Sunday, November 30, 2008

Metro Harian- Madagascar2 Premiere Screening

Remember Nuffnang once gave out Madagascar2 Premiere Screening tickets? We were there, and guess what? Some reporters took our pictures and published it in the newspaper! LOL.

I doubt you’ve seen it though, cause it wasn’t in The Star, not in New Straits Times and wasn’t in Sin Chew either. It was in Metro Harian! Wtfreak.

Some time ago, my sis happened to spot it when she saw her Malay friend reading the newspaper. Mum called and told me about it.

Quote from our conversation:
Mum: You look good in that picture! Looks like me.

So I looked good because I looked like her lah??? Kaka.

There it is, the crumpled newspaper which had been hidden in mum’s handbag.

Further zoom in.

Me, Christine, Alex the lion and Joyce.

I think I looked good. She was right after all.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conquer Emo-ness, Not

How? I am feeling emo again.

Emo emo emo.

Went to google “emo”, and the first page was Emo-Wikepedia. Try to click and check out the stereotype emo hairstyle. Long fringe brushed to one side. I think it kinda suits me. Teehee.

Nothing better to do.

Clicked on the googled image result, and this is the first image appeared:

Nice one.

Emo emo emo. So emo.

But sometime I think emo and bimbo just don’t click. When you’re a bimbo, you can’t be emo. When you’re emo, you no longer sound like a bimbo. Wtfreak? I dunno if that makes sense.

I’m unhappy but I can’t tell you why.

Sometimes things won’t get any better even if you say it out. As time passes, it’ll be forgotten, and everything is back to normal, until the next storm stirs again.

Sometimes, unhappy things all come at once. Each adds a tad bit of misery to your life, and as they compile up, it becomes a disaster and you can’t even decide which or which the worst is.

Sometimes, you just give up thinking, and persuade yourself that you shall be happy as long as you choose to be.

That is what I believe, think positive, and conquer all emo-ness!



I shall think.

Think shopping.

Think clothes.


Let me show you two photos of myself. Dear everyone, if you’re reading this, please tell me which is more like my style. It’s not that important, but I just want to know! Cause both styles are like, the totally opposite. Would very much appreciate your opinion.

1. Grandma boho

2. Young heart cutesy

Which one???

By the way, something to prove my awesome-ness:

Ha-di-hah. I left it on the dashboard for two days, and so far I haven’t got any saman. Using parking coupon is so not my style anyway.


No, that does not mean that I am not emo! I am still unhappy I tell you!

Can laughter really represent happiness? Nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Me is Back to Home!

Good day! How great it feels to be home. I love my bed, I love my garden, I love my TV and everything here even though I have to set my feet on the dusty floor with books and who-knows-what-rubbish scattered all over due to the absence of maid. Right now, I’m in my peach colour bear printed satin pyjamas, sipping my coffee biting my fingers as I checked through my gmail hotmail. Well you see, those strike out actions actually sounded more sophisticated, but they aren’t exactly what I’m doing -______- One thing I loathe is washing my dirty underwear WITH MY OWN HAND! Guess what, there are three bloody stained undies waiting for me in the plastic bag. Can you imagine, I kept them in my luggage and travelled all the way back from KL, then left them there until the next morning. I wonder why I am even telling you this. Hello, you have no right to smirk at me! Try being a girl for 1 month, you will realize how awful it is to have your period and worse, leakage.

Let me show you a preview of Jed & Jac’s wedding last Sunday.

Oh, by saying preview, it actually means my picture! Just mine! Kaka. Just to show you the awesome dress I wore that night.

Mum asked whether my cleavage was fake. She assumed that I drew them on. Wtfreak what kinda mother is that? O.o

Not forgetting, my hemsem partner. Hiak hiak. Have to say he’s hemsem or else he will be upset XD

Better still, looking dashing in his coat and tie. *pinch*

Seriously, I need to get a Nu Bra.

Gotta run. Meeting Jess for Secret Recipe but I’m still in my pyjamas right now. So so so gonna be late.

