Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Shall Skip Test Yay

Life has been hectic recently, hence the negligence of my blog. So much for balancing play and study, sometimes I just can’t give up on parties and movie screenings. Pretty sure I am gonna screw my coming test (which is like tomorrow!!!). For an ordinary person facing such situation, he/she might just sit for the test even though the percentage of failing is high. But as for me, I would choose to skip and not do it at all. Call me a coward or anything, but the truth is, I am someone who is afraid of failure. When I am obligated to perform something, I would make sure I give my best, or otherwise, not do it at all. So if you don’t see me tomorrow, I guess I am sticking to my principle.

Cupcake from Wendy ! I picked H, for Hikaru-kun? LOL. The pink icing appeared a little scary, but in fact that’s the nicest part.

These days, people have been telling me how skinny I am and how I should gain more weight. Screw you! I’m happy with my body now so don’t freaking ask me to gain another 20 pounds please. Not that I refuse to eat or anything, but I just don’t get fat. It’s like how some people get fat even without eating much. Same theory, get it? The next thing someone asks me to eat more, I shall just ask him for a luxurious buffet treat. Teehee.

Did you know that Jess has left us for UK? Now there’re just me and Katie , but Katie is flying back to Melbourne soon (very soon)! Gawd, no more girls night out with my best friends for the next few months. I miss you girls badly! X(

Okay, gotta go get ready and pick a pair of new skinny jeans later. Update soon! XD


Benjamin Chuah said...

the way a girl of ur size eats buffet is still something remarkable to believe.


Copykate said...

ben: it's perfectly normal! zhi shan eats a lot too but she's skinnyyyyyyyyyy. teehee