Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goodbye, A-Level's!

That’s, erm. . very attractive. Wtfreak. Such a nice photo to start off my post huh? My self-taken photos are all horrible, resulting in me boosting my self-esteem by over-flashing my face. I look great without nose and with my barely-visible lips right! Just like some comic characters I sketch out of boredom.

My A-Level’s is officially over! On Friday, we sat for our very last Economics MCQ paper. It was the very last hour before we complete the entire exam and prepare to step onto another phase of our life journey. No more classes and exam from now on! Well, at least until I enter uni next year. OMG you should know how excited I am! I’m gonna be free every single day! I can go anywhere whenever I feel like it! I’m hoping that there’ll be people who ask me out, else I’m gonna be so bored staying home!

I feel so much joy and relief for leaving college, but at the same time, sad for not being able to see my classmates so often again. We the “bitches and beasts” (our group name, creative not? XD) have had so much fun throughout the 1.5years! All the gossiping about we-know-who, stupid mafia games, boycotting, even fights and conflicts, every single memory we share together makes me emo and depressed. My biggest wish right now is that our class trip will be a success. We gotta go somewhere and have fun together again before going separate ways.

To celebrate the end of A-Level’s, we went to Laundry Bar that night. It was a pity that Hunt couldn’t join us due to his conjunctivitis. Can you believe that he was dumb enough to have borrowed Tze Lih’s eye drop, though knowing that Tze Lih’s eyes were infected??? So the next day, it got worsen so he wore his aviators to the exam hall! O.o So after having a late lunch with us at Sushi Zanmai Mid Valley, he couldn’t stand the pain and misery anymore so he took the train straight back to Klang.

That looks like my Rayban Aviators in Sorority Life XD

To be honest, the night turned out quite unpleasant. Chew Win and her boyfriend got into a cold war, followed by Shan and Eyu’s argument, resulting in Shan crying and at last, the whole situation just become awkward. At that moment, I was really glad that I didn’t bring my boyfriend along, for we might become the third pair who quarreled there. Conflicts between couples are inevitable when we hang out as a group. In this case, a certain level of compromising and understanding might come as a great help.

Oh well, we’re going out on Tuesday again. Let’s just hope that things will turn smoothly on that day. By the way, wanna know how I spent the first day of my holiday? Staying home and doing nothing apart from being a couch potato who watches anime! Pretty lifeless to put it in short. Was supposed to go to Sg Wang for everyoneconnects’ event, but I was too sick to travel. Woke up with a headache, and in the afternoon, I was a little feverish. Obviously my shopping plan didn’t work out, as I didn’t want to faint in the train along the way.

Katie my bitchy slut, or whore (Jess said so XD) is back from Melbourne! She’s coming up to KL on Monday, and we’re going to shop and dine together! I can totally imagine us sharing our secrets (HAHA dirty little secrets, not gonna tell you what!), giggling while calling each other awful names. Don’t feel bad about it, Jess. We’ll soon be reunited next year! Teehee.


Anonymous said...

My turn shall come.

Copykate said...

jaycee: i can't wait too! XD

Simon Seow said...

Ah!!! So scary the first pic

Copykate said...

simon: how dare u. the first pic is the chio-est ever! XD

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

Congrats on finishing A levels!! haha.. I got another half a yr to go.. =( sigh..

Copykate said...

amanda: all the best for A2! it's so much tougher than AS T.T

OLDHAG:D said...

Wish you good luck kate!

Copykate said...

ambiguous ambitions: thank u! still a long journey ahead =)