Stay tune for JJ’s wedding post!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Final Is Over

Recently, I decided that I should provide my readers something intriguing to read instead of posting up tons of brainless party photos. So here I am, ready to spill out my feelings, my thoughts, showing you my extreme inner bimbotic-ness and whatever that lives within. Oh well, my articles do not bore you, do they? Didn’t I just say that they would be intriguing? (as if) LOL. No, they aren’t boring stuff, even though right now I am feeling really bored, resulting in me scribbling down this non-boring crap, which later should be published to my bored readers.

Wtfreak. Cut the boredom.

Last night, I had this dream that two of my high school friends, Christine and Joanne were doing SAT questions. Why them? I have no idea, considering I haven’t contacted both for more than 1 year. Well, you know dreams are often random. Seeing how hardworking they were, I decided that I would like to retake my SAT! In fact, in real life, I’ve sat for the test and often hesitate whether to retake it. So there I was, joining them to do the questions in a dimly lit classroom, during which we moved from one classroom to another, with our eyes focused on the questions even as we walked. It was funny how determined I was in my dream, telling them that I would memorize the never-ending list of SAT lexicon. I even made up my mind to work hard and never quit until the test is over. Do you think dreams really reflect what we yearn for in reality? Now, as conscious and awake as I am, I took a quick glance at my College Board SAT practice book underneath my big pile of files and books, and all the intention of retaking the test vanished in no time. What for? I don’t think I am going to US after all. Besides, if you’ve taken SAT, you would probably know how torturing it is, especially for us the non-natives.

Oh, that wasn’t all about my dream last night! In my dream, the news report said that the UK currency had fallen, and now the exchange rate is RM1 equivalent to 0.60pound! Wtfreak it’s ridiculous! Upon hearing the news, I pestered my dad to buy me a flight ticket to London, saying that I should not let this opportunity go to a waste. He refused though, cause he’s afraid that the currency is highly unstable and might rise anytime sooner. Puff! My hope of touring UK was gone, even though in my dream I knew that it was unlikely to happen.

I guess the economy crisis and my studies had somehow mingled up, hence the outrageous dream. Speaking of studies, have I told you that my final exam has been over last week? It wasn’t really a final exam though, more than a test which lasted for 4 days. Short as it seems, it was enough to have made me sick. Glad that it’s over, which means:

No more studying in the library early morning.

No more cooking instant mee. (noodle and soup should be cooked separately to get rid of the wax.)

No more staying up late in McDonald’s. (and gulping down gallons of fattening coke.)

No more extending plug to download past year paper. (24hour wi-fi XD)

No more shouting at someone for not doing his work. (zzz)

And no more drawing each other’s face due to boredom.

Jeez. Don’t you think I actually make a good artist???

There wasn’t any celebration to mark the end of semester and the beginning of holiday, as most of my classmates were eager to go home and get some good rest. We went to Pizza Hut at Genting Klang, after which we listened to a briefing on a Celcom job. Honestly, if I were to choose, Pizza Hut would be my last choice of eating place. Who thinks the pizza there sucks? Aye! The only thing I like is their Deli Wing. However, it’s no doubt that their set meals are cheap though, if divided among a big group of people.

Happy holiday, mates! Hopefully you are having a good time, like me! *rolls eyes*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pasta Mania!

Pasta! Pasta! Don’t you miss eating pasta?

I personally prefer creamy cheese or mushroom type, rather than bolognaise sauce. How about you?

Yesterday, aunt called and at the end of the conversation, she said she was on the way to Michael Angelo at Sunway Pyramid to try out the pasta. Cheap and delicious, according to her. I drooled upon hearing that, wishing that someone would bring me out for pasta right at that moment!

I browsed through my Picasa, discovered some pictures taken last month in PastaMania!

How do you like my pig tail? XD

Dar-bian enjoying his food.

Garlic bread.

Soup of the day. Mushroom soup would have been a better combination with the garlic bread.

I-forgot-the-name. With tomato slices on top of pieces of bread. Dar-bian loves it while I’m not too fond of it, since I’m not as much a tomato person as he is.

Last but not least, Carbonara! It tasted alright, but obviously not as awesome as the one in Italianies. I must say they were quite generous with the bacon though.

