Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 Flash Mob

On Saturday night, Hik, Joshua and Jun watched 2012 in KLCC. Just like all the review I’ve heard, the movie was really awesome! The CG seemed real and the effect was astounding. It’s definitely a must-watch movie of the year!

As usual, there were advertisements before the movie started. Suddenly, when everyoneconnects’ Through My Window ad was playing, some of the people in the cinema stood up and sang!

OMG is this a flash mob or what???

As you know, I’m someone who brings along camera all the time. How could I miss such an opportunity to go to the front and snapped a few photos?

This is my first time seeing people singing so excitedly in the cinema.

Not just one small group, but quite a number of them!

HAHAHAHAHA look at that woman in blue covering her ears! Those people behind them must have been really loud! XD

Took a few photos before leaving KLCC. As usual, Hik mocked at me for behaving like a tourist. Pfft.

Jun and I in similar dresses. Teehee.

The four of us fit in perfectly! Feeling devastated that my face is growing bigger by day X(

Didn’t edit our eyes cause we both looked nice enough dy. (LOL perasan I know)

Oh, there’s something random I would like to show you! You know how the characters in comic and cartoon always slip and fall when they step on a banana skin? Look what I found at my condo’s car park area!

Poor banana skin. Already half-rotten still gonna be stepped on. Hopefully no one was dumb enough like the cartoon characters! XD

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