Sunday, November 23, 2008

Final Is Over

Recently, I decided that I should provide my readers something intriguing to read instead of posting up tons of brainless party photos. So here I am, ready to spill out my feelings, my thoughts, showing you my extreme inner bimbotic-ness and whatever that lives within. Oh well, my articles do not bore you, do they? Didn’t I just say that they would be intriguing? (as if) LOL. No, they aren’t boring stuff, even though right now I am feeling really bored, resulting in me scribbling down this non-boring crap, which later should be published to my bored readers.

Wtfreak. Cut the boredom.

Last night, I had this dream that two of my high school friends, Christine and Joanne were doing SAT questions. Why them? I have no idea, considering I haven’t contacted both for more than 1 year. Well, you know dreams are often random. Seeing how hardworking they were, I decided that I would like to retake my SAT! In fact, in real life, I’ve sat for the test and often hesitate whether to retake it. So there I was, joining them to do the questions in a dimly lit classroom, during which we moved from one classroom to another, with our eyes focused on the questions even as we walked. It was funny how determined I was in my dream, telling them that I would memorize the never-ending list of SAT lexicon. I even made up my mind to work hard and never quit until the test is over. Do you think dreams really reflect what we yearn for in reality? Now, as conscious and awake as I am, I took a quick glance at my College Board SAT practice book underneath my big pile of files and books, and all the intention of retaking the test vanished in no time. What for? I don’t think I am going to US after all. Besides, if you’ve taken SAT, you would probably know how torturing it is, especially for us the non-natives.

Oh, that wasn’t all about my dream last night! In my dream, the news report said that the UK currency had fallen, and now the exchange rate is RM1 equivalent to 0.60pound! Wtfreak it’s ridiculous! Upon hearing the news, I pestered my dad to buy me a flight ticket to London, saying that I should not let this opportunity go to a waste. He refused though, cause he’s afraid that the currency is highly unstable and might rise anytime sooner. Puff! My hope of touring UK was gone, even though in my dream I knew that it was unlikely to happen.

I guess the economy crisis and my studies had somehow mingled up, hence the outrageous dream. Speaking of studies, have I told you that my final exam has been over last week? It wasn’t really a final exam though, more than a test which lasted for 4 days. Short as it seems, it was enough to have made me sick. Glad that it’s over, which means:

No more studying in the library early morning.

No more cooking instant mee. (noodle and soup should be cooked separately to get rid of the wax.)

No more staying up late in McDonald’s. (and gulping down gallons of fattening coke.)

No more extending plug to download past year paper. (24hour wi-fi XD)

No more shouting at someone for not doing his work. (zzz)

And no more drawing each other’s face due to boredom.

Jeez. Don’t you think I actually make a good artist???

There wasn’t any celebration to mark the end of semester and the beginning of holiday, as most of my classmates were eager to go home and get some good rest. We went to Pizza Hut at Genting Klang, after which we listened to a briefing on a Celcom job. Honestly, if I were to choose, Pizza Hut would be my last choice of eating place. Who thinks the pizza there sucks? Aye! The only thing I like is their Deli Wing. However, it’s no doubt that their set meals are cheap though, if divided among a big group of people.

Happy holiday, mates! Hopefully you are having a good time, like me! *rolls eyes*

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