I present you cutie pie with face as clear as newly born infant! HAHAHAHAHA.

Quick come back so we can go for pasta! =)))

Friday, November 21, 2008

Euphoria Night

This is a one-month late post. Hiak hiak.

Despite the fact that exam was approaching, my fellow classmates suggested that we pay a visit to Euphoria to kill our stress. It was my first time there, no doubt an enjoyable one.

Brought along my gorgeous house mates.

And guess who? =P

The guys were really happy that I brought the girls there.

Shake shake shake your ass. ROFL.

Squirrel strikes! I have this habit of editing off his mole, making his face appear even bigger and chubbier than usual XD

So the happy.

The pair was inseparable.

Me and Christine.

Wtfeak? I dunno what to say for this pic. LOL.

Ben and Hunt banyak untung that night.


Wtfreak I cannot stand looking at this huge face for more than 2 seconds.

Met Natalie there =)

Me, Christine, Hik.

Hik, Zhong Shyan, Christine, Mun Foong.

Mun Foong, Hik, Joyce, Me, Hunt, Christine.

Group pic which did not include us all.

Can’t wait to set my feet there again. Each lady gets a complimentary drink on Thursday night, needless to mention free entrance! Teehee.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shopping Heals My Soul

According to Murphy’s Law, it rains whenever you wash your clothes. Such a situation seems to be occurring for the past few weeks. It rains every time right after I throw all my dirty clothes into the washing machine. It makes me wonder whether it was mere coincidence, or was I really born with bad luck.

Today is officially the fourth day of my holiday. Not much progress on my daily routine- the usual eat and slack and sleep. The other day, I had logged onto in attempt to find myself a job. Off I went for the interview yesterday. It frustrated me to think about how they lured us there by the high-paid road show job posted on the website, whereas in reality they’re actually offering us the RM80 per day super market promoter job. Heck, I went there for the road show interview, not for some crappy super market promoter! I felt cheated. What a shame that I even had to wake up early in the morning to make myself pretty to face the bitch-faced interviewer. I decided that if they were to call me for that RM80 job, I am never ever going for it. What for stand whole day and work like a dog to get RM80? After deducting food and transportation fees, what is left probably can’t even buy me a pair of new Mary-Jane heels.

I don’t know why I even bother looking for jobs. I could have just get some newest fashionable stock out there and start selling clothes online again. All I have to do is sit in front of the computer, advertise my site, wait for customers to approach, and occasionally pay a few visits to the post office nearby. No standing on my feet whole day long, no persuading customers to buy some crappy product till my saliva dries up. Meanwhile I can indulge myself in the latest fashion and learn the to-wear and not-to-wear. I might even purchase a few trendy clothing using the money I earn.

Spotted an uber cute polka dots dress at Sunway Pyramid the other day. Just look at the little buttons!

I didn’t buy it though, cause the sleeves were too big. They revealed my bra =(

Here are some purchase I made yesterday:

-a Tokyo Fashion dress with to-die-for pussy bow!
-a black leather bag for school and formal meetings.

-a Victorian style shirt with pretty frills.
-a leather bag with just the right colour I have been wanting!

-a simple white strapless tube dress.

I know my mirror isn’t exactly the cleanest mirror of the world. It is covered with my finger print, eyelash print, lip print, foot print, whatever print you can possibly think of.

By the way, Katie babe, I’ve got your dress! The little red dress I borrowed from her. Do you think it can be worn to a wedding dinner?

I got myself a little white satin pouch to match this red dress! Picture of it should be shown later, that’s if I really use it.

