Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How Things Could Have Been

If I had been more fashionable

I could have attracted the coolest and hottest guys

If I had permed my hair

I could have looked better than Kate Moss

If I had worn Freshkon contact lense instead of nerdy speactacles

"blink blink"

Guys can't take their eyes off me

If I had worn fake lashes
I could have fluttered my sparkling eyes better than camels

If I had applied blusher to my cheeks

I could have seduced hunks

If I had used Revlon lipstick

Guys couldn't wait to kiss my tender lips

If I had worn little black dresses

I could have make heads turn

If I had done manicurue

I could have earned myself more diamond rings

If I had bought more Prada heels

I could have stood out among the girls

If I had sprayed Anna Sui perfume

Guys would drop dead by the overpowering fragant

If and if only I had a nose job

And dolled up myself
I would have made Jack my boyfriend !

But then again,

I don't wanna be a plastic doll.

Ahh, how random. Anyway, this is something silly that Mei Yueh, Foong Yi and I did for L.A. We were asked to write and recite a poem with the theme: How Things Could Have Been. Never mind about the Jack. It was just a random name we agreed upon. Although it might remind you of somebody.

Somebody, who? Neh, Jack the Skellington! Are you blind or something?? XD

Current Mood: Depressed X(

Just to remind you, SAT is just 1month ahead.

Stress is killing me.

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