Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Malacca Trip 1 - the historical town

The following week after AS exam, my beloved classmates and I had a road trip to Malacca town and A’famosa resort city. 2 cars, 11 beasts and bitches, in the morning the journey began. Soon we received a heart warming welcome from the historical city.

We booked our rooms at Tang House, a bed and breakfast hidden somewhere in the Jonker Street. It took us quite a while to finally locate it.

It does have quite an obscene mural! XD

The interior of our bed and breakfast. Spot the beautiful painting collection on the wall.

The lucky man with four wives? Wtfreak. The staircase leads to our rooms upstairs.

Once checked in, we girls started cam-whoring in the room.

Looking cool huh?

Until our ugliest spontaneous side was caught on cam! LOL.

By the time, we were all tired and famished. That was when we went hunting for the famous chicken rice balls.

Jason Mraz was caught staring at Paris Hilton’s crotch wtfreak.

Always look out for the life size Ah Xian. Teehee.

The empty table and the hungry us. Weiyi intentionally hid her face.

Here comes our glorious chicken rice balls.

Someone captured my hungry look before we started feasting. LOL.

After lunch, we proceeded to walk around Jonker Street.

Typical old buildings in the historical town.

Trishaws with exaggerated decorations can be seen everywhere. A ride probably costs around RM30? Anyone knows the price?

A cute tee spotted in a random shop. I did not purchase any though, as I had vowed not to spend on unnecessary stuff like what tourists do.

By the way, Tang House is situated at a lane next to the Jonker stage. Not that difficult to find after all.

After the walk, we had our own leisure time at Tang House’s balcony. A pretty nice place to hang out.

Good time for Eyu to show off his guitar skill. Look, that’s his big time supporter! XD

Things happen when guys get together in a room. Oopsie.

We took a nap to regain some energy for the night. No, we haven’t reached the exciting part yet, have we?

How did we spend our first night in Malacca? Stay put for my next post!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Coach Heart Poppy

As you are all aware, I received my third cheque from Nuffnang recently. Though I had told myself to save it, the temptation of Mega Sales is hard to resist. What better time to get myself a Coach bag I have been wanting so badly?

So that’s it. Within seconds, a stack of cash has evaporated in an exquisite designer store. But, it didn’t exactly evaporate, did it? Instead, it was exchanged for a humongous paper bag thrice the size of an ordinary laptop, in which lies my new best friend whom has been named Poppy.

I spent the whole day at three different malls before hunting her down. First at Gardens, there was no sight of her and I had nearly bought another cheaper but smaller bag. Then we went to Pavilion, hoping to spot something better. Over there she lies, looking all glam on the new arrivals rack. I fell for her despite the fact that she wasn’t on sales. But, the display was the only one left. That was when we decided to reserve one at KLCC.

The first designer bag I purchased with my own hard-earned money. 20th of July, what a day to remember! Beautiful, isn’t she? =)

Someone thinks I’m dumb and that he would rather spend that amount of money on a new cell phone, say, Nokia E71? I wouldn’t agree though, as the price of cell phone often drops before you even have time to try out all the applications. Any wise girl would think that a designer bag is a better and more worthwhile investment. Besides, nothing beats the happiness of carrying an elegant handbag!

Next target: Gucci. It would certainly take me some time to save up enough, as the price is slightly above the price of Coach.

Why are you working part time?

Because I wanna buy designer bags!

Wtfreak. I wonder if I’m the only one working for that kinda reason.

Pretty sure I am getting a phone call when someone reads this. Oh well, every girl has her own dream. Teehee.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

24th of June

June has been a really happening month, with class trip, outings, and endless events. On June 24, which is exactly 2 months before my birthday (*hint hint*), we celebrated Hunt da baunz’s 19th. Like any other regular yumcha night, we had a last minute spontaneous plan to the Station1 nearby.

As if buckets of beer aren’t enough, we even brought along our own Chivas.

Guys can never survive without alcohol, can they?

