Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival

Apparently the 2cilaka thought I was looking too hot and stopped me from stepping out of the shithole. I was wearing my sweater and the long long batik skirt that I bought from Giant. The length was equal with those of baju kurung so I didn't see any problem with it. I'm sorry to say, but sometimes women are such nuisances. They were jealous of me for looking so well-addressed thus finding excuses to reprimand me. There were two of them.
Cilaka1: You pelajar ke orang luar? Pergi mana? Kenapa pakai macam tu?
Princess: (hesitating. they'll still know when i come back if i say i was a visitor.) Student lah. Kenapa tak boleh pakai macam ni? Ini kan panjang?
Cilaka1: Panjang. Tapi tak boleh! Tengok belah belah.
Princess: (!$#%^&)?
Cilaka1: Blablabla. . . Yadayadayada. . . Cikgu Hassan blabla.
Princess: Jadi sekarang macam mana? (hoping that she would just gimme a saman and let me go out wearing like that)
Cilaka2: Jangan cakap banyak banyak. Terus bagi saman.
Princess: (WTF? Go fcuk yourself lah fat woman. She sounded so annoying.)
Cilaka2: Mana kad pelajar? Ada bawa kad pelajar tak?
Princess: Ada. Kat dalam. (think I so stupid show you my SID?) Macam ni pun nak saman?
Cilaka1: Okay, sekarang you balik tukar seluar. Blabla. . .

Whatever. I was wearing a skirt as long as baju kurung yet they wanted to saman me. Anyway, that night I ended up wearing a pair of short pants walking around Section 18. Eyes were staring at me. They must have been living in this shithole for ages, hence the big fuss. Anyway, it was mooncake festival and we went shopping for the stuff needed for celebration!

This time it was at Cendana. The guys were really pleased. Boston+Chicago joint party.

Spot the freak? Couldn't help LMAO.

Funny the way he hold the stick. Oh little lantern.
Everyone agreed upon the idea that Jin Khang would either burn his finger or burn his lantern that night. What would actually happened if you give him a lantern?
He would spin it 360 degree! Yes, that was him.
And true enough, he would end up burning the whole thing.
Funny it is. We're used to it XD
OMG fair and smooth! Whose leg is this??? He doesn't even need Veet!
Girls would feel envious.
Guys would get turn-on!

Kia Tzun was cute. But the chicken bone was grossed X(
Professor Chicken Little.
There were too much snacks that night and we couldn't finish them all. Want some?
Hey, it's Chipster! I was delighted that someone actually bought it. Yes, you should try!
Yang Sissy looked as if he was gonna lick me. Gee, he was the one who pretended to be my pen-pal, David Tao. Sheesh.
2 siao kia. Truth or Dare. Dare you to dance around Chicago! Dare you to dance around Boston! Too bad my camera was too slow to catch it.
The party was going on well. We were on a high mood. Everything was great. But some cows appeared and accused us for spoiling the peaceful night. They said we were too noisy. It looks like we were to be arrested and charged.
They gathered us around for the interrogation.
Our neighbours called us. . .
We received complains from our neighbours. . .
The neighbours said. . .
You all are disturbing the neighbours. . .
Is this the way you celebrate the festival?
Yes, it is. It's about gathering around and having fun. (What's your problem?)
The Malays are also celebrating the Mooncake Festival?
Yes, they are! We're together. (HA-HA. What else do you have to say?)
I figure if there weren't any Malays, they would have charged us for some serious crime whatsover. They're just simply against us! Hey, what else do you have to say tonight? It wasn't like a Chinese Kongsi Gelap illegal meeting whatever. But still, we were required to give our names and SID. On a piece of trash paper. Hmm, just trying to frighten we kids?
A few of them were taking pix of us. And I wasn't very pleased with that. I think I might probably look like this in those pix:
Anyway, though the later part was ruined by the cows, at least the earlier part was great. We love the KFC and the mooncake and the snacks! We enjoyed the chats and the games! And the best of all was we've had Jeff to fetch us back at the end of the party! Jeff almighty Jeff. He's so cute I could hug him! Oh no. . . He belongs to Alicia! Nobody is to seize him from dear Alice XD

And obviously he doesn't study here. There's no such cute hunk in our school.
Oh, he's from Nan Yang Poly=)

The Princess Is Back

I know you've been waiting ages for my updates. The lack of new posts wasn't because nothing much is going on in my life so I've got nothing better to update you with, but it was due to the lousy connection here! It's a big problem whenever I try to upload my pix. Sometimes I couldn't even sign in to my blogger X(

Hi there again. The princess is back!

