Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Auntie in Cheongsam

A paragraph of crappy rants I scribbled down while I was working. Can’t believe that I’m actually retyping this! LOL.

5 more ours til my work ends! I can’t wait! I’m only dressed in a thin piece of cheongsam. Freezing cold. It’s the third day of work, which is also the last day. Walking around the departmental store persuading customers to sign up for membership card isn’t fun at all. If there’s something that I learnt during this job, it’s that Malaysians are rude. Oh well, who am I to complain, as we’re brought up in such a way. Saying thank you seems like the last thing a Malaysian would ever do. But still, the type of people whom I hated the most during my previous roving team job is none other than ang moh. Did you actually think that ang moh are rich and mighty??? Heck no! Most of the ang moh in our country are poor and stingy. And that’s not all. The problem with them is that they talk too much. Instead of going straight to the point, they would go on and on as if to show how smart and knowledgeable they are when in fact they’re a bunch of losers who were sent over to dwell in the third world country. To be honest, if they’re so rich and successful, they wouldn’t even be here in the first place. So the next time you try to hit on some random ang moh fella, please think twice. Unless all you’re looking for is a big juicy dick to be sucked on. Teehee.

It really bothers me that my blog has been so dead for such a long time. I’ve tried to update after work, but each time I was beaten down by exhaustion. Now that I’m finally able to sit down and update on my life, I still have to rush through it as I’ve got another job offer tonight. Working on a Saturday night, which means that I would have to miss out a house party. Meanwhile, I’m so glad that I’ve managed to find myself an appropriate evening wear from aunt’s wardrobe! All her dresses are a few sizes bigger for me and most of them require a busty figure which I obviously don’t have. I’m just way too flat for her super deep V =(

CNY is just around the corner! Have you done your new year shopping? I’ve bought quite a few stuffs last week. Couldn’t resist the temptation of the sales season so I kinda spent all my allowance for this month. Good thing I just got paid for an advert otherwise I could barely survive without a single penny on my leftover balance.

My first harem pants ever. Found it on the sales rack in Topshop! It was the last piece, and the perfect size for me! Pair it with my new Zara top. Anything related to Tiger is irresistible this year. Speaking of tiger, I haven’t get the cute tiger t-shirt from Pull & Bear! Oh gosh.

Gotta run now. Time to work hard for more shopping. Nah, that’s how I looked when I worked in Robinsons.

Someone actually called me auntie. FML.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I got a B for my A-Level's which really ruined my life.

My one and a half year of efforts are wasted.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

He is looking while I'm typing this

If I were to have a mother-in-law,

she would be one who doesn't complain about me waking up late;

nor her house phone bill that barely exceeds a hundred bucks.

It was RM95.30 including the RM26 rental fee. The usage was RM60+ (ONLY!!!). Yes my number appeared quite many times on the bill, but they're all 10cents. Wtfreak. The bf spent more than RM10 calling this particular girl, which made up a 1/6 of the total bill.


I've been busy by the way. I promise I will update here as soon as possible! Please visit everyday to help me maintain my hits! Teehee.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hikaru's Birthday @ La Bodega

CK Free perfume as Hika-chan’s birthday present!

On 11th of January, we celebrated Darl’s birthday at La Bodega. I promised to treat him a I couldn’t attend his birthday celebration at El Cerdo earlier on.

Too gam dong for having such a nice gf? HAHAHAHA as if.

Darl with his unnatural fake smile.

Fruit punch. Eeeee mint leaves.

Mine. With lotsa fruits underneath that made me happy. Sweet kiwi!

He wouldn’t stop texting other girls even when he’s out with me! Damn mean. Pfft.

It was my first time visiting La Bodega and I’m already left with a good impression on the place.

We ordered so many appetizers and all of them tasted good! Fried calamari, Bruschetta and Grilled salmon!

And not forgetting the yummy lamb chop. Look at the size! We couldn’t have enough of it.

