Thursday, August 27, 2009

GNO @ Marche & Laundry

It’s a rainy night. I miss you two bitches. Despite being lonely and emo, I’ve decided to blog about our GNO in order to make myself happier!

Our last GNO which was about 2months ago. Back then when Katie came back from Melbourne when Jess hadn’t left for London.

We had dinner at Marche before proceeding to Laundry. Katie insisted on taking photo with the cow as she missed out my birthday photo last year.

This time we didn’t need self-timer as we brought a “photographer” along. Thank you Hik! XD

Looking back at the album just reminds me how happy we are spending time together and doing what we do best.

One of the things that we do best.

Aren’t they cute?

Do you feel turn off or what? LOL.

Totally heart the ring and the headband! Stolen from Katie. Teehee.

Alright, our legs look short here.

When we finally settled down at Laundry bar. Focus on the ring, not the middle finger! XD

We had been wanting to have cocktails together like this since ages ago.

How we looked like after drinking. Wtfreak.

Is this the effect of cocktail?

Who agrees that she was half drunk?

Someone went wild and started dancing in the bar. LOL.

And we finally drag Jess in. How could we let you miss out the fun!

Okay I should at least post up darl’s photo right? He had been snapping for us all night. Poor boy.

My hair looks nice. Hiak hiak.

Ok, end of post. I’m no longer emo.

But I still miss you two! <3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Property Malaysia

Looking for a new condo? Renting a new office lots? Discover Malaysia Property and Real Estate now!

Find everything you need at Property Malaysia .

The website categorized the properties into condominium, house and office respectively. Through each category, you can easily browse through the property you are looking for.

Perhaps you might be interested in Property KLCC and Property Mont Kiara. These two are the top locations from this site.

Personally, I think it’s a useful website for all the information it provides. Instead of merely providing descriptions and photos of the property, Propwall provides us every single detail of the property including the layout, facilities and analysis. Furthermore, you can post up your questions regarding the property, for example: How much is the maintenance fee for K Residence? My advice is, be sure that you don’t make any grammatical and spelling error because I’m gonna laugh at you like how I laughed at some of them who committed the same mistakes. But of course, they will still answer your questions regardless of your terrible English XD

Apart from that, there are classified Ads that posted up Properties For Sale. As I’m someone lazy, I used the mini search column provided and typed in “Platinum”, hoping whatever results from Platinum Hill, Platinum Lake would appear. That’s the condo I’m staying by the way, and they’re building a new lot, and I can’t wait to ask dad to buy one unit! Hello, this is called investment! Teehee. But it seems tat they don’t need anymore advertising. Le sigh.

Wait, I found a special question posted by someone named Kenny:

Does Michelle Yeoh have a unit here? There is rumour that Michelle Yeoh owns a unit at Millennium Tower. I wonder if this is true.

ROFL wtfreak do you intend to stalk her???

Joe was kind enough to have answered him: According to rumour, the condo was actually built by Michelle Yeoh herself. So she is basically the developer, not just a house owner.

Mehhhh. I mean, who cares whether she lives there right? LOL.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday to me!

- my classmates who bought me the cake in college.
- my family who prepared my party.
- my darling who wrote me a very touching birthday post.
- my friends who gave me very "awesome" presents.
- everyone who wished me happy birthday including those in Facebook, Twitter and Plurk.

Thank you all!

Be patient for my birthday party post! Teehee.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jess's Farewell Dinner

This is a long overdue post. As you are all aware, Jess had left us to London to continue her ACCA on July. So, the weekend before her departure, there was a farewell party in her house, named “The Last Dinner”.

Look, it’s the three of us in our new party dresses! We bought one dress each on the day itself just for the dinner. Teehee.

The usual gang. Isn’t it obvious that the dress code is white?

Thanks to Aunt Pearly who prepared the awesome food and invited us over. The whole farewell thingy was her idea after all, not Jess’s. LOL.

Yummy chicken wing!

The shrimp salad was gone within a few minutes.

Don’t you just feel like taking a bite on the fruit tarts?

