Thursday, November 12, 2009

Artistry @ Quattro

A very back-dated post, Artistry @ Quattro! This was supposed to be up yesterday (still back-dated anyway, lol) but with the lousy connection, it took me a million years to upload the photos.

Since you people kept complaining about my edited photos, I shall start off my post with an original, strictly unedited photo of myself.

Yea that’s the real me. Now you know why I have to edit my features. HAHAHAHA wtfreak.

Met How Zan and Edmund, the usual Coolerclubbers.

Kelson, who is officially Hik’s newest gay partner. Seriously, he spends time more often with Kelson than with me. LOL.

Fred Chai, or better known as Kuan, who is a very bad influence. Stop asking my boyfriend to Zouk every Thursday! Pfft.

Met Aaron there.

Jamie Liew.

A decent photo of Hik and I before he turned drunk and horny.

That’s him pretending to be Edward Cullen cause he thinks he’s as hot as him XD

Me, Kristine and Flora. Three of us were looking at three different directions! LOL.

Superwilson and Rachel.

It’s so cool to be admitted into the VIP area cause we didn’t have to squeeze with the sweaty crowd. Got big and spacious couch to sit some more!

Joshua and his girlfriend whom I met for the first time, Ren and Pin Pin (is it? I forgot her name! sheesh).

Got the wole bottle of Hennessy to camwhore with.

Lenka’s awesome singing.

Yat and (oh what’s your name again?) Yayyyy we heart satin dress!

Adrian from Siao Gang who shows up quite often during events.

Hmm, wtf?

The hand on the waist tells it all.

Then he found his second prey.

Kelson, I know why you aren't getting yourself a girlfriend XD

We told Kuan that the chicks were waiting for him to hit on them, and he immediately went forward and posed for my camera. Wow, just in time for a nice shot!

Did you notice that creepy ah pek staring at me???? Eew.

What is this, Kelson kissing a stranger while Hik showing a thumbs up? ROFL.

And this is Kelson trying to french kiss Hik who was actually struggling to get out, yet not making it too obvious in order not to be rude.

OMG is this post the chronicle of Kelson the gay or something??? I think I’m quite a good narrator! Teehee.

Here are two photos of Boys Like Girls before we left to Phuture.

It seems that no one wants to comment whenever I blog about events. Are you guys sick of my party photos or something? =(

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