Monday, March 31, 2008

Trashy Fake Lashes

Hey dollies, look at my super-long-bitchy-like-so-xia-xue fake lashes!

Oh, it looks kinda trashy from here. And not at all xiaxue-liked. The tip was falling off k X( Forget it.

The point is, my fake lashes can do wonders! There was this one night when Katie and I went to a saloon to pick up Jess. The metal door that closes from upward (the kind you see in normal shoplots) was pulled down a quarter. Being so proud of my fake lashes and my new high-waisted pinafore, I paraded to the exit in between Katie and Jess. It took me quite a few seconds to realize what actually happened when all of a sudden, there was a blasting loud BANG! (sounded like gunshot) I can swear it was so loud that the whole street heard it. There was an awkward silence for the next 3seconds. I quickly fled into my car!

All because my fake lashes covered my upper vision, causing the door to fall on the blind spot, hence the unexpected accident!

(sorry Katie for not including you in the illustration. lol)

No, I did not feel the slightest pain, as shame had overwhelmed pain.

That night, I decided to discard that particular pair of fake lashes and swear not to wear it again.

Enough on the eyelashes.

Introducing the three of us!

LOL. I heart Witchery Ider! (the drink, not the shop)

That, is a yummy otak spring roll. Can’t seem to get my hands off my lappie even in the cafĂ©. Wtfreak.


No, that fugly camel-lashes girl is not me. No, she’s not me. Not me. Not me.

How you look like when you receive letter with good news:

Bad news or in this case, indifference (at least for us):

And when you get punished for opening letters without my permission:

Hiak hiak hiak. That’s all. I’m afraid you can’t take it if I post up too many bimbo shots at once.

Save them for the next entry! XD

Thursday, March 27, 2008

F*cking Dress Code

You dare say this isn’t cool???

First attempt:

Second attempt:

Third attempt:

Wtfreak I look all the same in every photo -_____-

I’m kinda sick of wearing girlish dresses, so today, even though it was a date with a guy, I decided to put on this cool tee matched with a pair of army shorts!

New one! Saw it when I was at the wholesale place. For once, I believe in love at first sight! I fell in love with this tee the first time I saw it! I told dad it was cool (he probably didn’t bother to read the words, not like he understands), and we bought 1dozen! I think it comes in 6 different colours. Tell me if you want it. Though I’m really reluctant to allow anyone to wear the same cool tee as me! XD

Now, please stop asking why I always have to pose the same way.

It is simply because the left side of my face looks freaking huge and ugly and you probably wouldn’t bother to visit my blog again after I post it! O.o

Nah, see see see?

I guess it was because of the curve of my hair. Somehow it makes my face look huge! So, it’s the hair’s fault la? Then then then, my face isn’t big after all! XD

By the way, that’s my so-called “imaginary friend”. When I told them I went bowling with a guy, they started accusing me for being delusional, saying that perhaps the guy is just an imaginary friend. Wtfreakbbq. He’s real k! A real man guy with flesh and bone!

Guess what? After supper, he started driving me to a dark and eerie scarily dangerous place. So I was like “wtf I fcking hate this place it’s so fcking dark and scary you don’t fcking drive me here you better fcking get me out of this fcking shit place now!” Erm, except that I didn’t put it that way. Well, you know I’m always nice and polite. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I merely uttered, “Hey, I don’t like this place. It’s dangerous.” Duh, he understood.

Oh, so he drove to another brighter but quiet place -______-

And guess what we did?


Something you would never expected lo.

See what my friends said when I started telling them about the story.

jc says: shut up?
jc says: wat did YOU do
jc says: or what can you do

mengyoei - m down. blog updated 20/03/08 says: Then?kinky stuff!

OMG don’t you think my friends are so smart???

You really wanna know what we did?

You sure???

*drums rolling*




AND. . .



LOL wtfreakbbq?
Ggkthxbye. So much for the dry humour =/

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Review

Sheesh, I haven’t written a controversial post for quite some time! Not that I’m trying to in the first place. But today, being all bored and having not even a single companion except my little pathetic laptop, I’ve decided to write an entry on Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Does that mean I stand a chance to win the Blog Contest powered by Nuffnang? I want the consolation prize k! Please please, don’t ever give me the Wella hamper even though it’s worth RM500. I’m still keeping the RM200 worth Wella product from the pajama party. Oh gosh, how much I heart Nuffnang my dearest ATM XD

I guess some of you have not watched it, so let me just give you a brief introduction. Malaysian Dreamgirl is the first ever online reality show. Don’t expect to watch it on the TV cause it’s fully broadcast over the Internet. This only means one thing: the show does not need approval from the censorship board! Nobody is gonna restrict their dressing code! Woohoo! Now, we can finally see the girls in sexy outfit and lingerie in a reality show!

The host:

Sazzy Falak

I had been wondering where on earth the host is during the first few episodes. Finally she showed up after the Top12 had been chosen.

The judges:

Elaine Daly

My favourite quote from her: “I think she needs to learn how to suck in her stomach.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was so right!

