Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Masterpiece Tattoo

What do you usually do during classes? We got kinda bored. So I happened to have this brilliant idea!

"Anybody has a black gel pen?"

Great, Sanddy has one! The very next thing I did was grabbed someone's hand and drew a really nice tattoo on it! And look, I never knew that it could turn out to be so nice and artistic! Or, how else can you describe it?

Can you figure out whose initial it is? I actually wanted to take a blade and cut that part of skin off! After all, it's my masterpiece!!!

Don't bother to look at these ugly words. But hey, it's true! Copykate Rulez! XD

Don't you regard us as two of those very few COOL people in school? Don't you???

It gave me a shock this morning when I saw Mei Yueh wearing her tie! Do you call this telepathy?? Or, great minds think alike? =)

An addition to my lunch: Strawberry-chocolate walfer and Ice-blended peach with pearl. I did eat my rice! But, once in a while we've gotta spend a penny or so treating ourselves with some extra food. Yea, once in a while. That's what I've been telling myself everyday. For today, it's once in a while. For tomorrow, it's also once in a while.
Anyway, the point is, I'm so in love with the straw+choc!!! It triggers your taste buds with sweetness, bitterness and sourness! Just so superlicious and irresistable! You've gotta try it out next time!


Anonymous said...

not really COOL actually. both of you look like BIG BIG FASHION VICTIMS.
no offence but big tie with shirt are so yesterday.
you are seriously losin your fashion senses (perhaps nvr had before).
the guy looks LALA.
u look fine but the tie spoil everything. maybe you cud consider gettin a skinny thin tie. it wud match better and nt tat yesterday.

lik the penguin trousers <3

Copykate said...

ahhhhh do i look that bad? X(

i dun care what u say. i like the tie! XD

oh u like that penguin pants? thought i was the only one who would ever look at it. LOL