Yesterday, my phone rang and the caller ID showed that it was from the college office. They’ve called me so many times that I decided to save the number in my phone book. Sometimes they call and ask whether I know this someone named who-and-who, whether he/she is still in my class, or sometimes they would call in the middle of the class to inform me to make certain announcement. Yesterday though, it was considered good news. I won the third prize for a book review competition I took part in earlier on. Well, third prize isn’t exactly flattering. To think that there are two smarter bookworms ahead of me! I wonder whether they are male or female, thin or fat, pretty or handsome or fugly, street-smart or nerdy. My curiosity is telling me that I ought to attend the award ceremony on the 1st of December, even though I’m still having a long term holiday. It is being held at the function room next to the Club House! Gawd, when the caller said Club House, I was like what??? What house??? And she repeated “Club House”. And I was like, “Pardon? What house is that???” HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL. I can’t help laughing when I think of my dumbness. But honestly, I didn’t know there was such a “house” in the campus. The swimming pool are has always been referred to as “the swimming pool place” (yea, wtfreak), such a sophisticated name has never occurred in my mind. Anyway, yeah yeah I am definitely going to get my prize, and to check out the 2 people who did better than me. I should be grateful though, considering I screwed up my book review final interview by not being well-prepared. Ben said that he heard the prize is something like a book voucher if not mistaken. Wtfreak, a book voucher! It’s not even clothes voucher or something like that. And I bet the amount wouldn’t exceed RM300! What can I buy with that minuscule sum???

Ok, I should start being contented and stop whining like a pussy. After all, what happened to the virtues cultivated throughout my years and years of education? Yes, I am a person with the deepest virtues and highest moral! LMAO I cannot stop laughing!

Bad Day

Ever felt so lonely, so helpless, so lost in the city that you wish you could just squat down and cry? Amidst the crowd, everyone is completing their mundane daily routine, oblivious of your depression and misery.

Today has been the most unpleasant, uneventful day for me. Everything is so depressing that even my new bags and new clothes could not make up for it. Irony as it seems, in spite of the shopping bags on my hands, I was feeling empty and incomplete in my heart. It was as if I had never shopped. On the other hand, the weight of the bags soon became an add-on burden on my withering limbs. I cursed the fact that there was no one to help carrying my shopping bags. With that pair of wedges, my feet bone was on the edge of breaking apart. Nonetheless I collected my strength and continued every step, after each I motivated myself with a “GO”, “YES”, “GRR”, “AHH”, “SHIT”, “DAMN” which eventually made a full page of swear term.

I remember during those rainy days, when I was sitting on the cosy passenger seat with my seat belt buckled, feeling so safe and protected from the nasty rain. Most of the time I would start gazing at the motorcyclist and pedestrians through the side view mirror, my heart filled with sympathy as I see them struggling to make their way through the rain. This time however, I was the one walking in the rain. It wasn’t a downpour, just a slightly more than a drizzle. There, in my snowy white patent leather tote, lay the most bimbotic looking pink little umbrella from my undeserving class rep. It was a shame that he had been keeping the brolly (HAHA new term) in his tiny boxy room, fearing that someone would laugh at him if he ever use it. Yea, it is a HE, a he who owns a pink umblly! (umbrella+brolly=umblly?) Bewildered, I asked for his permission to be the new owner, and the next day, it was mine. As I walked down the street with one hand hooking my 10tonnes shopping bags, another holding the pink umbrella, I realized I had no hand to text someone about my misery. The pedestrian walkway was temporary closed for construction, which indicated that I had no choice but to walk on the tar road. With the water from the rain and the mud from the construction, it made the most perfect combination of natural feet massage essence. Being the pathetic pedestrian I was, I did not even have to ask, but as the vehicles drove past, BRAHHHHH, my feet, together with my WHITE wedges was blessed with the mud water! I was so so so pissed I could have thrown my umbrella and break his rear view mirror! Then, I began staring at the drivers of the oncoming cars, one by one I gave them the my-wedges-are-precious-so-you-better-beware-or-you-will-get-it stare. It was a relief that they read through my signal, as all of them were driving very very slowly with their eyes planted on me, or my face to be precise. I dunno, weird it seems, I thought they should be looking at my feet.

