Saturday, August 11, 2007


Have you ever seen a guy making up? You should!


What century is this? Get your mind off the gutter! Who said eyeliners are only meant for girls??

It' not girlish. It's not gay. It's COOL!

Kate being the make-up artist. Or cosmetic consultant. Wanna see the outcome? Ehemm just be patient and wait! It should be presented with the black nail polish! XD

Meanwhile Kent asked me to check his NS. The connection was so slow! I pressed the ENTER key and pressed and pressed and pressed and at last the page appeared!

He got NS!!! LOL!!!
I laughed out so loudly that I thought the whole world could hear me! Aww, how could he be so lucky?
Later on, I text him the result. And his reply was as expected. The F word? ****!
Poor fella. I wonder whether he still has to go for it in hi 20's. XD

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