Creamy spaghetti. Forgotten the exact name, but I swear that the smoked chicken breasts was one of the best I have ever tasted.

Darl preparing to serve me the spaghetti.

Now you can see my thick eyeliner. Teehee. Those lashes are real by the way. I’m not used to using fake lashes. They just wouldn’t stick properly! =(

Hope you enjoyed the night, sweetheart! Glad that you like the present.

Love, Kate.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Longchamp from Katie

Katie ma biatch!

Jess and I bought her earrings from Tiffany & Co. It would match her Tiffany & Co necklace!

Once I got down from the bus yesterday, I went to pick her up for lunch at Sushi King. We had McD sundae before heading to her house to get my belated presents.

She bought me Longchamp bag from UK!

Unwrapping my bag excitedly XD

Tadah! Heart my new pretty bag. Thank u love!

Some other presents from her- cream high-waisted skirt, cute lacey undies, sequin bow hair band and ruby flower ring.

That’s her, posing with all the lovely stuff. Looking ridonkulous with the price tag on her head.

Camwhoring with my Longchamp.

The nude style. As in the colour lahhh.

Leather jacket. We’re already thinking of what to wear when I go to Melbourne on May. Jess, have you booked your flight ticket???

Prada bag. Not mine. Teehee.

This is the “vintage” LV wallet I tweeted earlier on.

Using it now cause my Juicy Couture wallet a bit lan dy. Pretty sure that Hunt is gonna be upset.

We went shopping in Vivi Concept store today! Shall update on that later on. Gonna be late for our yumcha session. Sheesh.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Naughty Cocker Spaniel

Woke up at 7am this morning and waited for Hik to fetch me to Puduraya. He was late due to the morning jam, so I camwhored a little. The peaceful morning scenery from the balcony. With clouds, mountains, birds and houses, it reminds me of my primary school sketching.

My eyes could hardly open in the morning. Not forgetting to mention that they’re extremely tiny o.o

Morning Sweetie. She’s an American Cocker Spaniel.

Very manja and naughty. She follows me wherever I go. When no one’s in the house, she would attempt to jump onto the dining table and hunt for food (like an annoying cat). Damn, she ate my chocolate bar and vomited!

Emo dog.

She’s looking at me! So cute XD

The shades served for the purpose of hiding my ugly eyes. Not gonna how you my non-make-up face! Teehee.

By the way, Sushi King is finally opened in Muar. Had my lunch there today and it sucks big time. No quality control. Tsk tsk.

Hello Katie

Greetings from Muar!

I'm going for lunch with Katie now! Yayyyyyyyy excited! Update laters. Ciaoz XD

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stepfanie's Birthday @ The Apartment KLCC

In the beginning of January, we celebrated Stepfanie’s birthday at The Apartment, KLCC.

Prisca who just came back from Hong Kong bought us cookies and candies from Disneyland!

It was my first time dining in The Apartment. So in love with the way they decorate the restaurant!

I ordered Baked Fish. Chessy and yummy. Highly-recommended! But according to Stepf, the food there are all RM4 more expensive compared to The Curve branch.

Candid. Pris you warming up?? XD

Photo session.

We made so much noise there which kinda pissed off an Ang Moh man. Teehee.

So the girls got inspired for a new pose. Shhhhhhh. Wtfreak.

The birthday girl and I.

Sam pat po Prisca.

Sun aka tai yang popo? LOL.

Strawberry cheese cake!

We nearly went to Chilis if it weren’t Stepf who wanted the cake in The Apartment. Good choice. Nice background and lighting for our photos.

Me, Prisca, Stepf, Sun, Yomiko and Vennice.




After settling the bill, we proceeded to camwhore in the shopping mall.

Yomiko and I.

Bought a regular tub of NZN ice-cream with my free voucher!

Spot my finger.

Yummmy girls ice-cream.

Last but not least, Prisca’s new bag which reminds me of Coco Chanel. I want one too!

Looking forward for our next outing! <3