Eyu went up onstage to sing a birthday song to Hunt. Watch the video, he didn’t play the guitar at all! So fake. Wtfreak.

Next one, Hunt singing Xiao Wei onstage. Apparently there was a birthday girl that night named Xiao Wei. LOL. Catch what he says at the last few seconds of the video! XD

(to be uploaded later wtf damn slow)

Just wanna tell you again, I hate that ah beng shirt! Wtfreak.

Of course, we can never call it a birthday celebration without a cake. That’s for you, KNN Baunz!

Nice decoration. You banged the back of your head, so make sure you don't bang your forehead. Teehee.

Ever seen someone making a wish with their mouth opened and tongue half sticking out?

Someone has his own unique way of cutting a birthday cake.

Let’s feast on chocolate indulgence!

Wtfreak look at my pig face. And Mei Zhen’s funny eyes XD

Heart this pic cause everyone looks so happy. Would have been perfect if Weiyi were in the photo.

Have a wonderful 19th year and may your legs grow longer than mine. ROFL!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Shall Skip Test Yay

Life has been hectic recently, hence the negligence of my blog. So much for balancing play and study, sometimes I just can’t give up on parties and movie screenings. Pretty sure I am gonna screw my coming test (which is like tomorrow!!!). For an ordinary person facing such situation, he/she might just sit for the test even though the percentage of failing is high. But as for me, I would choose to skip and not do it at all. Call me a coward or anything, but the truth is, I am someone who is afraid of failure. When I am obligated to perform something, I would make sure I give my best, or otherwise, not do it at all. So if you don’t see me tomorrow, I guess I am sticking to my principle.

Cupcake from Wendy ! I picked H, for Hikaru-kun? LOL. The pink icing appeared a little scary, but in fact that’s the nicest part.

These days, people have been telling me how skinny I am and how I should gain more weight. Screw you! I’m happy with my body now so don’t freaking ask me to gain another 20 pounds please. Not that I refuse to eat or anything, but I just don’t get fat. It’s like how some people get fat even without eating much. Same theory, get it? The next thing someone asks me to eat more, I shall just ask him for a luxurious buffet treat. Teehee.

Did you know that Jess has left us for UK? Now there’re just me and Katie , but Katie is flying back to Melbourne soon (very soon)! Gawd, no more girls night out with my best friends for the next few months. I miss you girls badly! X(

Okay, gotta go get ready and pick a pair of new skinny jeans later. Update soon! XD

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebration @ Carlos

11th of June 2009, we finished our last paper for AS exam and headed to Pavilion that night for a celebration. It was the night when we released all the pressure which we endured through the past whole month. Those days when we locked ourselves at home, reading through the entire text books and notes each day, cracking our heads to solve Mathematical equations, are finally over. Well, at least until the starting of the next exam.

It’s happy hour, mates!

Instead of watching “Drag me to hell”, which was our initial plan, we went for a drink in Carlos. Cheers, for straight A’s in AS! Teehee.

Do you know that shisha is cancerous and extremely bad for health? Don’t be fooled by its fruity flavour! In fact it’s worse than your regular cigarattes. Why? Go google it!

Hunt, so happy meh? Doesn’t he look hemsem after my editing? LOL.

The girls were so happy as they were the ones who suggested that we ditched movie for drinking. I was still in the car when they called, and we practically screamed upon the final decision! XD

Of course, the guys couldn’t be happier, as they weren’t too keen on watching that horror movie. Beer and shisha sounds like a better idea to them.

In the midst of drinking, shisha-ing and incessant chattering, we played the truth or dare game. Uh oh, some’s secrets were revealed. And some, were forced to dance in public. Eyu, is that your underwear that I see??? Oh gawd.

We did not leave the place until it was about to close. Girls camho at the end of the night.

Here’s a group photo minus Hunt and Wei Yi. OMG Ben look at your half-drunk face! XD

p/s: I had food poisoning yesterday! Vomit and diarrhoea. Never gonna eat laksa again X( Feeling better now but still having a slight fever. Hope I can make it back to KL tomorrow.