Kenny Sia

I dunno what’s wrong with Kenny’s haters. Every now and then they would go to his Cbox and started criticising his judging skill. Hello, so what if he goes like “wow” when he sees a hot girl? Admit it, you’re just jealous, aren’t you? XD And then there was someone who criticised how unprofessional he is. Read this: Listen to his humorous take on the intense competition and the thoughts of a regular Malaysian on the 12 stunning contenders. We need one of us up there, and who better than Kenny Sia. There, he represents us regular Malaysians. How pro do you want him to be?

Lim Jimmy

Gay gay gay!
Oops. I mean he’s a A-list stylist! Funny lo his voice. LMAO.

Okay, let’s move on to the girls.

Honestly, I’m not at all satisfied with the Top12. Surely there should have been some better ones! What happened??? *questions Kenny* And where on earth is our favourite Gisella, the kindergarten teacher??? Did you kick her out from the show? Why did she appear only once during the audition? How about “Suet Li”?? Oh gosh.

1. Adeline

Do I have to put her first on the list? The other day, I stumbled upon a blog that criticised her as the young version of Phua Chu Kang’s wife! OMG wtfreak LOL burst out laughing like mad! Seriously, she’s a ah-lian who can’t even speak. Her profile video is probably the worst among all. Her pictures even worse lo. Tell me why does she have to bow down her head in the pictures??? We are looking for models! Not some acting-cute-and-shy lala!

2. Alison

At first, when I first saw her in the audition episodes, I thought she was average and not so good looking compared to the other contestants. However, with her confidence way of speaking, she stood out among all the other girls. Her pictures turned out quite well too, though earlier on we were having doubts that she would look good in photographs. Alison also played the role of “the big sis” by taking care of the other girls throughout the competition. But sadly, she had been eliminated in Episode5. This is the last thing we want to see, Alison getting kicked out n the first round! She had been doing so great! I guess it’s because her friends and relatives don’t stay in Malaysia, so she was getting less votes compared to the others. Sad X(

3. Cindy

Bitch! Bitch! Total bitch! Click here to visit her so-called “Pink Label: Malaysia’s Most Picturesque Blog”! Wtfreakbbq I see the header wanna vomit lo! Let alone those whore-liked bedroom pictures she’s been posting up.

Nina: Her mom stole plates from MAS!

ROFL! Evidence here.

I hate the way she bitches throughout every episode. And what’s with the fake accent? Spare the acting, bitch! First she bitched about Ringo, then Nadia. Worst of all was what she said when Jean pulled out. Gawd. Go watch episode5 part2! KNS feel like slapping her. Now that she’s in the bottom5, I guess most of us dislike her attitude and can’t wait to see her getting kicked out. By the way, the new haircut simply accentuates her big face.

4. Eyna

I like her look. She definitely has the perfect model feature. Better still with her new Rihana hairstyle. However, Eyna can be much better if only she learns how to open her mouth and talk instead of being quiet like a kitten. She certainly needs to learn how to communicate with the audiences in order to win herself more votes.

5. Fiqa

When her SMS vote picture was up, I went like OMG couldn’t they get a pic of her with a better hairstyle??? Now, after the makeover, I think she looks so so much better! Gawd, I heart the new hair-style! It simply carries out the kinda modern-girl look we want. Apart from that, she’s really a sweet girl =)

6. Hanis

Her hair looks equally ugly as Fiqa’s in the thumbnail picture. Thank goodness it doesn’t remain like that for the rest of the show! Or else she would have been kicked out earlier than anyone else. From what I’ve observed, Hanis is certainly a nice and likeable girl. Even though she can’t really communicate in English, at least she does not fake it, but instead she attempts to express herself in her mother tongue. Her look is quite average though. Eventually you get bored seeing too much of her. Well, for that I wouldn’t say she’s one of my most favoured contestants then.

7. Jay

She looks scary like a tranny! That’s the first impression XD She’s got such sharp feature that makes her look weird in photographs. But she did quite well in the lastest album-Precint2 cause. . . she really looks cool like a guy! Jeez, told you, tranny! Wtfreak. Did you see her profile video? She raps pretty well! LOL. Apart from Alison, Jay is another girl who can express herself well.

8. Jean

She withdrew! Check out her facebook withdrawal note here. So sad lo. She’s a pharmacy student at IMU. Not only she has looks, she has the brain too. She’s able to provide us with her shrewd opinions each time when it’s her turn to talk.

9. Nadia

She definitely has what it takes! Watch out, she might be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl! She will look perfect if she tones down a little, cut down on the “garang” look XD She’s kinda bitchy too, cause I’ve seen her hinting some remark in one of the episodes. But no doubt she’s the best among all.

10. Natasha

What? The 18 year old girl with size 30 bust??? Oi, flatter than me leh LOL. Yes, she’s skinny, and she did really well for the first photo shoot (hate her hair in the photo shoot though) that won her an extra RM500 Ambank preloaded, but I don’t think she has the look. Told you she would be out in no time!

