Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little Creatures

I've never ever, and will never be a pussy fan. But this is a little kitty! So tiny that I thought I could even pinch it to death!

I would like to have little kitty as my pet. Just for one day.

Oh no! I neither provoke nor scare little kitty! Gawd, don't blame me for that. Probably it was just tired. *yawn*

No, I don't like crows. But this is a dead one.

We have plenty of them over here. Never knew that a crow could be dumb enough to be ran over by the vehicles.


Anonymous said...

poor crow.... many ppl also complain about my font's cpolour because they don't wait long enough for the contrasting white colour background coming out...hope you ejoy reading my post..

Copykate said...

it doesn't work. i have been waiting for like. . . ages? tried a few times but it appeared the same.

gotta highlight everything whenever i wanna read ur entries then.

or perhaps u sud consider changing a new template XD

AndrewC said...

Contrary to popular believe, crows are actually one of the smartest birds around and owls the stupidest.

Copykate said...

abang, where did u get that from? crows, one of the smartest birds???