Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka Eve

Introducing Mei Yueh, the little artist from Boston!

I love her drawing!!!

M.A.C. Smoke Signal promotion at Mid Valley.

Before I even realized, they’re already sitting there having a good time with the make-up artist!

The pictures below can be quite scary. So please don’t blame me if you get heart attack after seeing. Kate shall not be held responsible for any consequences occurred.

Sanddy and the cute make-up artist, Apple!

The outcome:

It’s the 7th Lunar month!

She’s ready to haunt you. . .

This is a better pic of Joelyn and Sanddy XD

Do I appear more like a human to you?


Still not getting heart attack yet? Great. Get ready for the nice pics.

Someone wants to be the spokesperson for Men’s Skin Centres?

Being patriotic on Merdeka eve. Eventhough only half of the flag can be seen XD

Don’t have to tell me that I look ugly with my eyebag.

Sunset in Love.

I can imagine Hui Yi popping me with the question: Xin, what the heck were you doing with Sze Rong?!

Or, “What the heck are you doing with him at Boulevard Ho. . . OMG what?!”

Nah, I wasn’t the one who had a crush on him. You guess?

Shh, we should keep the little secret here. After all Femme Fatales are the only ones who know whom you fell for. Whoever the “you” is referring to.

“Oh, shut up!” comes next. XD

Okay, that’s the end of my story. Would you like to have a cuppa coffee?

Merdeka! Reached the hostel at 1.30a.m. and surprisingly the guard let me in without questioning. Now you see the Merdeka effect? I love Merdeka! <3

Thursday, August 30, 2007


This time, I did not draw on my own hand during class using black pen or marker. Look, it's Hinnah!

Wait, let me digress a little from the topic. Gosh, I'm so ashamed of my chipped nail polish. It used to look all nice and elegant. Like this:
I like the Hinnah before being washed. After all black tattoos are cooler.
For additional information, the bracelet is from Hafidz. He got them from Sarawak. One for each of the girl in our class. I like it! XD
Dakota <3
It's meant to look orangey like this. Too light? Gotta try harder next time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little Creatures

I've never ever, and will never be a pussy fan. But this is a little kitty! So tiny that I thought I could even pinch it to death!

I would like to have little kitty as my pet. Just for one day.

Oh no! I neither provoke nor scare little kitty! Gawd, don't blame me for that. Probably it was just tired. *yawn*

No, I don't like crows. But this is a dead one.

We have plenty of them over here. Never knew that a crow could be dumb enough to be ran over by the vehicles.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birthday Part 5- Presents

Now you know why I don’t smile with my teeth exposed? Because I look fake! X(
Anyway, that’s my sis, Priscella. Our very contrasting complexion. LOL.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes and sang me birthday song! Sorry cause I wasn’t able to reply all of them. But I do appreciate that you remember my birthday!

Here’s the list of my friends who sent me birthday text:
1) Henry
2) Ivan
3) Chia Hui
4) Joo Kim
5) Ian
6) Kent
7) Jin Sheng
8) Hui Chin
9) Andrew
10) Joel
11) Yong Sern
12) Christine
13) Yi Nien
14) Juin Haw
15) Yun Zhi
16) Jasmine
17) Kenny
18) Sanddy
19) Yuan Kun
20) Neo
21) Cindy
22) Daniel
23) Hui Ruan
24) Hui Yi
25) Chris

Hui Yi babe, you weren’t the last one. But nearly XD

And everybody who was there during my party!

And not forgetting those who sent me via Friendster comments. Love ya all! <3
Now, let’s open the presents! These are what I’ve received so far:

The 1st one was the early birthday gift I got from Jess 2months ago. Seems familiar huh? It’s the bag I’ve been carrying to class everyday!

A doraemon container? Guess what’s inside?

Chupa Chups!!!!!!!!!!! I counted. There’re 24 of them! How thoughtful. He knows I love lollipops! XD

Honk! If You’re A Malaysian! Now you know what book I will use for my book review? Thanks ya Henry!

Next, OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Pierre Cardin! Look at the flora design! More like a bikini! It’s gonna be my favourite bra of the year!!!!!! Yes, hot to trot!

The Mng purse and Little Zebra necklace from Jol Wee! I’ve used the purse and wore the necklace today! They look great on me! XD

What was the red little balloon doing on my bed? Aha something fishy was going on.

I opened my cupboard and found the green plastic bag. From my siblings!

Does Cella think I’m that ugly?! LOL.

Nick couldn’t even spell my name!!!!! *sobz* But anyway, it’s cute! XD

These are from Gigi. She made it like a scrap book! I felt so touched after reading them. Look, she even pasted my childhood photos!

Kate, the little princess! (It’s the queen actually, but I don’t wanna sound old)

I appreciated cool-ness even when I was a child.

The birthday cards were great. But something was amiss. I am 17, not 18!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh, even my sis thought I was that old!!! Think at the positive way. Probably cause I was too mature for a seventeen?

I spent my entire birthday night at home waiting for someone to ask me out. Sadly, no one called me. The guys had gone for futsal. How very disappointing X( So this is how it ended with:

I switched on the TV3. I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone.
Be grateful, Kate. After all, it’s been a great seventeenth birthday=)