.T

An early Christmas gift from aunt to mum (she’s mum’s youngest sis) from Crabtree & Evelyn. We’re in the Christmas mood already! =)))

Oh well, tomorrow is gonna be a hectic day. Meeting my parents at Hang Tuah in the morning, gotta leave my luggage there and rush for a job training.

Yay, going back to Muar tomorrow! But have to come back to KL again on Sunday cause there’s another training on Monday morning. FML!

Don’t question me about the pay. I’m not too sure either. But nothing less than a hundred. Teehee. Too bad all the jobs in Muar are lowly paid, or else I wouldn’t be working in KL.

OMG Sushi King is opening in Muar! On December! Idk which day though. The first Sushi King outlet in Muar! HAHAHAHA. Hopefully there’ll be more shops opening. Been urging dad to get a food and beverage franchise there. It’s boring to just own 4 clothes & shoes boutiques.

Pray that everything goes well tomorrow. Meanwhile, tell me if you know any part-time job with reasonable pay! Thanks a lot! <3


theeggyolks said...

hohoho! an early Merry Christmas to you!

Cyril said...

That's a lovely Christmas gift...

Merry Christmas in advance!

JunJun-Riko said...

very damn irrelevant camwhore pictures in between lines la wei... disturbing sial. wtf.. hahahaha...

i read read then wu duan duan got photo which is not connected to the lines at all also... tak kena mengena ni.. u something wrong edi. LOL.

Accyee said...

this is random but. your eyes are huge. hahaha. happy holidays.

Copykate said...

theeggyolks: merry christmas to u too! XD

cyril: thanks. merry christmas! =)))

junjunriko: my purpose was to show the camho photos. but wu duan duan mention my daily routine. teehee

accyee: LOL thanks! <3