Wednesday, November 18, 2009

La Casa @ Desa Park City

Due to work constraints, Hik isn’t able to see me often till the end of this month. It’s really saddening not being able to go for casual dates like how we usually did. He has even missed out a few movie screenings as he wasn’t allowed to leave the office. Last weekend, he was temporarily free from work, so he brought me to Desa Park City for dinner as promised earlier.

There are a few restaurants over there including Japanese, Korean, Chinese and even steamboat. We chose La Casa, an Italian restaurant which he had tried earlier on.

The pricing for the main course was reasonable, but the appetizers are overpriced! I wanted to order my favourite mushroom soup, but had second thoughts when I saw that it costs RM12 per serving. Even the snacks are all priced above RM15! Wtfreak.

Hik speculating the menu. We have this habit of leaving a menu on the table after we’ve placed our order.

Carbonara with mushroom and smoked chicken is highly recommended. The fettuccini that night was slightly harder than usual, but it’s still acceptable for me as I hate soft overcooked pasta and noodles.

Alla Marinara wasn’t up to my expectation. I have no idea how to describe the sauce. It just failed to leave me craving for more.

Hika looks sick cause he was really sick. He sneezed like twice every single minute which kinda annoyed me cause we couldn’t even have a proper conversation without being interrupted by the loud sneezes.

Me looking sad when Hika refused to take any more of my photos. Well, it’s not my fault that the photos turned out ugly! It simply meant that he didn’t manage to catch the right angle! Had to camwhore myself. Pfft.

Cake for dessert. Apparently this cake is called “Opera”. Why??? Oh, this piece of Opera costs RM8.90! Adrian, can you tell me, is the cake supposed to be hard? Thought they’re usually softer. Visit Cake Indigo. WTF am I advertising for you??? LOL.

Okay please shut up about my eye bags. I edited off one side but left on side cause when I edit it off, my eye looks very very weird. It’s as if something is missing. Eye bags can’t be that bad right? Perhaps it could make my eyes appear bigger after all? I mean, it’s like indirectly expanding the diameter of the eyeballs, creating an illusion that the eyes larger by 5milimeter or so XD

After dinner, we took a stroll at the park along the lake. Such a great place for the high-class residents to spend their nights and weekends at. Best of all, dogs are allowed at the park! Provided the owner clean up their poop. After all, it wouldn’t be nice if one of the aunties from your neighbourhood step on the golden shit.

Hika took this photo when I was lying on his lap at the bench. Look at my long lashes! Those are not fake! My lashes are really long, but it’s such a pity that they grow downwards =(

Gotta continue with my revision now. I have 2 more papers to go before freedom prevails! Let’s do our best together, my fellow classmates!


ahlost said...

The cake looks so yummilicious !!!

Copykate said...

ahlost: yep not bad! but i've tried nicer one from cake indigo XD said...

too tempting!
no no no no~~~~

Copykate said...

sirei: the carbonara is tempting right? niceeeee XD

HitoMi Ng said...

it looks I have got it...dun go there liao. Actually i wonder is there any real nice food over DPC LOL

Copykate said...

hitomi: the atmosphere there is good. can go for a stroll at night. got playground summore XD

cyrildason said...

Looks yummy!! Hungry pula sekarang.

Copykate said...

cyrildason: lol. cook your own pasta! XD

HitoMi Ng said...

i know ^^ very good esp when you emo emo

Copykate said...

hitomi: wanna try other restaurants when i pay my next visit XD