Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hikaru's Birthday @ La Bodega

CK Free perfume as Hika-chan’s birthday present!

On 11th of January, we celebrated Darl’s birthday at La Bodega. I promised to treat him a I couldn’t attend his birthday celebration at El Cerdo earlier on.

Too gam dong for having such a nice gf? HAHAHAHA as if.

Darl with his unnatural fake smile.

Fruit punch. Eeeee mint leaves.

Mine. With lotsa fruits underneath that made me happy. Sweet kiwi!

He wouldn’t stop texting other girls even when he’s out with me! Damn mean. Pfft.

It was my first time visiting La Bodega and I’m already left with a good impression on the place.

We ordered so many appetizers and all of them tasted good! Fried calamari, Bruschetta and Grilled salmon!

And not forgetting the yummy lamb chop. Look at the size! We couldn’t have enough of it.

Creamy spaghetti. Forgotten the exact name, but I swear that the smoked chicken breasts was one of the best I have ever tasted.

Darl preparing to serve me the spaghetti.

Now you can see my thick eyeliner. Teehee. Those lashes are real by the way. I’m not used to using fake lashes. They just wouldn’t stick properly! =(

Hope you enjoyed the night, sweetheart! Glad that you like the present.

Love, Kate.


chris federick said...

dropping by. Wow what a coincidence. I juz received that CK perfume as a present too. Btw, nice blog u hv here :)

Copykate said...

chris: wow nice. ck perfume is so popular among the guys. lol

Cathy C said...

Yes yes. Stupid fake eye lashes just wouldn't stick. Is it the glue or is it my skill. Maybe it's my skill T.T

Copykate said...

cathy: i have a feeling that it's the problem of my eyelid. teehee