Monday, November 2, 2015

10 Tips to Avoid Being a Crazy Bitch in a Relationship

There is no denying that most of us have been that crazy bitch in a relationship during our ugly past. Maybe we still are, except we are now sensible crazy bitches who possess an impeccable degree of self-control. For the love of womanhood, I have laid down 10 remarkable tips to prevent you from falling into that diabolical state of obsession, and of course to serve as an important self-reminder!

1. Focus on your career
Remember your priority in life? It was never about getting the right man. Focus on your job, your goals, your life, yourself as an individual. Because if you fail, there is no guarantee that this man you are dating now will be there to support you in any aspect.

2. Engage your own social circle
Your life does not revolve around him. There is no obligation to spend all your free days with your man. Hang out with your friends and have your own activities. After all, a man wouldn’t want a clingy girl who seeks his attention 24/7.

3. Less expectations
If there is anything I learnt from the past, it is that with expectations come disappointment. If you have less expectation, chances are you are more likely to be blessed with surprises and happiness.

4. Be kind to his family and friends
Sometimes we wish our man would place us at the very top of his list. But one thing for sure, his family always comes first, and his friends are here to stay. To him, there is no certainty that your relationship would survive, but on the other hand his friendships are very likely to last a lifetime. Hence, never badmouth or get on the bad side with any of his dearest ones.

5. Don’t nitpick
It is extremely detrimental to pick fight on small little stuff. Just because he doesn’t send you a good night kiss emoji does not mean he likes you lesser now. Never waste your time making assumptions based on trivial matters.

6. Don’t seek for assurance
There is no need to seek assurance that he likes you if you already know that he does. Pushing him further would not make him like you more, but instead causes annoyance.

7. Never take his words to heart
No, by not taking his words to heart, I don’t mean to be a rebellious girl going against his words or anything. Sometimes your man may utter something upsetting, but it is entirely up to you on how you interpret the meaning behind those words. Keeping a moderate degree of nonchalance might help level up your relationship.

8. Don’t hold grudges
If you happened to have an unpleasant argument, resolve it immediately and don’t accumulate any bitter feelings. Holding grudges is hazardous to both your mental health and relationship.

9. Be independent
Some men happened to be the sole breadwinner in a relationship, but more often than not they are not (especially when you are not already married). Remember, your man is not your ATM machine or your driver. Just because you are in a relationship now does not mean that you should rely on him to do everything. In order to gain his mutual respect, be independent financially and physically.

10. Trust
The magical word in every relationship. If you choose to be with him, trust him. Do not doubt his love for you. Do not question his every movement and make things up in your head. Because you believe that at the end of the day, that sacred place in his heart is solely reserved for you.