Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lincoln Corner

Update update I need!!!

Here it is. Lincoln Corner. Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver. Thursday. No class. KL Library. Awesome.

2 innocent-looking unadulterated school girls. LOL.

Let's enter the place!
Ahuh, like an Art Gallery?
This is called "You take me, I take you."

A Copy Kate zebra.
WTH?! Uncle Yap wasn't born in Antartic! What made you feel so cold?
Crown me, Princess Kate!
Don't you find Kia Tzun cute? Some bloke from Chicago. Oh well, he didn't expect my camera could be that fast. Pattern-ing infronta me.
Whose belly is bigger? You should see my "pregnancy" pic! I hope the pic is still with me. Show you soon XD
Are you ready for the most exciting part? Jin Khang the invisible!!! XD
Oh yeah, he was the centre of attention that day. Guess what? He tried to walk through the glass and bang his head hard on it! OMG. Apparently I heard a girl screaming so loudly that I turned and checked out what was happening. She witnessed it! She witnessed him knocking right onto the glass! Heck, it must had been really horrifying!
I guess it looked something like this:
Ouch pain pain!!! His handprint was on the glass! XD

This is the place where it happened.

The big red bun on his head! Steamy and yummy??? LOL.
Okay, enough on Jin Khang. We shouldn't make fun of our beloved class rep. But honestly, everyone there couldn't help laughing their asses off. We could have rolled on the floor! It was just too ridiculously funny!
Hey, cute toilet!=)
The first two talks were soporific. But not this one. Someone from US Embassy giving a talk on Visa. It was good.
Lincoln Corner Tour.
Bostonians! Professor Chun How wasn't inside X(
Did you notice Syafiq (the guy squatting next to me)? Gee, posing like a model. *cold*

Off to KLCC!

Someone sleeping in the train. His baby will probably love this! XD

Yummy yummy.

Waited so long for the bus. Very tired one you know? X(
I bought 6 Dunkin' Donuts for dinner! Look at the cute packaging!
I couldn't resist it! Eating in the bus.
Happy's face was smeared X(
Remember this? It's my favourite trademark!
Ignore the choc that looks like cockroaches eggs k? It tasted really crispy!
WooHoo donuts I love! I wasn't the so-into-donuts person you know? Maybe I was just influenced by Uncle Bac who kept telling how wonderful they are!=)


Anonymous said...

The guy in blue (in the expanding stomach photo) is really hot.

Copykate said...

ya right, u're saying urself huh? XD

Anonymous said...

OMG You caught me. Fine, I admit, but I'll think of something, somehow, somewhere!

Copykate said...

obviously it was you.

something? somewhere? somehow? wtfreak.

i love the pix u guys had taken that day!!! XD