Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Top Point

If you know me well enough, you’re probably aware that I’m very particular when it comes to choosing my hairdresser. I would rather die than having an amateur hair academy student or any self-proclaimed professional cut even an inch of my hair, which probably explains why my hair is so long up to this day. I haven’t cut it for quite some time, but it hasn’t gone out of shape, don’t you think? That’s because I chose a good hairdresser in the first place.

My most trusted hairdresser is Alvin, my uncle from JB who runs New Top Point saloon. He is my dad’s personal hairdresser too. Never once failed to make dad look Korean. LOL.

Sorry sis, you just happened to look like an ugly sulking bitch in this photo. Mehhh.

So this time, when I dropped by JB for my Singapore trip, I have my hair trimmed and dyed. I switched to centre parting as well, if you haven’t already noticed.

Rino, one of Alvin’s academy students who happens to come from Muar, and who happens to be my cousin’s cousin did my temporary perm.

My new hair colour isn’t visible due to the lighting and my editing. You should see me in real life for the actual look. Teehee.

Last but not least, me and my fei mui cousin. Very bubbly and talkative. She’s nine, and she has Facebook. Oh dear, kids these days.

Jun, stop saying that my new hair looks no difference! I’m supposed to look Korean like my Korean dad! XD


JunJun-Riko said...

hahahaha... suan liao la u... u will never look like ur korean look alike dad!!! u're stuck looking like a malaysian!!!! hahahahahahahah!!!!

Copykate said...

jun: i wanna look korean! it's more glam! u damn mean. pfft. people always say i look like my dad. so that means i look korean also! HAHA

jocelyncoco said...

niceee i like ur hair!!!!!!!!!!=D~*

Copykate said...

coco: thank u! LOL