The 100th time I boarded the wrong train this year. HA-DI-HAH. One thing I hate about Star Line, I can never remember the right lane I should go: Sri Petaling, Ampang, Sentul Timur??? While assuming it was Sri Petaling, I texted darl: “I’m not supposed to enter the Ampang train, am I?” And his reply was, “Why not?” As I received his reply, the Ampang train just closed the door and jerked off. Great. Too late. The next train came. Sri Petaling. I entered the train, hoping that it will take no time to reach my destination. However, I came to a sudden realization that it was going towards the opposite direction! *beep beep* Darl said: “Oh no, you should take the opposite line!” Too late. By then, I was filled with anger, sadness, confusion and extreme fatigue. Instantaneously I hopped down the train at the next stop and proceeded to the opposite lane. Why? Why do I have to go through all these? If only he was by my side, I wouldn’t have such painful experience. Drained in my thought, I subconsciously dwindled into a 5-year-old-pigtail-girl who relies completely on her big brother. Darkness was approaching. I felt lonely, helpless, abandoned. I forced back my tears, reminding myself that I am not a 5-year-old.

After what seems like ages, I reached the interchange. There was a ATM machine with touch ‘n’ go service available. In attempt to reload my card, I did as told by the instruction, but failed even on my second try. I gave up. It was obviously not my day. Peak hour was approaching. I endured the long queue and waited patiently for the train. Darl’s text: “You can reload your card at the counter there.” Ohh. Too late. I wouldn’t want to get out of the queue and then start all over again. After much pushing and shoving, I managed to get into the next train. To my utter disgust, my boobs touched the arm a typical kns Malay guy without his knowing. When he turned his head and noticed that, he quickly moved his arm away to save from further embarrassment. My hands were tied down by my shopping bags! I was so gullible, having nothing to shield my front. Yuck yuck yuck!

Dad called. “I was thinking if you want to have dinner with us.” Garn. They were at Hang Tuah. And I was already at Masjid Jamek. Too late. Again, too late. I’ve spent that afternoon together with mum and dad at the wholesale city (shopping paradise), and do not ask me why they did not offer to fetch me home. A question I’ve been asked for a thousand times. My dad never ever fetches me in KL. He expects me to be able to travel on my own by public transport, which in his mind, is supremely convenient. Take that! Or put it this way, he never knows the way in KL, despite the fact that he travels here every month. Simply as that.

My day had been so messed up that I thought I would die if I were to suffer any longer. Being the “Miss Very Wise”, I cut the long taxi queue that simply joined a stranger in a taxi. Yea-yee-hoo, it was heading to the right destination, and the best thing was I did not even need to pay in full. The dumb ass guy paid according to the price on the meter, while I simply handed two 1dollar notes to the driver. It was a win-win situation anyway.

I ate the warm murtabak, keropok lekor and karipap like a hungry ghost. Meanwhile, my shopping treasures were waiting impatiently in the bags, screaming inaudible melody at me so that I would embrace their beauty.

My day isn’t that bad after all ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween + Joyce's Birthday @ Soul-ed Out

First day of exam is over! Despite the fact that I screwed up my Math, there is a wave of relief as a quarter of burden has been released. 3 more days to total freedom and craziness! Wooh I can’t wait!

Looks like someone hasn’t been doing his job on maintaining my blog. Doesn’t matter, you know you prefer to read entries written by me =P So right now I’m gonna show you some pics taken on Halloween night! Instead of celebrating Halloween in clubs like the rest of the people we know, we went to Soul-ed Out to celebrate Joyce’s birthday.

It’s a girls-night-out!

Holy Pumpkin Halloween promotion. Each of us brought back 1 shaker.

This is what we can do with the shaker XD

The happy birthday girl.

Tell the waiters that it’s your birthday, and they would lend you a birthday hat and sing you a birthday song.

The best thing is the free photo they provided to preserve as memory.

Me and Joyce.

Virgin Margarita, Screwdriver and a happy girl wtfreak.

This is Christine. Teehee.

Lava cake with Haagen-Daz ice-cream. Super awesome!



We aren’t posing, just. . emm, promoting the pizza? Kaka.

Asked for a pumpkin from the counter. They even allowed us to bring it back. Hiak hiak.

Nice eh?

I’m such a good photographer. Hiak hiak.

Second round at SS2 Murni. By that time, it was around 3am.

Someone was having tea time break from midnight work shift. Teehee.

Happy Birthday! LOL.