Well, not Princess Kate, but Princess Katie, my gorgeous babe! XD
I like these random candy shots. Was back for the weekend to meet her. It's been a long time since.
Katie's dad treated us at Renassaince Hotel! 5-star buffet dinner! Drooling yet? XD
Wanna take a look at what I've eaten there? Don't be shock. Yes, I finished them all. Nearly.
It's spaghetti+fried beehoon+squids+rendang beef+chicken wing+asam fish+seafood toufu+yong toufu+dunno what else rojak=.=
Her dad thought I wouldn't finish the first plate since it was really a lot. But then there was more!
My 2nd plate:
Whatever soup it was, it didn't taste that nice without the chilli spray.
I love the soya milk!
The cake looked delicious eh? Yes they were all mine! XD
There was even satay celup!!!
OMG you know what? That was all I could eat! I could consume no more! I was at the edge of explosion! I even ate some of their lamb chop and roti canai. Katie captured the evidence of my pregnancy. Gee, that was embarrassing. Haven't I prove to you that I need a little diet?
Wait, there was ice-cream!!! No way I'm gonna miss it! XD
Aha, they look delicious with the topping. Jess, don't be jealous ya XD
We love cam-whoring in the toilet. it's a 5-star toilet k!
Love you babe! <3

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Farewell French Programme

This post might come too late, consider that they've left INTEC; it might come too early though, since they aren't gonna leave Malaysia until this Sunday.

I don't care. I've gotta post this while the Internet is still working well.

The little farewell gift I've got for my friend. I know I'm really thoughtful and it's really fortunate to have me as a friend.

From My Tie Shop. Look close at the tie and you'll find it meaningful!
Nah, I even wrapped it. Oh ya, it's meant for Gareth=)
So we had a little farewell dinner at Secret Recipe. Chocolate Indulgence! No wonder my face is no longer oval but round X(
Figure how I used the bottles for self-timer.
I look cute. Love them pix XD

Oh well, this post is not meant to be self-centred! I'm supposed to express my sadness or whatever feeling you call it, seeing that my friend is gonna fly to France! "Oh no, you're gonna leave!" *sad sad* How about this?
Did I look sad enough?
Whatever XD
Good bye to Gareth and whoever from the French Programme. We really envy you guys for being able to leave this shithole and fly to the romantic land! Make sure you bring home some chocolate and perfume for me.
Take care. We'll miss you.

Lincoln Corner

Update update I need!!!

Here it is. Lincoln Corner. Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver. Thursday. No class. KL Library. Awesome.

2 innocent-looking unadulterated school girls. LOL.

Let's enter the place!
Ahuh, like an Art Gallery?
This is called "You take me, I take you."

A Copy Kate zebra.
WTH?! Uncle Yap wasn't born in Antartic! What made you feel so cold?
Crown me, Princess Kate!
Don't you find Kia Tzun cute? Some bloke from Chicago. Oh well, he didn't expect my camera could be that fast. Pattern-ing infronta me.
Whose belly is bigger? You should see my "pregnancy" pic! I hope the pic is still with me. Show you soon XD
Are you ready for the most exciting part? Jin Khang the invisible!!! XD
Oh yeah, he was the centre of attention that day. Guess what? He tried to walk through the glass and bang his head hard on it! OMG. Apparently I heard a girl screaming so loudly that I turned and checked out what was happening. She witnessed it! She witnessed him knocking right onto the glass! Heck, it must had been really horrifying!
I guess it looked something like this:
Ouch pain pain!!! His handprint was on the glass! XD

This is the place where it happened.

The big red bun on his head! Steamy and yummy??? LOL.
Okay, enough on Jin Khang. We shouldn't make fun of our beloved class rep. But honestly, everyone there couldn't help laughing their asses off. We could have rolled on the floor! It was just too ridiculously funny!
Hey, cute toilet!=)
The first two talks were soporific. But not this one. Someone from US Embassy giving a talk on Visa. It was good.
Lincoln Corner Tour.
Bostonians! Professor Chun How wasn't inside X(
Did you notice Syafiq (the guy squatting next to me)? Gee, posing like a model. *cold*

Off to KLCC!

Someone sleeping in the train. His baby will probably love this! XD

Yummy yummy.

Waited so long for the bus. Very tired one you know? X(
I bought 6 Dunkin' Donuts for dinner! Look at the cute packaging!
I couldn't resist it! Eating in the bus.
Happy's face was smeared X(
Remember this? It's my favourite trademark!
Ignore the choc that looks like cockroaches eggs k? It tasted really crispy!
WooHoo donuts I love! I wasn't the so-into-donuts person you know? Maybe I was just influenced by Uncle Bac who kept telling how wonderful they are!=)