Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everyoneconnects @ Bukit Bintang

On 21st Oct, had this big event day at Bukit Bintang. Waking up early in the morning (early as in, 12pm? LOL), my twitter was flooded with tweets regarding the event day. I knew it was gonna be something big seeing the overwhelming response from fellow twitterers.

I was supposed to be there joining the crowd and witnessing the whole rundown of the event. What’s more, it was my first day of holiday after my A-Level’s exam. But heck, I had a bad headache the moment I woke up! The pain deterred me from travelling alone all the way to Bukit Bintang. I wouldn’t want to faint in the train after all. And you know, most Malaysians are selfish. They wouldn’t care less if they see a girl lying faced down in the train. By that afternoon, my headache transformed into a slight fever so I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to join the event anymore.

Grabbed a few photos from’s Facebook. And there are a few photos credited to Ewin!

The entire road was blocked just for the event. Look at the crowd!

The hosts, Ian and JJ from

Not sure what these people were trying to do. Raising their hands high up to grab for freebies, I guess. Seems just exactly like something I would do. HAHA =x

I bet the star of that day was none other than Bunkface! Aren’t they cool? Parading along the roadway like some superstars!

Through My Window presented live by Bunkface! Ugh must be really good. Too bad I missed it.

I found the Microphone men hilarious! Aren’t they creative to have come up with such an idea? LOL.

Apart from the microphone men, there are real microphones provided for sing-along! The crowds were obviously having a great time showing off their singing skill on the street XD

Save the environment flash mob. How come the actions weren’t synchronized? Teehee.

Wow, garbage collectors spotted!

These youngsters are gonna grow up as some environmentalists. Put on those suits so willingly. Perhaps such an act will add on as a co-curriculum bonus. Well, it’s community service! Hiak hiak.

Last but not least, there were PC and connections available for them to log onto everyoneconnects’ main site, and also for bloggers to tweet! How thoughtful of TM!

Thanks for the great event! I could feel the fun and joy even though I wasn’t there =)


Money4Invest said...

Looks like great event and must be very fun there. Wish I was there too. :)

Copykate said...

money4invest: it surely was, despite the downpour. saw part of the events on their tv ads XD