Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Longchamp from Katie

Katie ma biatch!

Jess and I bought her earrings from Tiffany & Co. It would match her Tiffany & Co necklace!

Once I got down from the bus yesterday, I went to pick her up for lunch at Sushi King. We had McD sundae before heading to her house to get my belated presents.

She bought me Longchamp bag from UK!

Unwrapping my bag excitedly XD

Tadah! Heart my new pretty bag. Thank u love!

Some other presents from her- cream high-waisted skirt, cute lacey undies, sequin bow hair band and ruby flower ring.

That’s her, posing with all the lovely stuff. Looking ridonkulous with the price tag on her head.

Camwhoring with my Longchamp.

The nude style. As in the colour lahhh.

Leather jacket. We’re already thinking of what to wear when I go to Melbourne on May. Jess, have you booked your flight ticket???

Prada bag. Not mine. Teehee.

This is the “vintage” LV wallet I tweeted earlier on.

Using it now cause my Juicy Couture wallet a bit lan dy. Pretty sure that Hunt is gonna be upset.

We went shopping in Vivi Concept store today! Shall update on that later on. Gonna be late for our yumcha session. Sheesh.

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