Sunday, November 30, 2008

Metro Harian- Madagascar2 Premiere Screening

Remember Nuffnang once gave out Madagascar2 Premiere Screening tickets? We were there, and guess what? Some reporters took our pictures and published it in the newspaper! LOL.

I doubt you’ve seen it though, cause it wasn’t in The Star, not in New Straits Times and wasn’t in Sin Chew either. It was in Metro Harian! Wtfreak.

Some time ago, my sis happened to spot it when she saw her Malay friend reading the newspaper. Mum called and told me about it.

Quote from our conversation:
Mum: You look good in that picture! Looks like me.

So I looked good because I looked like her lah??? Kaka.

There it is, the crumpled newspaper which had been hidden in mum’s handbag.

Further zoom in.

Me, Christine, Alex the lion and Joyce.

I think I looked good. She was right after all.



Jialok said...

this is once in a lifetime opportunity to be famous...

i had mine...

Copykate said...

nehhh it wouldn't make us famous. just a small photo with no name stated.

this isn't the first time anyway. LOL