Was I the only one who noticed the camera? Because the rest of them are gluttons. LOL.

Jess looking very much like a bimbo! XD

And Katie looked like a bimbo too.

After dinner, I introduced the guys the mafia game. Just in case you dunno the game, it consists of 4 different characters: mafia (murderer), detective/spy, doctor and civilians.

Spot the two mafia. People with their eyes closed were the innocent ones.

Oops, someone had died. The game master (myself) looked amused. LMAO.

Of course I was amused, looking at how they accused at each other. For our group, it had become a game which involves lotsa finger pointing.

Like this.


It was Jess’s party, but why was I sitting in the middle? Don’t I look like the queen, surrounded by my dayang-dayang and eunuchs? XD

The group photo of the night. We miss you Jess! I’ve been checking out whether there’s any update on your new blog. Don’t be lazy! *hug*


Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Screwed

We got our AS results today.

For those who wanna know my result, here it is. You can laugh at how badly I did.




Can you believe it???


My world is collapsing. I have never got such results before.

I'm definitely retaking it during A2. And I don't care how much it costs to remark the fucking paper, I'm willing to pay for it, though knowing that the end result might not be of any difference.

Just done crying. My tears are all dried up.

I'm not alright.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Got X, Got Friends

If given a chance, would you like to party like a rock star with Pop Shuvit between 8August-13August in Japan? Otherwise, winning prizes such as Xbox 360, Blackberry Storm, limited edition Celcom Broadband MTV world stage modem, how does that sound?

Here comes your opportunity! All you need to do is upload your photos on the Got X, Got Friends photo wall! Judging from the name of the campaign itself, your submitted photos must be related to FRIENDS. There are 4 different themes for your photos:

1. Awww!!!

2. Out & About

3. Love & BFF

4. Gotcha

Upload as many entries as you can! Join Moots on Facebook or follow Pop Shuvit’s official twitter to get constant update! The entries will be chosen by Pop Shuvit themselves!

The 15 chosen entries each week will get chosen for the upcoming Xpax print ads and communication materials, while the best among the 15 will win the weekly prizes as mentioned above!

So what are you waiting for? Start sharing here now!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artistry @ Bukit Kiara 09

Artistry, how would I miss such a grand event?

After all, it was Artistry that had brought the two of us together. *shy*

Thanks to Nicholas from Nuffnang, we were able to enter the place as VIP, so there was no need to squeeze at the crowded public area.

Free flow, familiar faces, rocking music, we’re good to party.

For now, I shall just post up the photos I have taken with everyone. Teehee.

Debra who was the first few that I met at the entrance.

Rachel and Isabella. Aren’t they gorgeous?

A group shot before making our way in. Howard looking like just another girl XD

Evelyn who was dressed in hot leopard print.

Bernard, since when you got together with Eve? Are Inniters dating among each other? LOL.

Wen Pink looks pretty and sweet all the time.

And not forgetting Steph, the party queen.

Ben. At this point of time, I have second thoughts whether to post up every single pic, as I look the same in all of them. Not cool.

Zues, looking more leng zai than the last time we met.

Jacquelyn. And I still look the same in every pic.

Okay, in case you are sick of my face, let me present you the very gay-looking Hik and Ren.

Jessica parties hard.

Jun and Darren. Felt short and inferior standing next to Jun. LOL.

Hello Ginny.

Couldn’t really recognise Jolin when she said hi. The previous, also the only time we met was during Music Bash.

Nah, now I look different. Gawd, I don’t usually look like a big-headed alien k!

Kenny was there too. Surprised.

Cheesie with her uber-cute hairstyle.

Howzan, one of the Coolerclub members.

It was the first time I met Christine.

Kim looking good that night.

Super gorgeous Natalie.

Raymond and Kelson. And I still look the same despite the exposing teeth.

My greedy little squirrel drank a lot that night. But thank goodness he wasn’t one of those who vomited while parading out through the exit.

A group photo from that night. Looking forward to meeting you people during the next Artistry! =)

I went through all the trouble linking everyone! *faint*