Saturday, September 1, 2007

Malaysiaku Gemilang

I went to a mall and there was a "I Love Malaysia Creative Exhibition" going on! Nice drawings and paintings from young artists were pasted on the boards and even the walls. That was when I decided to snap a few pictures cause it's gonna make a nice entry! Yea, at least for people who appreciate art.

These kiddos reminded me of my childhood, when I used pester mum to let me join those competitions. Hey, I won the prizes for several times k! Don't look down on me. I deserved to be classified into the artistic group of people you know? XD
Look, it's the MagicCraft Clay Contest!
I was kinda "oh my. . ." when I saw these Jalur Gemilang. Wow. Nice. I could sense the deep intense of patriotism.
Look at this! OMG how cute! It sounded way better than "once broken, considered sold". Besides it carried a sense of innocence! Way too irresistable.
Some kiddo's clay masterpiece. I don't think I would be able to make those towers from clay.
Noticed the collapsing KL Tower? Or was it the great Pisa Tower? XD
Are you sure we've come to the right country? Oh I didn't know Malaysians (the cute little figures?) wear those costumes! XD
Two of my top favourite drawings:
I must admit that I am totally lost for words. Kids today are really talented! I can't imagine a 14-year-old drawing these painstakingly! It would have taken ages to complete the very detailed tiny human figures! I almost had the urge to tear down her masterpiece, ran away from the place and later on to keep it for my collection! Tell me, is it available for sale???
Here's another nice painting from a younger artist. Perhaps she's a Sarawakian?
Petronas Twin Tower! I cut off the lower part cause I didn't want people to think that our twin tower is stood proudly on some grassy land. They might thought that it's located at some rural area! With fields, cottages, horses and cows without the hassles of the busy city. I would have made the tower my home then!
You have to admit that A'Famosa is somehow related to our independence day right?
My current display picture. I love the combination of colours! And it carries 20% of abstract art value.
Go Malaysia Go! We are hereby standing proudly for you!
Happy 50th Anniversary! I love you for the great public toilets, the muhibbah concept, the leaking roofs of public buildings, the Angkasawan project, and everything you have to offer! Well, not forgetting the Jalur Gemilang that we respect the most!
Malaysiaku Gemilang!

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