11. Ringo

I heart! Ok, let’s not be bias just because she’s one of our favourite bloggers from the blogosphere. Guess what, I used to think Cheesie’s cute face and petite body can’t take her far in the competition. But but but, her photographs simply amazed me! XD

The Make-over photo : Totally cool and unexpected!
Women Secret photo : Sexy boobies!
Precinct 2 : The eyes that connect =)))

12. Valerie

Wtfreak her boobs look so big in the photo! Tiny frame but great body! Outspoken and likeable. No faking nor bitching. But I wanna laugh at the way she talks with her spectacles on lo. Like auntie nia XD I think she would have lotsa supporters ^^

Overall, I think Malaysian Dreamgirl is a complete drama.


Drama queens.

So dramatic.

The girls are trained to scream and clap and cheer around like suaku. Bue tahan -___-

That’s all from me. You’re entitled to your own opinions. Feel free to drop your comment =)

To whoever in charged of Nuffnang blog contest (Robb wouldn’t tell me who), please please please don’t give me the first prize. I’ve have more than enough of Wella product here. Would appreciate if you give me the RM100 AmBank Preloaded MasterCard.

Thank you! XD

Monday, March 24, 2008

1 Week of Fun

After one whole hectic week, I’m finally back to my home sweet home.

As I was on the way to the bus station, I was having an ambivalence feeling towards my homecoming. A part of me was reluctant to leave, after all the fun and joyful moment, but another part of me couldn’t wait to go home to relax myself and recharge my energy, meanwhile of knowing that my family are longing for my return.

The earliest ticket I could get from the usual companies was 4.00pm, which was 1hour later. To save the trouble of waiting another hour at the highly-congested bus station, I took the risk by buying a 3.30pm ticket from a random company. But in the end, it wasn’t until 4pm that the bus finally reached the platform. Wtfreak. Luckily it was a VIP bus, or else I would have filed a complaint! X(

So, here are some of the Pajama Party pictures I did not manage to upload earlier on:

The kinky nuffies! Emily the police woman and Natalie the nurse.

Robb and ginger bread man who actually appeared in The Star.

Zoe the lil sis.

Ginny, the French maid!

Wendy aka Xia Xue.

Kate, Xia Xue, Mike (the cute boyfriend) and Zoe.

Dawn Yang! =)))

Anyway, there was this day when we were shopping in Sunway Pyramid and passed by Pappa Rich, then there was this waiter who handed Samantha a flier that was written “FREE DRINK”.

Apparently they were giving out free drinks without any conditions. But it’s only valid on that day.

Chia Hui thought that it wasn’t a good idea for us to just enter the sop, sit down and have the free drink, and then walk off without footing the bill. So he decided to order some roti. Wtfreak. Now you see how they lured people into the shop in order to improve the business? LOL.

The rest of us chose to enjoy the free drinks. They offered it after all XD

My Cin cau ais =)

Zi Li the big joker, and Kate looking very fat.

Jess the camwhore.

Redbox with Sunway mates.

Always Jay’s songs. We heart!

My new leopard skin bag from Tang’s Collection. It was on sales! XD

Jess having her eyebrow trimmed in the middle on shopping mall. Wtfreak?

Scarily-long eyelash extension.

We had a mini blogger meeting. Or more precise, kscboxers gathering. Read on to find out who were present that night.

Bored. Camwhore in N!ck's car.

Old unc charl’s car. (Zoe and I exchanged =P)

And guess who?

Yoei! Skinny apek. OMG did he wear that shirt just to prove that he isn’t gay??? LOL. Be thankful to me cause I chose to post up your nicest pic! =)

My new “Polka Dog” tee from Lence London. RM10.50 for one. So cheap lo!



Charmayne! It was funny how we called Zombie’s Australia number just to ask for Charm’s number.

First time meeting. I think Charm looks so much prettier in real life =)

Kate having an “orgasm” (caffeine liquor+amaretto as mentioned earlier. Duh)

Glowing lemon drop?

Is this how you look like after you have an “orgasm”? LMAO. Fugly.

No, I wasn’t drunk.

But my hair was smelling really bad when I reached home X(

Anyway, I’m back in my hometown today! Travelling is becoming a common routine in my life. Jeez.

My shopping stuff scattered all over the floor -.-

Kay kay. Here comes the bimbotic part. I’m gonna show you my new clothes! For the sake of showing? XD

Daniel Chong dress. My favourite piece among all. (electric blue)

Eyelet bubbly from Harajuku. There’s a maroon satin sash!

Erm erm. . I dunno the name. It’s. . a dress. Somebody, help me with the name? (might want to sell it)

Waistless oversized dress, best matched with waist clincher. I bought purple and mustard yellow cause I couldn’t decide which one I would look better in. Don’t you heart the collar?? XD I would most probably get the purple one. Tell me if you wanna buy the other one k?

Sequin detailed flora print silk dress.

Square neck circle geometric mini dress.

Collared velvet long top, with gold buttons and heart-shaped leather belt!

Another waistless oversized dress =)

There’s no need to show my mum these. She’s already freaked out when I told her about the Daniel Chong dress =x


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so bimbotic right? OMG totally heart it!

Last but not least, Topshop undies!!! Oh gosh, I think I’ve been so addicted with them XD

Next time, I should get some good-bargained heels.

Till then <3